Hate and sexism hold women back: ‘I’m suddenly a D66 fund’

Counselors are more hated than men. Online sexism limits women’s work and ambitions. This is the conclusion reached by the Atria Institute of Knowledge today from a survey of 41 council members. Delia Leitner of Harlem was a consultant for twelve years until this year and testified that sexism is deeply rooted in politics. “There’s more to it than that. Sexism is a very subtle and unconscious interaction.”

Delia Leitner – Delia Leitner

Delia noticed in 2013 how horrific the online hate was, and the national media ran off with a comment attributed to her about Moroccan criminals in Harlem. “A home, a job and a woman,” that’s what these boys need.

After Geert Wilders tweeted about it, Harlem Council member D66 .’s account was locked inundated with death threats, backed up by inaccurate insults such as that it “must be taken everywhere and anywhere”. Delia was deeply shocked by the accusation of sexism and filed a report. In the end nothing was done about it. I got a police escort at that time.

“I think they hated that I used that word as a woman.”

Delia Leitner

She is now looking back in a precise manner. “They were all men who responded. They seemed to hate my use of the word ‘whore’. I guess they also hated that I used that word as a woman. But I think the hate also came from the fact that I’m a D66 member. I suddenly became a D66 chest. Luckily I stayed with Online messaging back then. Now it’s much worse than that with online hate. People are now also looking for politicians, like ministers Sigrid Kaag and Christianne van der Waal.”

hidden sexism

Delia always looks pure down to the smallest detail. She “is not averse to looking like an actress,” she says herself. But she notes that often this means her looks are distracting from the qualities she had to come with. That’s why Delia contributed to the research conducted by the Institute of Knowledge for Emancipation and Women’s History Atria, because she wants to point out the hidden sexism pervasive in local politics.

girls are beautiful

She was the leader of the D66 faction for eight years, some of which were the largest faction on the council. However, I noticed that being a woman makes a difference. Men It seems the norm. “It’s really about a subtle construct like sexism. First you get a lot of compliments on your looks. So beautiful. Until it started to happen it was always happening and sometimes it was just about that. Also in my own party. You know. Politics is an extension of life. Natural Women receive less attention to competencies and traits You are more likely to hear things like how cute you are, or your appearance Just as with young boys and girls Girls are cute, and boys are strong and smart If things go well on set, it was a coincidence …and not because of my qualities. They are often subtle differences. You have to show yourself a little more as a woman.”

Johan Cruyff

Delia quote from Johan Cruyff. “You only see it when you realize it. And then you can’t see it anymore. With men, people automatically assume they want to become an alderman very quickly. I had to say it myself every time. Even after doing eight major meetings political, people still had a hard time recognizing this quality.”

“If you can raise children, you can handle politics”

Delia Leitner

The focus on appearance is deep and women know it. This applies not only to talk shows on television, but also to local politics. “For women, I had to do my best to get them on our list. It didn’t work often. Plus, women sometimes judge each other. The question is whether the women support each other enough.”

Delia says female politicians are falling out. In Harlem, for the first time, more women than men are on the council. Exception in the country. But also in Sparnstad it seems that men are primarily responsible. This year’s new coalition scout, Case Fendrick, also concluded that during negotiations, “primarily peers” sat on behalf of the parties. He wrote that he really needs to be more diverse.

good advice

Municipalities across the Netherlands will receive Atria and ‘Vote for Women’ next week
Poster with the words “Good advice against hate online”. According to the authorities, the tips help form an inclusive council and create a safe work culture for women. Delia has a mantra that can also convince women to roll up their sleeves and get into a fight. “If you can raise children, you can handle politics.”

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