Netflix provides details about you and The Witcher during Tudum

netflix held its second global fan event, Tudum, last weekend, which once again featured several announcements about movies and series. This is how we got updates Shadow and bonesAnd the You are And the the magician, For example, but not limited. We have included the most important ads for you.

Bridgeton Season 3 and spin-off

First of all, there BridgetonIt is one of the most important Netflix series. During Tudum there were various news about this series. Nicola Coughlan, for example, gave us a sneak peek at the first newsletter for Season 3 of Lady Whistledown.

In addition, we premiered images of an occasional series of Bridgeton, which will be a prelude to the original version. this will be Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story. In the video, we see Golda Rochevel as the Queen and India Amartivio as little Charlotte.

Peek at Shadow and bones

After a successful first season, Shadow and bones It has also become a big name on Netflix. Netflix already announced in January that a second season is in the works, so we’re looking forward to it now. During Tudum, we finally got to see some first pictures of that second season.

In it, familiar faces like The Darkling (Ben Barnes) and Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) return, but we also see some new faces like Nikolai Lantsov (Patrick Gibson), Wylan Hendricks (Jack Wolfde), twins Tamar (Anna Leung Brophy) and Tolia. (Louis Tan).

It is also now clear that the second season will be released in 2023, although it is not yet known exactly when.

You are season 4

Series You are It made us fall in love and fear at the same time the stalker Joe, who falls in love with girls and then becomes somewhat obsessed. Unfortunately for the ladies in question, his obsession often doesn’t end well. Over the course of three seasons, we’ve seen how he meets a girl, compliments her and tries to protect her, and then how terrible things go. Even a woman like him turns out to be not a good match, as we found out in season 3. Also, his wife Love did not survive the relationship.

Netflix has now announced a fourth season of the series and has shown us a trailer for the series. Joe now lives in London and goes by the name of Professor Jonathan Moore. Of course he now has a new obsession. In fact, we’ve already seen many women go by, and they may be his new target(s).

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the fourth season will be released.

the magician and his various projects

Of course, during Tudum news about the magician Not missing. Nor! This is how we got the release date The Witcher: The Origin of Blood. This will be a prequel to the original series, set in the world of elves about 1,200 years ago. The series follows the story of the Ole Witcher. Netflix has now announced that the series will be released on December 25.

And yes, too the magician It was itself short news. The third season is coming! Unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer for that: this season will not appear until the summer of 2023.

Release dates: the crownAnd the Emily in Paris And the Wednesday

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t show full trailers or comprehensive details of all the great stuff just yet. Fortunately, the streaming service for a number of series and movies has announced release dates. This applies, for example, to the crownIt is now in its fifth season. In this fifth season, Imelda Staunton – aka Umbridge Harry Potter On the role of Queen Elizabeth II. We also see Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana, with Damonique West as her husband Prince Charles.

Season 5 will be released on Netflix on November 9. And more good news: Contrary to previous plans, this won’t be the last season. Another one will appear after this.

also from Emily in Paris A new release date has now been announced. Netflix confirmed during Tudum that the series will be getting a third season, which will be released on December 21. However, a short teaser for the series has already appeared, where Emily has given herself a little horse!

Moreover, the series also gets Wednesday – cross from Addams family, Created by Tim Burton – Release date. The series will release on November 23, so we don’t even have to wait long! Netflix also released the first scene of the series, which we see Wednesday with Thing.

tractor: Enola Holmes 2, Lupine, Dead to Me

Only a few weeks left and we can enjoy the second week Enola HolmesThe movie is about the famous sister of Sherlock. The second film will be released on November 4, as Enola deals with her first case as a detective. In this case, you must find a missing girl. But that turns out to be more difficult than expected, especially as she uncovers a dangerous plot. During Tudum, Netflix shared with us a new trailer for the movie.

Netflix also has RomKom in the works, which seems to come from our dreams: RomKom star Reese Witherspoon with none other than Ashton Kutcher in your place or mine. These two greats together can only make a good movie. And it’s also coming out just in time for Valentine’s Day: it’ll be on Netflix on February 10.

Moreover, the song series also got lupine A teaser from its third season, in which we see Asani in hiding.

And yes, the final season of dead to mewhich will be released on November 17, has received a trailer.

I finally got the movie Good and Evil School trailer. This movie is about Sophie and Agatha, two best friends who arrive at a magical school, where heroes and villains are trained to protect the balance between good and evil. But when they get there, they are each on a different side of the battle. The movie will be released on Netflix on October 19.

Photo: Netflix

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