Why should the right be only “radical” or “extreme”?

Geert Wilders (PVV) greets Thierry Baudt (FvD) before the start of his throne speech at Stadsschouwburg in The Hague.Frick van den Bergh statue

“The profit of the far right has not yet become a government,” the paper wrote above an article about the expected profit of Fratelli d’Italia. In the article, the Swedish Democrats and the PVV were referred to as the “alt-right”.

The aforementioned parties are conservative parties. Their political agenda leaves no room for doubt. They are also arguably “right-wing” parties by definition. In André Krouwel’s quadrant (Kieskompas founder, editor), the PVV is not for nothing on the x-axis left from the center.

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It is also remarkable that when it comes to right-wing parties (in the Netherlands or abroad), the prefixes “radical” or “extreme” are almost always used. It’s not just about value judgment (it would be better to use the word “extreme”), but that’s almost never done when it comes to extreme left or progressive parties. If we call the PVV the far right or the far right, why not the far left Bij1 or the progressive radical D66? But this does not happen, while there is certainly a reason for this. This double standard develops Calimero’s behavior from the right. Therefore, he called the animal by its name (conservative) and refrained from superlatives, to prevent it from becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy). I hope it’s not too late.

Martin van Gulik, Delft


Thanks for the factual article about the transgender law (I, 27/9). It is unfortunate that this came too late for Ms. Klinsmit, author of the opinion piece on skepticism in adolescents on the same day, given the inaccuracy of her article. For transgender people, population studies were taken into account, and RIVM has published a volume on the topic. Also under the new law, young people up to 16 years of age are not allowed to decide for themselves on their gender statement (it is up to the judge). Comparing medical transition to chemotherapy is incorrect and outside the scope of the proposal. Irreversible transgender care is not provided here for young people up to 16 years of age and transgender people get a more hopeful life from medical treatments.

Susan FirmanRotterdam

We call it Sonia

Indeed, what is the need to mention gender anywhere? If this male disappears everywhere and the names are no longer associated with gender, then a small part of the gender issue has already been resolved and the share of women will also benefit. Because if the job application letter does not ask for m/f and the boys are called Sigrid and the girls are Mark, it is no longer possible to discriminate on the basis of sex during first selection. Future parents call your daughter Joris or your son Sonia.

English TielkeTilburg

Your Prices (2)

Reader RA van der Weij Fortin wrote an objection to the energy supplier to whom he wrote: “Your prices (…) are going up”. It emphasizes the use of “you” and “yours”. I want to emphasize one more thing. It’s not this reader’s rates, but the energy supplier’s prices. He should write: “Our prices are going up.”

Van Straten joke, Welserbrück

wood burning

Thomas van Dyck wonders if it would be smarter to heat your room with a wood stove rather than expensive gas. In addition to all the objections to wood, the comparison is very painful when you talk about kiln dried wood. How much gas is used for this?

Annick SmithAmsterdam


Lots of attention in the newspaper for “Seeing Stars Leiden,” the event where the lights go out in that city for an evening so we can see the stars again. A brilliant initiative by artist Daan Roosegaarde, who claims to act against the “nonsense” of office buildings and billboards.

Oddly enough, it is still unknown that it was Rosegaard who in recent decades filled our country with all sorts of works that get their effect from using, yes, that damned light: from interactive cornfields filled with LED lights to smoke and laser shows he’s wearing. Afsluitdijk.

hope it’s mr. Light pollution in preparation for this evening also “saw the light” and is saving us from now on such art-related projects as astrology and astronomy.

Michelle EggspotsAmsterdam


9.75 euros is not a tener!

Fred Cuckooevde

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