With 3 Kids Across Eastern Europe With Buggy: You Have To See This

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Tamara, 36, and her boyfriend Sebastian, 42, wanted to see as much of nature as possible during their six-month caravan ride through Eastern Europe. The twins Moss and Mike (5) and Sophie (2) turned out to be the true outdoorsy species.

Sophie was only one during our trip through Eastern Europe, of course she didn’t speak much. But at this time she discovered her first word after ‘Dad’ and ‘Mama’: ‘Wow! To say it ourselves. Very special, this is a surprise. But the men surprised us equally. By always walking well and enjoying themselves in the carriage: For them the days of travel were days of rest. They watched a movie, read a book, and then drew again. Sophie always slept.

Thanks to them, we even dared to extend the trip through Albania, Montenegro and Slovenia with two more countries: Bulgaria and Romania. After Eastern Europe we went to the Greek islands, only to end up in Italy.

Eastern Europe Tour Children's Holiday Tips

in nature

During those six months, we of course visited a city; We had a great time in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. But other than that, we always passed through town fairly quickly: eat ice cream here, visit the church there, find some fountains and playgrounds for the kids, browse the market. We prefer to be in nature and preferably in places where you do not meet hordes of tourists.

Turns out Montenegro fits perfectly into that picture, it has become one of our favorite countries. We saw incredibly beautiful valleys, beautiful national parks such as Durmitor National Park, where you can see very far between the mountains and on the way you see nothing but nature, very rugged and untouched.

“We walked in nature alone; there wasn’t even a sign pointing to the valley”

In Serbia we were surprised by the Uvac Valley. There were no tourists, we walked in nature on our own; There was not even a sign pointing to the valley. Then we drove to Romania, where we were stunned by the horse-drawn carriages we encountered there.

Eastern Europe Tour Children's Holiday Tips

The famous highway

I was glad Romania was now on the road too, because then we could go to the Transfagarasan, a popular highway through the Fagaras Mountains. It’s been on my list for a while to drive from here.

When we traveled there we said to each other: This can only be disappointing. Our expectations were too high, and we also had to stick with them. But it lived up to everything we had hoped for. We drove through a valley and beautiful nature was all around. You can drive this way in two hours, but it took us three days, because at every turn we stopped for a photo or a picnic. Here also we did wild camping with beautiful views.

“We stopped at every turn to enjoy the view”

One day, my Bear Alarm even went off, a kind of storm alarm app that would warn you if bears were spotted in the area. We saw the bear walking as we moved away from the camping site. Moose was just asleep. We quickly woke him up and drove up and down another five times just for him so he could see the monster too.

Eastern Europe Tour Children's Holiday Tips

wild camping

The first time camping in the wild was a great thing for me. We arrived in Croatia on the island of Dugi Otok, where it turned out that all the campsites are full, so we had to. We found a place near the port. That night I heard everything, every little movement outside, every car that passed: Who are the people I now belong to the carriage? My husband just fell asleep and thought everything was fine.

That morning we woke up and immediately looked into the harbour. It was so special that we started doing it a lot from that moment on. We once stood in Tara Gorge in Montenegro, with a family we had met before. We barbecued together, the kids played with each other and ate marshmallows while we had a great view of the valley itself and the bridge over it. Totally unexpected, it came together so well, and that’s what made it so fun.

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with all the space

At first we made the mistake of going to a bigger camp for the kids, because we were afraid that only nature would be too boring for them. But we soon find out that the boys also prefer to be in a forest where they play with sticks and stones, or even better: by the water. So it was very convenient: there was no work, only education and travel. So it felt like a pause in our lives, a time when we could think about everything for a while.

“Kids would rather be in nature than in a big camp.”

Because we met many other families who were also traveling, we decided to go to America for a year this summer. So that we can see the children, even more from this journey, grow up, with all the space to help them, without the pressures of time.”

Eastern Europe Tour Children's Holiday Tips

to do

zip code

The longest zip-line in Europe can be found over the Strait of Tara in Montenegro. It’s so cool to zoom in with your baby.


cute and warm

Swim and relax in the thermal baths of the Langarica Gorge in Albania, which has a beautiful location.


For the little adventurers: a hike through the Slovensky Raj National Park. Lots of climbing steep stairs and steps of rocks.


Look, eagle

The Uvac Gorge in Serbia is a hidden gem. During our walk we had continuous views of the meandering valley. It’s great to see eagles flying nearby.

Eastern Europe Tour Children's Holiday Tips

to sleep


We found the most beautiful wild camping spots, like the Durmitor National Park in Montenegro, where we slept among the goats.


in the gorge

From our place in the Langarica Gorge in Albania we walked to the thermal baths. In high season it is very crowded here.



We discovered in Montenegro a very beautiful place on a lake between the mountains. We just saw a shepherd there.


“This trip felt like a break in our lives”

Eastern Europe Tour Children's Holiday Tips

to eat

owl at lunch

In the Kokovaya tent in Chania, Crete, we ate the best cake with the most beautiful view. Inside you’ll find owls: great fun for kids to look for while they wait.


Cake Plus

At Betyár Batyu Café in Dömös, Hungary, we had a great piece of cake for lunch, but you can also have a good dinner there.

over there on the stairs

After visiting the Acropolis in Athens, it is great to walk around the Plaka district. On the steps of the narrow alleys you will find plenty of restaurants for lunch or dinner. We were at Palio Tetradio.


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Eastern Europe Tour Children's Holiday Tips

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