Successful National Inspection of Groninger Paard Association

Sabine with Henky Knusen. Photo: Groninger Horse Association

Sabine (by Pascal) the former police horse of HF Cnossen was named a National Champion last Saturday at the Vereniging Het Groninger Paard National Inspection in Tolbert. The nickname for Foals went to Alexandra van de Passop (Brieu) of Ai Evenhuis.

Nine fillies got the first installment, the best stallion and foal, and then competed for the title of National Foal Champion. The best colt that day was an Ewout (Elbo x Extase) from breeder H. Tanis, who moved with a large wagon. Alexandra van de Passop took the lead among foals. This skilled comb. Van de Veen is bred from the mare Brigitta (by Xtas). She gave herself a lot of cuteness and suppleness and she combines this with a good kind. She also showed her quality in losing the championship and winning the title.

Alexandra van de Passop. Photo: Groninger Horse Association

Oldest Mares Book of Horses

Genealogical book mares can obtain a temporary star or model bond at various regional inspections. The maximum Star amount is 7 per genre and the total is 70 points. For the model, mares should score 8 in genre and 75 points in total. In order to make the predicate final, the mares have to get the necessary points again in the national inspection.

Elseina van Neuland in the lead

Eight mares participated in the well-stocked group of four to seven year old mares. The first to line up was the champion of the day for the Central District: B. Ketelaar’s Elsiena van Nieuwland (Ede x Ramires). This fine type of mare put on a very impressive show and proclaimed himself a model. There was also the model predicate for Marre’s Lasallia (Lenard x Mats) by TR Zwarteveen. The other six mares have been upgraded to a star mares.

The perfect picture

Among the eight-year-old and older mares, the Sabine (Bascal x Hanno) mares of the De Bruijn family breed of Wenum Wiesel owned by HF Cnossen made a great impression. This mare is pretty close to picture-perfect in the situation and got a nine for writing. Sabine has been employed by the Mounted Police in recent years and is now available to breed again. She already became the North Division Champion earlier this season and also received the Model Kickstand award.

clicker model

Rosetta (Macho Polo x Herbert) competed in the excellent mares to increase the score. This mare from LJ Biewenga-De Grijp passed through the track with a lot of courage and was allowed to leave the track again as a model mare.

The jury chooses a unique

Two models of mares presented themselves in the appropriate section, Farida (Minnart x Farao) from M. Cames and Centana (Jeronimo x Fagand) are from the Van Heus family. These mares have achieved the highest index of conformation and locomotion and are therefore no longer present. Only a representative is chosen by the jury of the leading group for today’s championship. To Farida Al-Fadl this time. Forgeries in a genealogical book can only get the sterling predicate and P. Eerhart’s Ewout van de Pasop (Elgar x Brigitta v. Extase) has traversed this with flying colors. At the age of three, he’s already a full horse.

Preferred Model Brigitta

The brood of Brigitta (by Xstas) brooded by Frank and Ceska van der Veen was remarkably high on Saturday. Not only did she sign maternity hero Alexandra van de Pasop, best eunuch Iwot van de Pasup and saddle class winner Sandra van de Pasup (by Machu Polo) also knocked out Brigitta. Model and former National Champion Sandra van de Pasop is owned by AD Elema-van der Veen and has been meticulously presented by daughter Alice. This Sandra is also the full sister of the certified stallion Maestro Polo, who was also represented by the first two distinguished foals.

Today’s Championship

The first-place animals from all categories are invited to form the Leading Pool for today’s public tournament. This resulted in a beautiful and uniform group of horses. The beautiful type, combined with the constant display, was the ultimate deciding factor for the jury to declare the mare Sabine a national champion.

Medal of Honor Saint Rare Pet Breeds

After several years of absence, this year’s Medal of Honor was awarded by the Rare Pet Breeds Foundation to an enthusiast who meant so much to the association and the Groninger breed. This medal went to Robert and Trudy Camps of Stal Klein Klooster of Groningen. They have been committed to the association for many years; Trudy has been a board member for many years, they breed a number of foals each year and are active promoters of Groninger Paard at many different events.

Source: The Groninger Horse Association press release

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