In pictures: Imca Schoots, city photographer

Imca Schoots is Apeldoorn’s new town photographer and takes on the job from Sven Scholten, who has held the position in recent years. On the Apeldoorn Municipal website, Peter Loos, Chairman of the Selection Committee, describes her as follows: “Imca follows its own photographic path and has a unique view of Apeldoorn. This means that the committee considers her a good photographer of the city and an ambassador for Apeldoorn and its residents.”

“It seems that this is what happened, but I have no idea who they are.”

You are such a photographer who recently turned to the city. How did that actually start?

“How they got to me, I have no idea. I just got a call in February from Peter Luce, the chair of the selection committee. Whether I’d be interested in becoming the new Apeldoorn city photographer. I was just so surprised, I really thought: How did you get to me? I’ve never seen myself As a city photographer too.Mainly because I’ve been working outside of Apeldoorn for almost 30 years and have never actually been involved with Apeldoorn and Apeldoorners.I don’t have a social life here so I didn’t understand it.Can name candidates for this job.It seems this is what happened “But I have no idea who they are. They didn’t want to say anything about it. I definitely consider it an honor. As soon as I found out, my head filled with thoughts.”

Just take a look at your website. The words that come to mind are ambiguous, subtle, spherical, emerging. How would you describe your work yourself?

“What I have noticed is that there is a kind of invisibility in all the subjects I deal with. What I want to achieve is the invisible becomes more visible. My photography is not so obvious. It gives the viewer a lot of space to give their own interpretation. And to create your own story. It’s a lot about feeling.” That’s why I use a lot of blurriness because it touches more on the feeling. It evokes ambiance and emotion and then it’s up to the viewer to interpret it. There is always room for your own interpretation. In collaboration with photographer Monique Goossens, I created a series in 5 Empty Hospitals. Monique comes from the hospital world where she worked as an assistant In the operating room. I met her in photography school. In this series, we wanted to capture and capture the spirit of the hospital. This project was about discovering photography. For Monique also farewell to the world of hospitals. We had exclusive access to 5 hospitals for this project. That’s how we became friends.”

“I am looking for people who do not see much in Apeldoorn, but more so outside the city limits”

About Imca:

  • Boy: January 19, 1973 in Tel
  • parents: Hans and Jerry Schutz
  • brothers sisters: Raymond’s brother
  • In love, engaged, married: In love with Mark
  • Most proud of: My 2017 book “You Didn’t See Me”
  • Inspired by: People who follow their passion
  • Dislikes: dishonesty
  • Likes: My kids Dane and Mica
  • Which book is on your bedside table: 1984 by George Orwell
  • Why they might wake you up at night to: I better not do that, I like to sleep
  • future dream: Make my own dreams

What else can we expect from you as a new urban photographer?

“The great thing about the concept of an urban photographer is that you get complete artistic freedom. This way I will shine a spotlight on Apeldoorn in my own way. It would be about Apeldoorn, but I am free to do so. So it will be very different from my predecessors. , 3 ideas have already been formed that can be developed into 3 projects that will be realized side by side in the next 2 years. The first project is about the people of Apeldoorn. I am looking for people who do not see much inside Apeldoorn, but are more famous outside the city limits, sometimes world famous, while in Apeldoorn No one has heard of this person yet. They are people who truly share their passion and craft. This fits with my theme: Showing the Unseen. On this project I will be collaborating with RTV Apeldoorn. They will follow me and record the story of the person involved as I bring that person to light with My Pictures In the second project I want to make a series of city trees. I have already photographed many trees near Apeldoorn. I am really fascinated by trees, but I haven’t really looked at trees in the city yet. I recently saw that the municipality organizes tree picnics . I went on 2 of those rallies. You get a lot of information about trees and I’ll see if a collaboration can arise from them. I will also look for the stories behind the trees. Make the results of the project visible to the citizens of Apeldoorn afterwards. The third project is about the metropolitan area of ​​Apeldoorn, to what extent and how the urban area adapts to the times in which we live. I actually always move out of Apeldoorn, but I see that a lot has changed in the city. The focus is on the future, not the past. I would also like to include the fact that the WEF (World Economic Forum) has selected Apeldoorn as a smart city, which is an interesting topic. I want to investigate that and make it more visible.”

