Friends Shanice and Phila gave birth to a son on the same day

They see each other every day, work together and live on the same street. And now best friends Shanichi, 28, and Vela, 28, share another special moment: they had a son on the same day, in the same hospital.

Philae: “We didn’t lie to each other, we had an argument. Shanice was so personable to me, way so right with everything. I was the complete opposite. But the universe had other plans for us. We weren’t just in the same MBO, as we followed We also had the same part-time job and it so happened that we did the same internship. We hardly talked to each other. We tolerate each other.
After graduation, I wanted to make a quick profit. I didn’t like working in youth welfare. You got a job at a major electronics store, and who did you meet there? Shanice! We said hi to each other awkwardly on my first day, that’s it. After that, we talked more and more during the breaks.”
Shanice: “I was pregnant at the time, and I didn’t plan on it. The guy I’d been with for four years had left me, not wanting to be a father. Then, after a while, I was fired, not because of the pregnancy, they said, but I know better.” I gave birth and did nothing for half a year. Then I started looking for a job again. I ended up in an eyebrow salon through a villa, and now she works there. I take her every morning because she doesn’t have a driver’s license. We talked in the car about some superficial things. Didn’t There was no question of friendship.We worked together for three months.The owner of the salon never showed up, so we were responsible for almost everything.And then suddenly she was in the salon with an announcement that she would close the shop.From day to day we were on the street.That day Clients helped us and Phila came home with me after work. We cried together at the kitchen table until we came up with a solution. We wanted to start a salon ourselves.”

perfect base

Philae: “Everyone thought we were crazy. We were told ‘You’re no good, you’re not even friends.’ But that turned out to be the perfect foundation. Our bond was work. And on our trip through Hoorn we saw a man pasting a rental brochure on the window. We went down and asked for information. We made a deal right away. At the salon we worked at, we were very active with social media. We had quite a few followers. The influencer will come on January 1 December 1, which is the perfect ad of course.We decided this influencer would come to our new store and open that day, which gave us exactly two weeks.Our parents (step) built the walls, did some plastering with action putty and bought the whole interior.We opened our doors On December 1, 2015 and three months later we were working seven days a week to deal with the influx of clients.We had about 50,000 followers on social media.We acquired staff and moved to a larger building with twelve treatment rooms.In 2021 we moved again to a building with a dozen treatment rooms. thirty rooms a J “.

Friendship blossomed

Shannis: “Not only did our company thrive during that time, but our friendship flourished too. Villa and I became like twins. We both think, we bought a house on the same street—three houses in between—we play sports together, see each other every day. And …we gave birth at the same time!
It was my fourth child for me. I have a son, Shane, who is eight, and two girls: June, two, and Dawn, one. My friend Daryl and I wanted to have another baby. The girls got me pregnant pretty quickly, but this time it didn’t work right away. I really wanted to wait for a villa too. She had been trying to get pregnant for two years and I was very happy for her. “Just do it,” she said, “it might never work for me.” However, I found it difficult.”
Villa: “Boyd and I had an IUI. After nine attempts, I didn’t get pregnant once. Was thrown into ‘unexplained infertility.’ We moved to another hospital, where we discovered that Boyd’s sperm didn’t respond well to the fluid used for intrauterine insemination. We started with icsi. I underwent a puncture during which 24 eggs were harvested. I found the treatment very painful, really painful, but 24 eggs were a lot. Even after a few days it turned out that almost all of them died. One was put back for gambling two days earlier than usual. The five that remained had completely stopped developing after 48 hours. I was devastated and didn’t know if I could deal with this again. In the back of my mind, I increasingly considered that having a baby might not be for me and Boyd. Eight weeks later From the transfusion of this embryo, the blood will be drawn. Because I still have too many hormones in my body, testing myself will not work. I still did it… and this test gave a positive result.”

