World Cup 2022: Remco Evenepoel solos a great way to get the world title, a drama by Van der Poel

World Cup 2022: Remco Evenepoel solos a great way to get the world title, a drama by Van der Poel

Remco Evenepoel crowned his season at the World Cycling Championships in Wollongong. The 22-year-old won the Vuelta a España solo on the road in Australia after knocking Alexei Lutsenko off the wheel 25km from the finish. Evenepoel awards Belgium its first World Cup gold medal. For Matthew van der Poel, the road trip ended in a scam, after Australian police caught him overnight.

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Who would have thought that the early hours of the cycling world championships in Wollongong would rebound, woke up with a hangover. Especially the incident surrounding Matthew van der Poel kept people busy. Australian police arrested the Dutch leader the night before the road trip after he became angry at two girls who molested him at the hotel.

Van der Poel was in prison for a short time, had to surrender his passport and did not return to the hotel until 4 am (local time). He was finally ready to start, but gave up after 35 kilometers.

Matthew van der Poel after his retirement – Photo: Cor Vos

Then the course itself. At the flat start stage towards Wollongong, a traditional leadership group of twelve men walked away. Among them were Simon Belloud, Emils Leibniz, and Juraj Sagan. Newcomer Ryan Schorois in Vatican City also showed himself briefly, but was unable to join that early excursion.

Early favorite stir
The French did not let grass grow on Mount Kira. Bruno Armirail chose to go at a fast pace and secured the release of a large pool of candidates. Among them are Wout van Aert, Bauke Mollema, Wout Poels, Tadej Pogacar and Jai Hindley. They moved away from the peloton for two minutes, after which the Germans closed the gap.

Only Pavel Sivakov, Peter Serry, Ben O’Connor, Luke Blabb, and Samuel Battistella actually made the crossing to the first escapees. After more than 100 kilometers of the race, they rejoined the front, leaving sixteen riders ahead by seven minutes. Then the Netherlands decided to put taco van der Horn on top.

He rode, with the help of some Spaniards, a lot of the lead. Partly because of this, the difference at 80 kilometers from the finish has been reduced to more than two minutes. This was a signal that the French would open early in the actual final on the domestic ring, with Mount Usley (700m at 6.7%) and Mount Pleasant (1.1km at 7.7%).

Remco Evenepoel doing the effect with Romain Bardet – Photo: Cor Vos

Big group ran away with Evenepoel
Quentin Bacher was the instigator of apartheid. Some candidates were vigilant, including Remco Evenepoel and Romain Bardet, and managed to reach a number of the separatists early on. This resulted in a leadership group of 25 men. Evenpoel had Ciri, Quentin Hermans and Stan Deolph with them, while the French were up front with Sivakov, Bardet, Florian Senchal and Basher. Pascal Einkorn was the only Dutchman in Group A.

Other notable names include Hindley, O’Connor, Ben Tolet, Lorenzo Rota, Samuel Battistella, Mauro Schmid, Jan Tratnick, Nelson Paulis, Matthias Skgelmus, Alexei Lutsenko, Kevin Inguise and Rasmus Teller. Almost all major nations had pawns with them, which made it difficult to start the hunt in the peloton. The gap, with three domestic rounds remaining, widened to more than two minutes.

The average acceleration in a peloton does not produce anything
With just under 50 kilometers left, the Peloton picked up speed. Valentine Madwas opened the ball and made sure all the candidates showed up at the outposts in Mount Pleasant. With a pause in front, the gap narrowed to a minute, but there was no serious pursuit. As a result, the leading group ran in the flat portion again toward the two-minute mark.

Remco Evenepoel also had trouble controlling himself. He had already made some head turns without result, but 34 kilometers before the finish, he was still successful. Evenepoel survived the end lane and went away with Lutsenko. They immediately hit a hole. Rota, Schmid, Skelmus and Enchoron made the chase, but they hardly came close. Meanwhile, the peloton followed at 2.25 minutes.

Evenepoel leaves Lutsenko behind on Mount Pleasant – Photo: Cor Vos

Evenepoel Lutsenko is cast into the sea
With a 30-second lead over the unicorn set, Evenpoel and Lutsenko started Mount Usley. The Kazakh was still able to follow the Belgian there, but the Vuelta winner then continued on steadily on Mount Pleasant. Lutsenko left with a big attack and went solo for 25.8 kilometers. The difference with the candidates in the peloton at that time was still more than two minutes.

In the peloton, Van Aert also wanted to show himself on the penultimate Mount Pleasant, but this was nothing more than a prick. Meanwhile, Evenpoel was a polygon. The Unicorn put in over a minute and kept the difference with the peloton at 2.30 minutes. In fact, the last lap lead REV only on. The man in the red Vuelta helmet managed to win his first world title among the elites unobtrusively and in great fashion.

With a finger to his mouth, arms wide, full of disbelief and a big shout, Remco Evenepoel crossed the finish after 266 kilometers.

Battle of Silver and Bronze
Einkorn, Skjelmus, Rota and Schmid were allowed to dream of a World Cup silver, but then had to find out Lutsenko in the final. This succeeded in the descent of Mount Pleasant. It was without the Unicorn, who had to drop out on the last few meters of steep slope with his three fellow refugees.

In the last kilometer, the speed was completely cut off at those four, allowing Enkhoron to overtake them at high speed. However, the Dutchman could not surprise the rest, so the matter stopped again. Then the weak peloton came from the background.

A late failure was fixed by Jean Tratnick in the last hundreds of metres, after which the Frenchman Christophe Laporte set out to silver. He was ahead of his home favorite Michael Matthews, who took the bronze, and Wout van Aert. It all happened in 2.21 minutes from the gold medal winner.

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