Outings in Friesland: Diederik van Vleuten, Hadwich Menes, Pejek van Beer 21, The Blue Grass Pujimine with Coeur Saint and Jean de Ross Sejunger

Diederik van Vleuten boldly steps forward, Hadewyck Minis gives a solo talk about girls and boys, Pier21 investigates the loneliness of Bijke, The Blue Grass Boogiemen plays with Cor Sanne and sings Jan de Roas Sjongers on the roof of the church.

The hilarious fairy tale ends with an unimaginable nightmare

The monologue was published in 2018 boys girls by the famous British playwright Dennis Kelly can now be seen in the Netherlands. This one-man performance by Toneelgroep Oostpool is perfect for actress Hadewych Minis. What begins as a comic fairy tale ends with a complete nightmare. An unexpected encounter at an airport leads to an intense and passionate love affair.

Soon the young woman (Hadewych Minis) and her great love began to settle down. They buy a house, get married, have two children, and have a career. The life they have built together is happy and similar to the lives of many, but along the way the fairy tale crumbles and their lives take a disturbing turn. Director Daria Bukowicz releases “Kelly” theatrical cry for help with male violence for the first time in Dutch theaters. boys girls It’s a confrontational talk with a clear message: we love each other.

Drachten – Schouwburg De Lawei, Thursday 20 hours, €28

Ceiling off with Jean de Rois Jongers

Jan de Roas Sjunger Plan a Very Special Friday Evening; Then they sing on the ceiling of De Sionskerk in Oudeschoot. The male choir from the Nieuwehorne is conducted by Sita Bosmann, who also composes and arranges songs for the choir.

Accompanied on the keyboard by choir member Evert de Jong, he plays the accordion as well as vocals. The choir owes its name to the well-known Frisian street singer Jan de Ros, who from Groningen was his hometown in the north of the Netherlands. Like Jan de Roas Sjongers, the choir wants to honor the name of this wonderful folk character and not allow it to sink into oblivion. The party can be booked at zz.zininzuid@gmail.com.

Oudeschoot – Sionskerk, before 8pm, €5

A performance about being together and being alone

becky It is a performance by Pier21 about being together and being alone. Agnes has been living in the same neighborhood as Renee for years, but no one has any idea what she’s doing. She lives very secluded and secluded. When her dog Bijke caught his eye one day, Renee found Agnes lying flat in the kitchen.

Agnes is taken to the hospital by ambulance. This is how Pike ends up with Renee. Should he have called her sooner? Or was it right to let Agnes get her way because she didn’t like the interference of others? Experience this week in Wergia, becky They can also be seen elsewhere in the county through December. See all offers and dates at pier21.nl/performance/bijke.

Wergia – FC de Biedler, Thursday to Saturday 8pm, €21.50

Just like in an American movie

The Blue Grass Boogiemen collaboration with Cor Sanne forms a group of five musicians with a passion for the golden age of country and rock ‘n’ roll. They gather around an old microphone and take the listener back to the fifties and sixties, the heyday of musicians such as Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, John Denver, Merle Haggard, Don Williams, Bill Monroe, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson and Roy Orbison.

Their performance is completely vocal and original in instrumentation and vocals. In their clothes they seem to have come for a walk from an American movie. The Blue Grass Boogiemen and Cor Sanne play in De Lawei on Friday.

Drachten – Schouwburg De Lawei, Friday 20.15, €21

Diederik van Vleuten bravely steps forward

Diederik van Vleuten was traveling across the country with a theater lecturer to perform on Leonardo da Vinci. But something happened. Something he couldn’t ignore and he had to testify to. A little notebook in his mother’s handwriting and that one sentence: “Everything that once was normal is gone in one fell swoop.”

brave forward Dedrick’s fourth song, revolves around the question The extent to which events in the past are passed down to the generations that followed. How to live forward and understand backward. The past helps us embrace the present and what is to come. A show full of exciting stories, music and as much as you can think of not to laugh.

Sneak – Sneak Theatre, Thursday 8.15pm, €23

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