Both are positive

Shanice: “I was on vacation when Phila called to say she had a positive pregnancy test on her hands. I cried so hard when she said it. At the same time, we also learned that the whole thing was still uncertain. Only after her first ultrasound and blood test did we really know more .
A few days after that phone call from Villa, I suddenly felt nauseous. I purposely didn’t take an audition with me on vacation, and I didn’t want to take part in it for a while. Daryl traveled to a Spanish pharmacy and we translated the text on the packaging using Google Translate. In the Netherlands I got a plus sign on the test screen when I was pregnant, this test gave two lines and I didn’t know how to read that. It also turned out that I was pregnant. I was immediately confronted with Philae.”
Villa: “I thought she called on FaceTime to show the house and the pool. When she said she was pregnant, too, I couldn’t help but cry. Both of us by the way I just couldn’t believe it. Not long after, I got my first ultrasound and got confirmation that we really did.” When I’ve been at it for so long, it’s incredibly unreal.
Shanice and I have really gone through pregnancy together. And we coordinated our diseases very cleverly. I was sick to my stomach for the first 25 weeks, and I spit up every day. During those weeks, Shanice felt fine. Then he turned.”
Shanice: “Of course it was my fourth pregnancy, so my illnesses came a little later. Somewhere around 25 weeks my pelvis started to hurt and Villa took most of the work in the salon from me.
We chose the same birth photographer. Normally she would never deal with clients who had a due date close to each other, but now she dared to venture. There was a week between her and my due date, but baby elephant was a seat the whole time. You are likely to give birth by caesarean section. What are the chances of giving birth on the exact same day? “


Philae: “We knew we were going to have a boy. We kept the names to ourselves. Shanice said her baby’s name is three letters long. We have it out of five, so at least it won’t double.
The last weeks of my pregnancy have arrived. I was told to due a caesarean at the last minute, because I wasn’t an emergency. It will be March 7. But a few days ago I felt the baby move less. This made me very worried. A CTG scan was performed in the hospital. Everything seemed fine. “
Shanice: “I developed gestational diabetes at 37 weeks. It was decided not to start on medication, but to get the baby early. March 4 became history.”
Philae: “And because the doctors found it so exciting for my baby to come in the breech sooner, my due date was postponed. A spot became available on March 4th…on the same day as Shanice! It was my turn first. I was surprised by a C-section. It went fast. You are pushed into the operating room and five minutes later someone lifts your child from behind a screen. I was shocked. In the recovery room someone asked me if I wanted to hold my baby. I said, “Give it to my friend.” I really need to catch up. When I got back to my room And my bed and everything, I ran into Shanice who had just arrived. It wasn’t until I saw her that I got back on the floor. I was able to show her our son Negan right away. We were in tears of course and apparently our meeting was so touching that even the nurses couldn’t keep him dry” .
Shannis: “Shortly after that meeting, I was taken to my room and given an epidural for induction. The birth photographer ran back and forth between the delivery room and the room where Phila and Boyd were with Negan. She wasn’t allowed to say anything about my progress.”
Philae: “Then Chance entered my room with their baby Nev. Crying again of course! We both had a healthy baby on the same day and we also chose names with the same initials.”
Shanice: “And it might sound crazy, but somehow it doesn’t surprise me at all. Our lives have been parallel for a long time, so why not in this area? Only later did I realize that she was very special.”
Villa: “Since we experienced pregnancy together, we are now also experiencing baby time together. We text each other regularly when we eat in the middle of the night and then see that we are online.”
Shanice: “For me it is now over with my desire to have children. The third of us was a crying baby and so was the nev. I am healed forever.”

Practical advice

Philae: “I have a lot of respect especially for Shani. How she does everything with four kids is incredible. I’m always late, but even with four kids, she’s always ready on time. Boyd and I will be enjoying Negan to the fullest before we even have four kids. We are thinking of a second child. This means we will have to start the process again and I have tested it as too heavy. It is good to have such an experienced girlfriend. Shanice gives me many practical advice. For example, I can still buy suits Very pretty babies, but then I had buttons in the back – far from comfortable.”
Shanice: “I became very practical with four children. For example, I have some kind of pram: I have to move three of them under the age of three. But Philae already has the most beautiful pram out there. We still see each other every day and we really work hard. Even That we’re planning to go on vacation together this summer. It’s all special when you think about how things were between us.”

Text: Hester Zetfast
Photo: Yasmigen Tan
Make-up: Wilma Schulte

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