Lara and Her Own Horse Story: “Sometimes they call me Pippi Longstocking’

As part of Animal Day, we’re interviewing Leiden residents about their pets this week. So is Lara Leiden. Her dream came true when she bought her own horse, but guess what? She actually bought two! Her horse was pregnant.

This time we are talking to Lara. This 26-year-old resident of Leiden works as a caregiver and caregiver for the disabled. “I work about 50 hours a week and that is essential, because raising horses is an expensive joke! One of my clients also goes to horses for ‘horse day’, which I think is very fun. It has actually turned my hobby into my job” .

Immediately in love

Lara remembers it like it was yesterday: the day Rosie came into her life. “I saw an ad on Marktplaats. Actually I didn’t really want to start looking for a horse in earnest until a year later, but I couldn’t get the ad out of my head. I was nervous at the idea that someone else might buy it.” So, Lara headed to Friesland to get a feel of Rosie. “I fell in love instantly. The day she was brought was so special. All my life I have dreamed of owning my own horse, now it is real.”

(Unexpected development

Lara had no idea at the time that she had actually bought two horses. I noticed that Rosie quickly became fatter. Blame it on the grass. She ignored the idea that she might be pregnant. The farmer I bought it from and the vet who was present said she was not pregnant. The stallion had been walking in her meadow for a while, but Rosie was still very small at the time.” About three months later, as Rosie continued to gain weight, Lara had an ultrasound to make sure. “I was secretly hoping she was pregnant.”

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Turns out, Rosie’s big belly doesn’t come from the grass, but from the little pony that’s grown in it! “I still had 1.5 to 3 months for Rose to give birth. That was enough time to tame her. When I got Rose she was still wild.”
Rosé has now lost her unruly hair. She and Lara became close friends. Lara even saw Rosie giving birth, which is very special. “Horses give birth in 15 minutes. They prefer to do it when no one is looking and they don’t often show that birth is imminent.”

pony bo . reward

Rose gave birth to a chestnut foal. “I named her Boo, an extra horse! She is now two years old and is rotten, which means she is turning white. Just like her mother.” And so suddenly Lara had two horses in the stable. “It’s a lot of work. Fattening, weeding, feeding… If I’m fast, I can get the tasks done in an hour. But then the horses also need attention and exercise. I have regular appointments with, for example, the vet, farrier or worker Fitting the saddle. I easily spend three hours a day in the stable.”

Special Characters

Lara knows her horses from the inside out. Mother and daughter are completely different in personality. “Rosie is so adorable, you hardly scare her. She’s also smart and smart. If she doesn’t want something, she just stands there. In fact, Boo is very sensitive. When I’m nervous, she is. When I rest, she relaxes. She is also very kind and likable to people. who she knows. She doesn’t like strangers very much.” Bo is now the age Rosie was when Lara bought her. “She is still very young, but I am sure she will grow into a confident horse that I can ride outside with great pleasure.”

It sounds crazy, but getting rid of it has a calming effect.

Long Sock Jenan

For Lara, her hobby with a horse is more than just a hobby. “It relaxes me, calms my head when I work with the horses. It sounds crazy, but letting go is really calming!” Lara loves to ride recreationally with Rosé, for example in Vlietlanden. “People often approach us. They see a Sinterklaas horse in a rosé, or sometimes they call me Pippi. Pippi Longstocking also has white mold and I have red hair myself!”
If it was up to Lara, she would soon also be moving into her Kakelbont villa. “We are looking for a new home with space for the horses. Then I can expand the horse daycare even further!”

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