The former love rival explains to the story: “Peter R. de Vries had no affair with Tahmina Akfi…”

The open reservations of criminal journalist Kees van der Sbeek about the alleged love affair of Tahmina Akfi with his late friend Peter R. De Vries, provoke the necessary reactions. Like that of the murdered TV legend’s former love rival…

eIt seems that more and more questions are being asked about the relationship of the late Peter R. De Vries reports as Tahmina Akfi, 39, who once came to the Netherlands as an Afghan refugee. According to Tahmina Al Jamila, the crime reporter is said to have had an intense relationship with her since 2015, and the two were supposed to have tied the knot last summer. After the eventual fatal attack on Peter, Tahmina made a documentary about their affair, which, contrary to the habit of a crime reporter, discussed the more intimate details of their relationship. It turns out in the documentary that the couple broke up for a short time in 2017, because Tahmina had a wish for children and Peter did not want it to come true. Because she said she couldn’t live without Peter, the two got back together. After the documentary, Tahmina recently announced that she is also working on a book about her relationship with Peter. Then Peter’s close friend and former colleague Kees van der Speek got tired. ‘I’ve hardly heard of Peter about it,’ Kiss said on the podcast Wills of Slagter and Dresselhuys Written by Jan Slager and Cesca Dresselhuis. She understood that it was often on and off, and it wasn’t a consistent relationship. I think it makes it so big after her death, I don’t think what’s going on there is great. Not fancy. And: ‘She was always very aloof, and now all of a sudden she’s on top. She must know it herself. But I think it causes more grief than it helps anyone.

‘open marriage’

As Story previously reported, in 2017—whether or not during the time he separated from Tahmina temporarily—Peter had an affair with Esther (another known story detail), who at the time was living in her former now-husband Makan. (Other information known to the story) He lived in Horn. Since Place was being monitored by camera in his home, he was surprised when an unknown man with a hood on his head and a bottle of champagne in his hands came in late one night—especially since his six-year-old daughter was sleeping upstairs. Once he reached his home for assessment, Makan was astonished to find himself face to face with Peter. Although Makan asked Peter to leave the house, the crime reporter refused. Then Makan called the police. When the police arrived, he decided where to shoot the scene. “You come to my house with a hoodie over your head, then you think you can n**k my girlfriend!” Place cried out to Peter over the footage that Storey had seen. “Find someone your age, old man. You’re desperate, man! The video came online a day later, and it made a lot of noise; Peter felt compelled to broadcast RTL Boulevard to respond to. “That woman is an acquaintance of mine, she invited me to her house,” Peter explained. This was my first time visiting just for fun. It was just a social visit, nothing more. A few of Peter’s words were true at the time. “These two have been together for a long time,” McCann told Story the day after the accident. “They sure have a relationship, and they have been communicating on WhatsApp to each other for weeks. Esther has been constantly talking on her phone lately and has been acting dumbfounded and very distracted. I often ask her if she has another one, but she hasn’t. When Peter left our house that Saturday night, she assured me that Peter was the one she had been communicating with on WhatsApp the whole time and that she found him to be an attractive and interesting man. She said they got to know each other through Linked-In. Thus began the connection between them. I know from Esther that they have seen each other recently, that is, after the evening of said Sabbath. But Peter Sinner also denies it… ‘When Storey tries to call Place again after five years, the situation with his ex is much better. The two lived their own lives and were on good terms about raising their now eleven-year-old daughter. Makan also looks at the relationship Peter would have with Tahminah with suspicion. “I understood from Esther’s stories that Peter had nothing to do with Tehmina at the time,” Makan tells the story. Esther showed me this in Peter’s letters. I didn’t know anything better than that Peter had an open marriage with his ex-wife Jacqueline. I also watched this Tahmina documentary. Her appearance is identical to that of my ex-boyfriend, I noticed right away. These two are very similar…’ Esther herself didn’t want to answer any questions from Story about her relationship with Peter R. de Vries at the time. Tahmina Akfi indicated earlier that she would not be giving interviews until her book was published.

“I think it makes her so big after her death”

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