Christmas holidays in Brixen, plenty to do for non-skiers and kids

When the days get shorter and the nights get longer at the end of November, the lights of the Christmas market will be lit in 2022 Bressanone / Brixen In South Tyrol the light music “Lyora” is played. Everyone who goes to South Tyrol this winter to enjoy the beauty winter vacation In the snow you should not miss the famous Christmas market in Brixen, where fairy tales water light festival He’s been a part of it for several years now. Especially if you are traveling to South Tyrol with children or non-skiers, there is enough to do.

Leora and Mr. TickTack

This year, the light music “Lyora” comes for the second time in a revised version to the beautiful Hofburg square. The story takes place with very impressive visual, lighting and musical effects, including live vocals. In 25 minutes, visitors are transported to a magical world that tells of people’s fear of losing beautiful moments and memories. When humanity plunges into darkness, Leora and Mr. TickTack discover the value of those memories.

Sustainability is also important in the Christmas market

On November 24, 2022 at 5 pm little bit Officially lit at the Christmas tree and at the Christmas market stalls of the Domplein. For several years now, the Christmas market in the province of South Tyrol has been given the nickname “The Green Event”, due to lower electricity consumption through the use of LED lighting and short lighting time, no plastic in stands and use of local and regional products, the organization tells us.


If you are looking for beautiful Christmas gifts, Brixen Christmas Market is the perfect place to start. Natural cosmetics, herbal teas and essential oils of organic and private production are presented in brigella Procrastination. Anyone looking for special scented candles or wooden objects as decoration or for home use will find what they are looking for at a kiosk Mimata. Artisan produced local bacon and sausages such as Kaminorzinbut also delicious homemade salami are the products in grits-Procrastination. Baking and pastry specialties in defiledThe stall, where everything revolves around organic and regional farming, is not to be missed. If you love wood and design, your heart is sure to beat faster when standing embawo: Bags and accessories made of different types of wood with leather are really eye-catching and very special Christmas gifts.

Cute Christmas gifts at the Christmas market in Brixen

Regionalism and sustainability are also at the forefront of diversity gastronomy standing. From pumpkin and wine soup to barley soup, from traditional dumplings to the original ‘Plentenen Ribler’, from schnitzel-like smoked meats to veal sausage, South Tyrolean dishes and especially Eisacktaler dishes can be enjoyed. And in the end, stroben, krapfen and baked goods should not be missing.

Cozy by the fireplace at Domplein in Brixen

A quiet oasis in the middle of the Christmas market will open for the first time this year to allow visitors to stay a little longer. Fireplaces and seating areas will make part of the market more comfortable. The light from the fire creates a particularly relaxing atmosphere

Saint Nicholas in Brixen

In Brixen, a number of special days are celebrated during Advent and Christmas: Krampus Day is over December 5thfollowed by Sinterklaas on December 6. In Italy December 8, Virgin Mary’s feast concept. Then comes the Christmas holidays with Christmas December 24 and 25Saint Stephen’s Day December 26, followed by the old and the new. on me January 6 The three wise men are fixed in the calendar. However, in Italy, this day is dedicated to “Befana”, the witch who brings parcels, as Saint Nicholas does with us. This year, Brixen is taking care of two more holidays that have to do with darkness and light: December 4 Saint Barbara, patron saint of miners, and December 13 Lucia’s Day, the Festival of Lights. In cooperation with the organization A World In Solidarity (, these two holidays receive special attention. In South Tyrol, dated December 4 The so-called “barbara twigs”, usually twigs from a cherry tree, are distributed and placed in the water. When the white flowers open on Christmas Eve, it means happiness and joy for the family and who knows, maybe even a wedding! on me December 13During the winter solstice, Saint Lucia is commemorated with candles. She died a martyr in the third century caring for and nursing persecuted Christians by candlelight in her hometown of Syracuse in Sicily.

Brixen Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square hosts musical performances and musical performances throughout the Christmas market. It is very popular every year “Bread Offers”From tirtln and other local specialties.
visit to Birth Museum In Hofburg, not far from the Christmas market. Here you can enjoy a wonderful collection of nativity scenes. Among them are two precious annual nativity scenes dating back to the early 19th century and Nativity scenes From Brixen, Tyrol, Naples and Sicily.

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