Open day of the Reijerscop Animal Shelter and De Limes Animal Health Center

Publication date: 09-27-2022
Updated on: 09-27-2022 09:37

Open day of the Reijerscop Animal Shelter and De Limes Animal Health Center

Source: Woerden eo . Animal Shelter

On Saturday October 1, the Reijerscop Animal Shelter and De Limes Animal Health Center are organizing a special event to give young and old a “behind the scenes” look at animal aid. The health center and animal shelter share the same foundations and work together in many ways. It promises to be a very happy day for young and old. Today is dedicated to World Animal Day 2022 and is an educational and fun outing for all animal lovers in the region. Check out the animal rooms, visit the lab, draw your face, have fun and come and cuddle the animals. Visitors are welcome from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Reijerscopse Transition 3 and 5 in Harmelen.

For many years, the open day has been organized by Stichting Dierenhulpverlening Woerden (and surroundings) at the animal shelter in Harmelen. Now, years later, largely due to the COVID period, another big open day is being organized with the Animal Health Center de Limes. The Animal Health Center is an independent veterinary practice with its own laboratory and operating room. Stichting Dierenhulpverlening Woerden (and surrounding areas) help the animals in our area: a large area stretching from Kamerik to Reeuwijk / Bodegraven to Nieuwegein. In the animal shelter in Harmelen, injured and injured animals were found. From there, the animals are taken care of and a new home is found with great care. There are dog rooms, cat rooms, rabbit rooms and bird cages for decoration.

Information is provided at the animal shelter About the way animals work, and you can get acquainted with some cats, rabbits and pet birds. To avoid stress on temporary guests, not all rooms are accessible. You can also take a look at the animal ambulance. New volunteers are always welcome, so you can get information about that as well.

You can also take a look behind the scenes at Animal Health Center De Limes. Veterinarians and veterinary personnel are happy to talk about their work and equipment.

Among other things, Bouffertjes and cotton candy are sold, children’s faces can be drawn, one can draw pet rabbits and see (and sometimes touch!) many animals up close. Sufficient parking space is available.

In short, an educational and cozy outing for young and old.

To support Stichting Dierenhulpverlening Woerden eo You can also drop in old clothes, shoes or textiles in a Dierenlot container. The institution receives money for every kilo.

Organized by Stichting Dierenhulpverlening Woerden eo. De Limes Animal Health Center.

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