“This is how I started photography school in 2009, before that I had done nothing in photography”

When did you become fascinated with photography?

“Actually, everyone always said about my vacation shots: ‘Hey Joe, you’re doing a great job, you should do something about it. However, I’ve worked on the fashion chain The Sting for 20 years. I started out as a vacation job. I thought I’d work for a year to see’ What I will study.At a certain point, The Sting received a job application letter from someone who was studying at a photography academy and was also looking for a job.Then something happened to me: This is what I want to do, later when I stopped here and so I started a professional photography school in 2009, Before that I didn’t do anything with photography. The Sting was just a really fun company to work in. Develop myself further within the company and that shaped me into who I am today. I said goodbye to The Sting when I became a mother. I was now a regional manager and it became difficult Combine busy work and motherhood. After that I stop working and take photography, I go to school one day a week and you can also organize your own hours to study and gain work experience.”

Where did you learn to trade?

“I attended professional photography school here in Apeldoorn. I started with basic training, then continued apprenticeship. There you will learn all the technical aspects of the trade. How to take a good photo in terms of sharpness/depth, composition and other technique. I noticed that there was still something in me that didn’t show After which is Creativity.Then I followed the third course in Photographic Design.There I left all the technical knowledge and started shooting completely from my feeling and concept.Overall, I have been working for 5 years.The course is completely focused on digital photography.Later on I will definitely go into photography Photographic/analog film with all that goes with it, darkroom, self-development and typography.”

Previous city photographers sometimes sought to collaborate with the city poet, would you think of something similar?

“I’ve seen that. But recently, Apeldoorn has also had a city rapper. I would very much like to reach out to them to see together what we can do together in an ‘urban’ context. Rappers are basically the poets of the future. I will definitely look for collaborations.”

“…and I really like photobooks. I dreamed of my photobook, how cool it would be to lie there with your book.”

What do you want to say through your photography?

“For me, photography is a form of self-expression in which I leave plenty of space for the viewer to fill in in himself. I don’t necessarily have a very urgent message. It’s something I want to give form to. It’s nice for people to identify themselves in it, but that’s not my goal.” First or my intention.”

Do you have any famous examples from the world of photography?

“Especially when I started my photography training, I came across pictures of Todd Hedo, an American photographer, very early on. The atmospheric images he made really attracted me. He inspired me a lot in my own work. In 2012 I also had the opportunity to follow a workshop from him for a period of time. A week in Amsterdam. Which he gave once in Holland at the time. It was such a special and intense week. It is my great inspiration.”

Has the Corona crisis bothered you in your work?

“Because photography is not my livelihood, it did not bother me too much. The preparations for exhibitions stopped, and I also looked for a little silence. Now everything is happy again.”

Where and how can your business be identified other than the website?

“I was in Paris at the Paris Picture Fair. There is a very big book market there, and I really like picture books. I dreamed of my picture book, how cool it would be to lie there with your own book. There I met Sebastien Hanckroth. It turned out to be a world famous lithographer , and collaborates with many photographers around the world to produce art books. I showed him my work and he gave me 3 phone numbers. That was the starting point of my two-year journey until the publication of my book You Didn’t See Me by Lecturis, and it was launched during the Invisible Gallery in Amsterdam, And it was set in Paris. Sebastian made a lithograph for my book. The whole thing is very expensive, but I was able to fund the whole thing collectively.”

What are your plans and ambitions for the next five to ten years?

“So I have a lot of ideas that I hope to realize in the next couple of years as a city photographer. Plus, I have my own project on the shelf that I’ll be working on as well. I’m always very single and doing my own things. But now I’ve taken the podium as a city photographer and I’m going in that platform.

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