Hanky’s six-year-old son is not yet potty trained: ‘This is driving us crazy’

It’s a milestone for most parents: a potty-trained child. Many parents are very happy that they have run out of diapers and that the baby is taking another step towards independence. The age at which children are ready for potty training varies greatly from child to child. For example, there are young children who manage to find the potty before their second birthday, but certainly also children who go to primary school with diapers. And that last group is getting bigger and bigger.

change teachers

One kid who wasn’t potty trained when he went to elementary school is Peter, who is six now. “Peter is in Group Two and still not toilet trained. He still wears diapers that teachers have to change. I think that’s really bad for teachers, but of course for him too,” says his mother Hanky.

bright child

Peter is a cheerful boy who develops well. “We were always told at the health clinic that Peter was a smart kid. He could talk at a young age, walk before his first birthday and at such a young age he had a great sense of how to interact with others. His development was always through the book and often faster than his peers.”

do not worry

Hanneke didn’t expect it to be any different with toilet training. “When he was potty trained at three years and nine months old, I wasn’t too worried. His group mates in the nursery were almost all of that age, but they were less quick on other things. In the counseling office too, they had the idea that he would work himself” .


Peter was allowed to go to elementary school for the first time the day after his fourth birthday in March. “With his nappy. I found it very embarrassing. The teacher said I had nothing to be ashamed of and that she would work with him too. Months passed, but unfortunately Peter was not toilet trained at the end of the school year.”

train hard

On the last day of school, Peter Hanke’s teacher asked if they wanted to practice using the bathroom with him that summer. “We’ve been training really hard for a long time, but my husband and I decided to raise it up a bit during the summer holidays. Peter doesn’t get diapers during the day anymore, we put pots everywhere, we start with the sticker bonus system and when we see he’s in desperate need of it, we take him to the nearest potty.”

Burning to

All summer, Peter has been toilet training, but Haneke loses her heart when she lets Peter go to school in diapers again in September. The teacher was now visibly upset and asked why Peter wasn’t toilet trained. I burst into tears in class. I was smart my end. We didn’t leave the house all summer because Peter was pooping or peeing in his pants all the time. We didn’t even go on vacation because we were Afraid it might get in the way of toilet training. A teacher who pretends on the first day of school that we didn’t do anything about it is really the last thing you want.”

to the doctor

In consultation with the Child Health Clinic, Haneke and her husband decided that it might be a good idea for a doctor to check if it was not a physical problem. “It turns out that this is not the case, everything just has to work. The doctor assures Haneke and her husband that everything will be fine in the end and that they should continue toilet training quietly.” One child is simply faster than the other. The busier you are, the longer it will likely take.”


Peter is now six years old and still not toilet trained. It often drives us crazy, but it’s no different. Peter is a smart kid who can and knows a lot about his age. But get potty training? not yet. It comes when it comes.”

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