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The Hague – Running shoes are on, warm-ups are fanatically carried out and water bottles are ready. The 46th edition of the NN CPC Run will take place in The Hague on Sunday. Tens of thousands of runners make their way through the city on different courses. In this live blog we will keep you updated with all the news about the City-Pier-City Loop in The Hague.

Announcing the winners of the 5 km race

The winners of the 5 km are known. Kevin Thomassen set the fastest time in the men’s race: 00:14:17. Naomi Gilensey took gold in the women’s race with a time of 00:18:13.

10 kilometers from the start

As the 5km runners trickle down slowly at the finish in Malejevelde, the 10km runners start at 12.00.

So many happy faces after the children’s period ends

All participants have now finished 1 km and 2.5 km making many happy faces at the end in Malefield. Each junior participant received a medal after that, but the top two kids also took home a trophy during a real party with Ernst and Bobby. “I came first among the girls,” says a girl cheerfully, holding the cup in her hands. “I also trained hard for it,” she explains proudly.

So many happy faces after the children’s period ends

Almost all the kids ran out, now it’s the adults’ turn for 5 km

With most of the kids out of the way, it’s time to run. The first is the 5-kilometer track of the program whose launch sound began at 11:00.

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Handing out the first medals in The Hague

Most of the kids who ran 1 kilometer and 2.5 kilometers finished during the CPC Loop. After they caught their breath and drank a little water, everyone got a great medal. Things went really well. I would have loved it faster,” says a boy proudly displaying his medal. “I think I’ll keep her in my room.”

Also starts 2.5 km for older children

The starting signal also appeared for children aged 8 to 12 years in The Hague. At 10:30 a.m. it’s time for these young riders to run the 2.5km through town.

Gives Ernst and Bobby the start of the competition for the little ones

After most of the CPC4ALL entrants finished, the youngest CPC Loop entrant started their one kilometer race across The Hague at 9.45 am. And, according to tradition, he gave Ernst and Bobby the first chance.

Ernst and Bobby give their first shot during the Kids CPC Race
Ernst and Bobby give their first shot during the Kids CPC Race © Radio West

The first shot was fired in The Hague

Round one of the NN CPC Loop began in Koningskade on Sunday at 9.15am. Hundreds of athletes with mental or physical disabilities have started the one kilometer CPC4ALL route through The Hague. Not only is the course covered on foot, but runners can also complete the course using a balance bike, handbike, or wheelchair.

Fresh running day with occasional shower

Sunday will be a great day for running, but athletes and spectators must bring a jacket. The day starts with little sun and in the afternoon the clouds are a bit more. There may also be a few showers. The temperature remains on the cold side: it will be 16 degrees max.

NN CPC حلقة Loop
NN CPC حلقة Loop © OrangePictures

Difficult to get to the center of The Hague

If you plan to cheer on the Sunday runners or if you have to be in The Hague for some other reason, there’s a good chance you’ll be on the road a little longer. Due to the existence of the City-Pier-City Loop, many roads have been closed (temporarily). Therefore, the municipality of The Hague requires visitors to come to the city in time by bicycle or public transport.

The municipality advises motorists to park at the P + R location and then continue to the center by metro, tram, bus or train. For participants in the NN CPC Loop The Hague, it is possible to reserve a spot at Q-Park CS New Babylon for €15. 800 places available.

In addition, Koningskade between Javastraat and Zuid-Hollandlaan will be completely closed on Sundays until 6pm. The section between Zuid-Hollandlaan and Bosbrug will be closed until 7 pm. Part of the route through town was also temporarily closed during the 10km and half marathon for the runners’ safety.

Running tips from Peter Jock

Besides the fact that comedian Delft Pieter Jouke is very good at telling jokes, he is also an ardent running fan. For example, he goes out for a run on average six times a week. However, the comedian remains modest. I’m not very good. I really like it and can do it for a long time, says Jouke. Due to the premiere of his performance, Jouke is not yet known if he will participate in the CPC Loop in The Hague on Sunday. But when asked, he has some advice on nutrition, The Man with the Hammer and: How do you cross the finish line for all those strong men walking along?

A man with a hammer? Peter Jockey’s advice for running CPC Run The Hague

After nearly two years, NN CPC Loop is back in The Hague

After several cancellations in the past two years, the 46th edition of the City-Pier-City Loop is shown in The Hague on Sunday. Throughout the day, runners of all ages set out on different courses across the Royal City. The first trigger gun will be issued at 9.15 a.m. to all runners with disabilities. This is followed by splash clips of thousands of children from nearly 100 schools. Later in the day, runners will start for 5, 10 km and finally the half marathon. The last riders are expected to cross the finish line between 5.30pm and 6pm.

We have listed all starting times:

  • 9.15 am – start CPC4ALL
  • 09.45 – Youth group start 1 km run
  • 10:30am – Youth group start running 2.5km
  • 11 am – start 5 km run
  • 12.00 hours – start 10 km
  • 2.30pm – Start of the NN Half Marathon (21 kilometers)
All courses start in Koningskade and end in Boorlaan in Malieveld. So participants in the NN CPC Loop start and end at the same location, but will take different routes through The Hague.

NN CPC Run The Hague can be followed on Sunday via this live blog on the Omroep West website and app. An hourly radio update about the run is also given, and a selection of the event can be seen on Sunday evening on TV after TV West Sport.

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