This is the trend item for the upcoming fashion season

It seems endless, but the long, warm summer of 2022 is truly over now. The temperature has dropped dramatically in a short time and after weeks without rain, the canopy is now working overtime again. So it’s time to think about your fall wardrobe! Designer Mariëlle van Omoda is happy to give you a helping hand and tell you all about the fashion trends of the upcoming season.

From head to toe

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Goodbye suit house

Mariëlle begins with a short look back at last year’s fall trends: “Back then we were totally living in Corona and lockdown, and you could see it in the fashion trends: comfortable clothes, soft materials, home clothes have never been this way of being. Hm. Fortunately, this is now completely different!”

From chunky to elegant

Next season, according to Mariel, there will be two opposites that reign. “On the one hand, you see a lot of cute and chunky items, such as those long knit dresses and boots. On the other hand, you will also see many elegant and sophisticated items like pumps with heels and elegant maxi dresses. Dresses – as well as skirts and jackets – are beautiful and long this Autumn. Preferably beyond the ankles.”

Brown is the new black

In terms of upcoming fall colors, the appearance of brown is truly amazing, according to Marielle. “I would roughly say: Brown is going to be the new black because you will see a lot of other shades of brown and shades of fall next season. For example, when you used to see a lot of black leather pants and jackets, you can now see them in brown. It takes some getting used to because black is of course cute and safe, but it’s really worth trying. Dark brown, for example, is a very interesting combination with light pink. And because brown is less solid, it secretly looks better to many people than black.” .

This season’s must-have: bra

If Mariëlle has to name one item that’s truly indispensable for the upcoming season, it’s undoubtedly a bra. “The nice thing about this item is that you can combine it in so many different ways and it gives every outfit that little bit. You’ll see bras of all styles, colors, and materials this season. For example, you have a classic type, and it’s actually a sleeveless jacket. But if you prefer something… More solid, you can consider a biker gilet made of leather or black denim, and if bohemian is your style, there are plenty of embroidered gillettes or wool. Your clothes are on-trend in one fell swoop, I’d really pick a bra.”

Oversized suits and loafers

The other items Marielle mentioned are the suit, so the pants and jacket match each other, and the loafers. “These oversized suits are nicely paired with wide-leg pants and jackets that are somewhat longer and roomier. You see them in neutral colors like beige, but also in bright colors. The nice thing about this is that you can also wear the pants and jacket separately.” In terms of shoes, you can combine this suit with chunky sneakers (“always good”), but also with loafers. “That’s really new this season. When you think of loafers, you might think of a little pony and classic and you still see it, but now you see them very hard and rough. For example with buttons and a chunky sole or with a leopard print.

Introduce pants and shirts

When we look at men’s fashion, according to Marielle, two things stand out. Primarily, the pants can be worn more loosely. “Of course we’ve seen that skinny or skinny in men for a long time, but it might be a little wider now. With jeans and other pants like slacks. It probably takes a while to get used to most Dutch men, but we’ll see that more and more.” And the bra for women this season, the overshirt for men: “You can also see this in many colors, materials and prints. For example wool or denim or with checks. And with an overshirt you can go in many directions, just like with a waistcoat: you can wear it casually over a shirt or sweater, but also a little more elegant, for example, a shirt under it.”

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