Analysts expect these three NFT projects to explode

Whether it’s big business, artists or movie studios: everyone wants to reap the rewards of their NFT business these days. There is also growing interest among private investors and collectors. We’ve picked the top three NFT projects of the week. The projects that stand out this week are Silks, Copium, and Cocky.

In this article, we explain why analysts believe these coins are gems and why they provide opportunities for a beautiful and diversified crypto portfolio.

All three of these NFT projects extend far beyond the realm of art or source tracing – which are still often used by existing NFT use. These projects focus instead on niche markets, such as fantasy sports, cryptocurrency mining, and lifestyle/music.

Silks: The best NFT project capitalizing on the lucrative world of horse racing

3 NFT Projects That Could Explode - SILKS Mint

We’ll start with the recently launched NFT project: Silk. This is a blockchain powered fantasy horse racing platform that works to win it with the NFT app.

Since September 29, anyone with a Silex avatar can purchase racehorses on the podium. It is charged with a discount of 500 euros for two more days (until October 2).

The project is supported by Troy Levy. A true connoisseur of this branch of sports. He is the CEO of Tropical Racing and owner of Circle 8 Farms, which means that the project has already garnered the support of an entrepreneur with rich experience in the horse racing industry.

What makes this project so unique is that all of the 20,000 horses born to race in the US each year are integrated directly into the platform, where Silks tracks the horse’s work in real time. Every horse in the world of sport has, as it were, its counterpart of silk.

Silks users can own and trade their own virtual sport horse and earn rewards depending on how it performs in real life.

All gaming activities take place in the metaverse, immersing users in a digital sports and gaming experience.

That’s not all: Silks also allows users to purchase virtual properties. For example, they can build stables or buy land. Additionally, users can track the performance of the horses they own throughout their lifecycle. With these ground-breaking features, Silks ranks among the best horse racing NFT projects and horse racing NFT projects available to investors today.

The Equine Business Association The entire equine industry is estimated at $300 billion worldwide. While horse racing is only a part of this whole, Silex is still able to tap into an industry of tremendous value. Users of the platform will reap the benefits.

Where can you get a silk avatar and buy horses?

The Silk Avatars – a set of 10,000 pieces – can be purchased at open sea, the most important market for NFT at the moment. The current minimum price is 0.16 ETH. You need this avatar to be able to buy horses on the metaverse. Since September 29th, these are available via

All virtual horses have unique traits and characteristics derived from real racing history and training history.

Users will also get rewards related to the history of horse racing. These connections mean that the knowledge and skill associated with successful horse racing is replicated in the metaverse.

In other words, the value of real horse racing can be multiplied by the metaverse model and the power of decentralized networks.

The play-to-earn mechanism ensures that owning a virtual horse becomes a passive income for users. In addition, all assets in the game become NFT, which means that they are also tradable through the Silks Market.

Investors and early bird collectors can take advantage of the low introductory price of €500 to purchase their own virtual horse and take advantage of the world of horse racing.

Looking at silk

Please note: Cryptocurrency and NFTs are a highly volatile and unregulated investment.

2. Copium Protocol – Takes passive mining in crypto to the next level

Crypto Projects That Can Explode - Copium Protocol

The NFT market is booming at the moment and therefore it is a good investment option. Another excellent option to generate passive income through the project Copium Protocol. This NFT project takes a unique new approach by creating demand for Copium Coin through mining revenue using a real mining facility to facilitate this.

Copium will soon launch its Investor Pass NFTs – a pool of 10,000 NFTs. The NFTs will be stored on the Ethereum network.

The sale will start on November 9th. Then the Dutch auction is used. This means that the asking price starts high and goes down if buyers are not attracted by the initial price. The starting price is set at 3.5 ETH.

The first 2000 people who register early will be rewarded with a lower price of 3 ETH.

In addition, Copium Protocol Investor Pass holders are entitled to receive 10,000 Copium Coins for one time. Copium Coins will be released at the exact same time as the Investor Pass.

NFTs provide users with four other main use cases:

  • You get 10 Copium coins per day.
  • Higher interest rate when betting Copium Coin on staking platform.
  • Automatic lifetime participation in monthly Copium gifts.
  • A chance to win 2 bitcoins by making a donation.

Green mining will attract investors interested in ESG

But what exactly is this project? The entire Copium protocol revolves around Copium mining. This is related to a crypto mining facility based in Otago, New Zealand. This mining rig is unique in that it is fully powered by a surplus of clean, green and renewable hydropower generated in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Funds from the sale of the Investor Pass will be used to upgrade Copium Mining’s hardware and infrastructure. After the upgrade is completed, all daily crypto mining profits will be used to buy Copium Coin on the open market.

There is also a shrinkage burn side. Any Copium purchased from the daily mining proceeds will be sent to the copy address. It is then removed from the Copium Coin token supply, making it a deflationary asset.

Copium staking will start immediately after the launch of the Investor Pass and Copium Coin.

View the strike closing periods and annual percentage returns below:
NFT lock period that can explode the project

The Copium protocol will particularly appeal to investors seeking passive income from NFTs and those seeking a crypto venture with a high ESG rating.

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Please note: Cryptocurrency and NFTs are a highly volatile and unregulated investment.

3. Upstart – the best NFT platform for lifestyle experiences and music events

NFT project that could explode - cockyAnother interesting project put forward by analysts is cocky. It is a lifestyle club that offers exclusive events, including world-class music events. The project was started by Parasol Group, which aims to add value to the NFT space with a focus on the real world.

Cocky believes that NFTs are often considered worthless intangible jpeg art. Whereas, NFTs do well to grant property rights to goods and services. Upstart does it through events. With Cocky, NFT holders get access to unique music events in funky locations.

The NFT range consists of 10,000 upright NFTs can. There are 51 different variations and three levels of them divided into the colors silver, gold and black.

Levels are assigned randomly upon entry and offer benefits such as subsidized transportation, accommodation, additional event invites, ribbon tabs, and exclusive merchandise.

The most innovative aspect of NFTs is the mutagenesis feature. Every time an owner attends an event, the NFT gets a stamp. These mutations appear in the background of the NFT, allowing the owner to write his own account of the events Cocky attended.

The team says it will host two world events annually.

Cocky will also organize virtual events regularly. One of Cocky’s (USPs) major unique selling points is that the events they will host will be electronic music shows in prestigious venues that will provide their holders with an immersive and unique experience. Perfect for the music lovers among us!

Demand for upstart tickets is expected to be high

The number of tickets for such events is determined by the capacity of the venue where the event is being held, so NFT holders must register their interest in events on the site in a timely manner.

If an NFT holder who obtained a ticket cannot attend the event, they can sell it on the modified secondary market. Only those who own a Cocky Token are eligible to purchase tickets from the official secondary market.

Cocky’s roadmap includes plans to expand the community with increasingly larger events. The ultimate goal is to build a brand that can eventually rival the world-famous Coachella.

Cocky is currently the only one of its kind on the NFT market. It is entering a growing sector where people are looking for more interesting and adventurous leisure activities. Certainly since the end of the Corona pandemic, the entertainment business has become more and more attractive again. Owning a Cocky NFT is taking advantage of this trend and the profits that come from it.

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Please note: Cryptocurrency and NFTs are a highly volatile and unregulated investment.

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