September 27: Just Arrived: Crowing Rooster Louis Franck will no longer be a fraudulent director of the National Bank

every year In ancient Rome ceremonies in her honor flower motherhood.

1926 Louis Frank (1868-1937) resigned as Liberal MP to become director of the National Bank. Until his death, he continued to defend the gold standard. Frank’s mandate, which for years pursued a dynamic, but authoritarian and idiosyncratic policy, was renewed in 1936 despite many expectations. However, this prevented a new monetary policy, which became absolutely necessary after the stock market crash and economic crisis of 1929. Under Secretary Hendrik de MannAnd the Who wanted to compromise with Frank and the National Bank, however, his position became unacceptable. After a judicial investigation, he suddenly requested leave on October 25, 1937. His death two months later sparked speculation. In all likelihood, he committed suicide.

Gust Janssens (1873-1924)

1924 Death in Antwerp Ghost Janssens (51), Flemish national publisher. After the death of his father Lodewijk Janssens (1896), he and his brothers continued to publish and specialize in theatrical works. Later, Janssens only manages bookbinding, publishing and printing, which includes the satirical weekly magazine Tybaert tailings imprinted. He not only reprints Flemish novels from the nineteenth century, but also publishes new works by Paul van Osteijn, Paul de Montt, and Moritz Saab, among others. During the First World War he was one of the most active Flemish printers. After the war, Janssens became a printer, publisher, director and sole director of the Flemish national daily newspaper. shield (1919-1936), where he courageously supports the Front Party – entirely at his own risk.

1922 The English author David Herbert Lawrence (1885-1930) wrote to German sociologist Else von Richthofen (1874-1973): America Neither free nor brave, but a country with little wills that look like metal, everyone is trying to deceive everyone. It is the land of men who never believe in the spontaneity of a sacred life. They do not trust life until they control it. Look, that’s what they deserve! I want to go back to Europe in the spring.


Kipling, son and father.

1915 John (“Jack”) KiplingA lieutenant in the Irish Guards and author’s son, Rudyard Kipling, was killed in baptism by fire at the Battle of Los en Guhill. He was barely 18 years old. His father would search in vain for his son’s grave until his death. Only in 1992 in the British cemetery of Saint Mary in Hesse-les-la-Passe (French Flanders) was the grave of an unknown soldier recognized as the grave of John Kipling.

Rudyard Kipling is also the author of the shrine

If you have any question why we died,
Tell them, for our fathers praise.

(If there is any question why we died/tell them, because our parents lied).

He also wrote a poem, my son jackIn memory of his son. A movie was also shot under the same title, directed by Brian Kirk.

1862 Birth in Greytown (Natal) from Louis PothakAnd the The Commander-in-Chief of South Africa and the country’s first Prime Minister. He died in 1919.

1854 After the French cargo ship vegetarian to have He hitsThe American ship is sinking North Polewhich sailed from Liverpool to New York almost immediately. Arctic crew members refuse to prioritize passengers, grab lifeboats and flee. More than 400 people drowned, including all the women and children on board.


Jean Francois Champollion (1790-1832)

1822 decode Rosetta Stone (1822). French researcher Jean-François Champollion declared that he had succeeded. The famous granite stone was found in 1799 and contains the same text in three languages ​​and different characters: in hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek. The Demotic language was a type of popular and trade language in ancient Egypt.

In 1799, an officer in the Napoleonic army in Egypt found this stone with inscriptions. Twenty-three years after this discovery, the French researcher Jean-François Champollion succeeded in deciphering the texts. Thus it immediately provides the key to translating the hieroglyphs. On the Rosetta Stone is an ordinance (ordinance) of the Synod of Priests. This Synod was held in Memphis in 196 BC. Agreements were made on taxes, donations to temples, measures against floods, and the erection of statues of the Egyptian king Ptolemy V (203 BC -180 BC).

The Rosetta Stone is by far the most famous polyglot document that played an instrumental role in deciphering hieroglyphs. Today the stone is in the British Museum in London. Copies of the stone are on display at the Allard Pierson Museum (Amsterdam) and at the Figeac Museum, Champollion’s birthplace.

1821 independence Mexico Recognized after 11 years of war with Spain.

1816 King William I of the Netherlands decides three new people public universities It will be held in Leuven, Liege and Ghent.


Maria Versvelt (1776-1845)

1776 Birth in Leith (North Brabant) from Maria VersveltWriter, actress and courtesan. She was the daughter of a minister and married banker Jan Ringling Claas in 1792 in New Kerk, Amsterdam. At the time, she was 15 years old, but she is lying that she is 17 years old. The couple has two daughters, but they divorced after four years, because Versvelt had an affair with French General Jean-Victor Marie Moreau, and therefore left her husband. Children are assigned to her husband. She allowed herself to be called Ida Saint-Elme and follow her lovers, including Marshal Ney, on their military campaigns. With short hair and wearing a soldier’s uniform. From 1801, the acting career began unsuccessfully, she traveled to Italy, Egypt, Germany and Russia.

She became famous in 1827 when she became Memoirs of a Contemporary Woman Published – scandal and wow. She is nicknamed “The Female Casanova” and “The Widow of the Great Army”. It is one of the rare women’s testimonies of this period and tells in a fascinating way the French customs of the Napoleonic period. She died in poverty, at Ursuline Hospice in Brussels, in 1845, at the age of 67.

1622 The people of Haarlem in the north of Holland come to town Hasselt To help besiege the Spaniards. The Harlemers managed to spare Hasselt.

1540 by Paul Regimini Militantes ecclesiæ Pope Paul II proposes ranking jesuits in.


Andrea Doria (1466-1560)

1538 At the Battle of Preveza, the Italian fleet of Condottiere Andrea Doria Crushed by the Turkish pirate Khidir Khairuddin. Doria, who fought the Turks on behalf of Emperor Charles V, had established an “aristocratic republic” in Genoa in 1528.

1476 amazing dam breach Between Lombardsijde and Ostend. Ships are dumped on the pier and at Oostduinkerke Church the water is six feet high.

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