How are the MAFS candidates doing after a year of yes?

Once again, seven brave couples say “yes” not only to this TV adventure, but also to their unknown love. They blindly tie the knot in the hope that their trust in experts and science will tie them to the right experts. For some, this dream has already come true.

Sony and Dylan

Sonny and Dylan couldn’t be happier together. They are one of the successful couples of last season Married at first sight Twelve months later it’s still thick.

After filming, they want to scream their love from the rooftops, but they have to wait for the whole series to air. “I thought it was hard for us to keep our relationship secret for seven months,” Sonny says. Linda. “We were really in hiding.”

However, the spouses not only had to hide at home: they could visit family and friends, “who also signed a secret.” “But after a while you had it.”

In the video below, the couple – who have been married for one year – recount how it goes.

Sander and Astrid

Despite their promising start, the marriage between Sander and Astrid fades away. Nine weeks after the wedding, Sander decided to end their relationship. Despite not having a romantic flick, Astrid was initially shocked by the decision.

“The butterflies weren’t there, but I thought that was just the beginning,” she says. “I was like: Now it’s just going to start, after the couples’ weekend. You’re in real life.” Unexpectedly, Sander wouldn’t want to put in more effort for her.

As far as is known, Astrid mainly enjoys with her friends and there is no mention of a new love yet. Sander is dating and hopes that early love between him and a new woman will turn into something beautiful.

Astli and Rawan

From the very first moment, Astleigh and Rowan have a good relationship and it still is. The lovebirds are very fond of each other and live together for a while at Astleigh’s house in the Zoetermeer. Together they prove that it is possible: to find love through an experience like mavs.

Job and Caroline

For every success story, there are a couple that don’t make it. Although the spark seems to fly at first, Jobs soon makes it clear that he’s not interested in Caroline despite the marriage. Something that obviously hurt her so badly. She still blames Joep for not giving her a real shot.

It is not known how they are doing now. Ex-lovers are removing their social accounts after the uproar surrounding their engagement.

Antoine and Kim

After their first tumultuous weeks of love, Antoine and Kim ended their marriage. Kim had yet to fully address her ex-boyfriend’s death at the time and the first cracks in their relationship could no longer be repaired.

Once back in the Netherlands, Kim decided to radically change her life once again by returning to Tenerife, the island she called her years ago. She’s open to love again, but she hasn’t found the right person yet. Antoine appears to be single at the moment.

Jan and Birgit

The season’s total mismatch are Jan and Birgit. They both hope to find love, but they meet someone who doesn’t really suit them. So it’s no surprise that no romantic feelings emerged and Jean and Birgit chose to hand over the wedding ring.

The two have left adventurous friendships, but are still searching for love.

Maurice Wargan

Maurice and Arjan may have had the worst experience. Arjan gets panicked at the wedding, after which he throws the towel before the honeymoon. Because Morris hasn’t finished the experiment yet, experts give him a second chance. He goes on a date with three men before he decides he wants to move on with Dennis.

Unfortunately, this relationship does not last. As far as we know, both Maurice and Arjan are still single. after, after mavs Arjan gets to know a new guy, but for security reasons they have to end the relationship.

After shooting the Married at first sight Morris and expert Evelyn are joining the RTL Boulevard Reality Podcast to complete the last season. Listen to podcasts on Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Podcasts.

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