7 events that will delight art lovers

Would you like an original gallery? Or would you rather bring art home? Sabato has selected seven must-see attractions for art lovers this October 3rd.

to visit | Painting week in Brussels

Anyone who will come to Brussels next week to participate in “Art on Paper” should not go to Bozar. The art gallery has moved to the Vanderburght Building. This year, the expanded gallery will host – hence the move – more than 45 exhibitions. Belgian and international, like Patrick Hyde Contemporary Art from London. Drawing is still central.

From October 3-9, there is also Brussels Painting Week, which includes workshops and studio visits with painting artists.

© Geoffrey Fritsch

Visit Art on Paper October 6-9 at the Vanderburght Building. Drawing Week takes place in Brussels from 3-9 October.

to light | “Cuba”

The most and the funniest. So, the Belgian lighting brand Delta Light launched a pendant lamp that works best in its range: the “Cuppa”. It’s a modular design of four different shades that you can stack and combine endlessly to create unique lights. Hang some together for added effect.

Available in white, black and gold. Cute: You can simply hang it on a magnetic profile on the ceiling.

Buy “Cuppa” from € 345 at Delta Light.

to visit | Claire / Obscure exhibition

He has a name to become a rock star. But he became an artist: Renato Nicolodi. The Belgian with Italian roots is known for his architecture-inspired sculptures in concrete, marble or granite. They have something of a miniature model or a small mausoleum. They are also reminiscent of bunkers, temples, or buildings of totalitarian regimes. The latter is not accidental. His grandfather fought as a soldier for Mussolini and told a lot about it.

In other words, his work is firmly rooted in the past. As well as in art history. This is why he is also baptized for his new solo exhibition at the Axel Vervoordt gallery in Wijnegem “Clair / Obscur”. to one of the basic principles of Renaissance art. And also a reference to his training as a painter.

The exhibition “Clair / Obscur” by Renato Nicolodi runs until December 10 at the Axel Vervoordt Gallery in Wijnegem.

to discover | Lee Quatre Sols

Write this name: Frédéric Pelenq. The Parisian architectural designer opened his studio five years ago. Since then, he has made a steep climb into the inner sky. His unique signature is completely French. Because it is elegant, elegant and luxurious. But not again, because he dared. It combines massive geometric shapes with simple lines and doesn’t shy away from dreamy imagination.

This year is a real impetus for the designer who grew up in Hautes-Alpes. He works for a Diptyque shop in Kyoto and has his first solo exhibition. At the Kolkhoze Gallery in Paris, he displays his latest furniture under the name “Les Quatres Soleils”.

The photo shows, among other things, a “Kelly” armchair made of walnut and American suede. A tad vintage in brutal shape, yet polished with luxurious materials. From the “Prairie” collection you see a coffee table and two high side tables. And finally, the “Grand Camarat” wave-back sofa. Everything is handcrafted at Atelier Racine in Paris.

© Yannick Labros

“Les Quatre Soleils” costs between 2,000 and 16,800 euros and is available until October 28 in Kolkhoze.

to visit | art church

Sometimes the name says it all: Kunstkirk is a profane church dedicated to art. The former almshouse is located in the Dutch town of Dordrecht, just below Rotterdam. In addition to the exhibition space, it is also a meeting place and a stage where artists are invited to create all sorts of things.

A few weeks ago, Studio Job unveiled its largest sculpture ever: a thirteen-meter-high arch in bronze and glass, inspired by church windows. The new entrance is a mixture of architecture and sculpture. Sculpting with facade ambitions.

The studio worked for five years on the sculpture called “The Embrace”. Largely by hand in our studio in Tilburg, The Netherlands. If you look closely, you will discover different animals: at the bottom are four turtles carrying a lot and at the top is a proud rooster.

© Jeroen Much

Visit the Kunstkerk in Dordrecht.

to visit | Creo . Gallery

Parisian design gallery Kreo proves that you can really create a gallery about anything. The latest show is about – yes – ramps. It looks banal. Until she asks Virgil Abloh, Müller van Severen, and the Bouroullec brothers to sign one. And look at Barber Osgerby’s design: a black board with recessed holes. Or how to reinvent something old.

In addition to contemporary designs, historical and ethnic staircases are also on display, such as the Dogon example and the ancient Shaker step. Those are also for sale. In English the exhibition is called “step by step”. For francophones it is “a question. s d’échelle.s”.

© Alexandra de Cosette/Courtesy Gallery Creo

The exhibition “Question.s d’échelle.s” will be held at the Galerie Kreo until 5 November.

to visit | Expo “Barakat from Musjanistan”

Photo gallery where you have to take off your shoes: Belgian photographer Moss Lmrabet did it in Musjanistan in Fomm, Amsterdam. In the first room there is a carpet on which you can only walk with your feet. The perfect entrance to a shimmering gallery where Western, African and Oriental ingredients gracefully meet. Chicago Bulls Burqa, African Woman in McDonald’s Earrings: A burqa that magnifies how global our world has become.

Born in the Moroccan Rif Mountains, Mrabet has been raised in Saint-Nicolas since the age of six. As a self-expert, he went in search of his own fusion technique. Successfully, because apart from his free work, magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Esquire also book him for fashion shoots, where he can express his vision of the world. Whatever color his (fashion) images are, the core themes – racism, diversity, women’s rights, multiculturalism, neo-colonialism – are more serious. Although the message of Musganistan is emphatically positive: the cultures have more in common than we think.

Photographer Moussa Lamrabet uses humor and aesthetics to create powerful and new stories around sensitive topics such as racism, religion and women’s rights.
© Robert Van Honderdahl / Alami

The exhibition “Blessings from Mousganistan” will be held until October 16 at Foam in Amsterdam.

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