October 4 Animal Day at Arnhem Zoo and its surroundings

The area – Dierentehuis Arnhem and the surrounding areas will pay extra attention to all the animals in the shelter on World Animal Day on October 4. However, Animal House wants to put a number of animals in the spotlight.

There are currently 39 animals available for adoption on the site. (dogs 6, cats 16, rabbits 17) So look at: https://dierentehuisarnhem.nl/ if you also want to adopt an animal in the shelter! The total number of animals currently available for adoption is 62, some of which are kittens, which will also be posted on the site once there is an active search for people who want to adopt.

The animals that got extra attention this week are the following (text continues below images):

Kat Butler

Butler takes a lot of time to get used to and build confidence, he can blow really hard and do it all. However, he loves to be petted. The Animal Shelter in Arnhem and its surroundings is looking for someone who has the time and space to let Butler molt quietly. It is good to spawn with food. The butler should be able to get out of the house and be placed in a quiet home without children or other pets.

For more information see: https://dierentehuisarnhem.nl/dieren/butler/ Animal number: 31859

Captain Jack Rabbit

Captain Jack is a fun and friendly bunny. He sometimes has to warm up a bit, but finds it very relaxing afterward. He comes to see you and can also appreciate his pat. Captain Jack is placed with a nurse and not with children under the age of 12.

Animal Day at Arnhem Zoo and surroundings 2022

For more information visit: https://dierentehuisarnhem.nl/dieren/captain-jack/ Animal Number: 31869

the dog answered

Tjabbo is a Border Collie in a Stafford jacket, he needs a lot of mental and physical challenge. Throwing the ball is not enough, so he will have to work with his head. Tjabbo is very busy with his environment and easy to get distracted. He hears and sees everything and closely monitors his surroundings. When he is not challenged enough, he becomes nervous and agitated. Tjabo can sit, lie, paw, and rises 5 on command. He has a lot of energy and when he walks he pulls on the leash. Playing and working together is his greatest reward. He loves being hugged and kissed passionately.
We are looking for someone who has enough time and space for Tjabbo. Experience with border collie-type breeds is a must. Dierentehuis Arnhem and its surroundings put him in a home of one or two people without children. Tjabbo can’t be alone yet and this will have to be built, they think he is vigilant.

Animal Day at Arnhem Zoo and surroundings 2022

For more information visit: https://dierentehuisarnhem.nl/dieren/tjabbo/ Animal number: 31514

Libby the cat

Libby is an insecure cat showing a little of herself here. She needs confidence and should be approached calmly. She prefers to avoid you and if you approach her too soon, she will shiver and may explode a little. Although she finds everything very exciting, she won’t hurt a fly. You never try to criticize or bite here. We think she will eventually become a very cute and affectionate cat, if you give her time to get used to her. Dierentehuis Arnhem and its surroundings put Libby in a quiet home for one or two people without children or dogs. It is not known if she can get along with other cats. She will likely be alone for a day. After a period of adjustment, Libby wants to be able to go out and explore the area. Experience with cats is a must.

Animal Day at Arnhem Zoo and surroundings 2022

For more information see: https://dierentehuisarnhem.nl/dieren/libby/ Animal number: 32033

Loretta rabbit

Loretta is a feisty aunt who has a real mind of her own. She loves to do her own thing and it is not easy to force her to do anything. She is daring and excavator. She also wants to be able to dig. Dierentehuis Arnhem and its surroundings puts Loretta rattle castrated and not with babies. Loretta has a long coat and therefore needs a lot of care. A regular visit to a nanny is recommended.

Animal Day at Arnhem Zoo and surroundings 2022

For more information see: https://dierentehuisarnhem.nl/dieren/lorita/ Animal number: 31837

Dierentehuis Arnhem and its surroundings, which are located in Larensteinselaan in Velp, are a welcome temporary refuge for many pets. All of these pets deserve a new home, give these animals a second chance! The origin of the animals varies, but in general they had a lot of bad luck.

are you interested? Will you give Butler, Captain Jack, Tjabo, Libby, and Loretta a second chance?

Please contact Dierentehuis Arnhem & Ocean. This can be done by calling 026-3619861 or by email [email protected]. Of course, you can also visit us during business hours from Monday to Saturday from 13.00 to 16.30. If you would like more information about Dierentehuis Arnhem and its surroundings, or if you would like to support them, please visit: http://www.dierentehuisarnhem.nl.

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