Adri van der Poel: ‘Don’t believe Matthew pushes kids’

Adri van der Poel: ‘Don’t believe Matthew pushes kids’

an interview

Matthew van der Poel traveled to Australia to take part in the medals. A nighttime accident led to him being put in a cell by the police and made him forget about the night’s rest. This was followed by a stop after 35 km. He only heard the news of his son when Father Adri woke up early on a Sunday morning. “I have no reason to doubt his interpretation,” he says. cycling flash.

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Van der Poel was surprised by the news when he woke up. That was about half past seven. My wife already said he gave up. He was suffering from a mild cold. Then I said it probably wouldn’t work after all, even though it looked better and better. But David immediately said he went to the police because something had happened. Then we immediately started reading some things on the Internet. I sent him some messages after that, but he hasn’t responded yet. I understand that too. I just hope he doesn’t suffer too much. But that would also be fine.”

At the time of our conversation, the only thing Adrie van der Poel knows about all matters surrounding his son is the information available in the media and interviews with sporzaand the NOS. “How do I know Mateo and how do I see him in that interview in NOSwhich suits him. He must have been pretty grumpy, but I don’t think he’s pushing the kids or anything else you can think of. So I do not believe it at all. It is word against word for “sighs.” Of course I know Mathieu through and through. He can sometimes shout loudly or throw the door. But he will never attack people.”

“I don’t know much about it either,” he continues. “I’ve seen the interviews and the information and it has to be the truth. You sleep in hotels and then sometimes something like this happens. We’ve had that ourselves in the past. It’s very annoying, especially for a match like the World Cup. It’s not the Tour de France where you are Alone in a hotel with only one or two teams. All peace. Now you are dealing with normal people sitting in the hotel. The people walking around there from KNWU are actually all our old acquaintances. I have no doubt that they are trying to arrange it all as best they can “.

Van der Poel being taken away – Photo: Cor Vos

Do not sprinkle sand
Van der Poel describes the whole situation as very bad. “I think that was also the cause of the frustration. Matthew has worked hard for two months. I’ve never seen him work that hard before. In the race, but also with extra training after the race. Do the distances. I thought he was in pretty good shape. Yeah, I said I I don’t think he would be ready to compete with the best at the World Cup. I wouldn’t change my mind about this incident, just to say I threw sand in my eyes. But now that I’ve seen the race track, I don’t think they would have kicked him out. Even if Mathieu wasn’t 100%.”

So Van der Poel wasn’t quite fit. “The worst is over and he’s only going to get better. He had to take good care of himself, not train too much and rest well. Then he can get a little compensated. After the mixed relay, he didn’t do much and rested a lot. So I understood his reaction: you go to bed in The exact time, those nights you sleep last week are very important. If there is a lot of noise, it may happen that you get out of bed after a while to see what happens. Moreover, I sit at home and do not know more than the rest of the world. But I hear in many Sometimes the same story is about it and so it has to be true, huh.”

Not a luxury hotel
Because Van der Poel caught a cold, he was not in the room with Jan Maas as he had intended. Instead, he was on a bungalow with his girlfriend Roxanne. “I think if you go into a hotel like this, you should see that you take off the section or the entire floor,” Adrie says. “And if it’s three empty rooms, you pay for it too. So you always have a spare room if you have patients, or a corona case like now. That’s what I’m trying to do with our youth team. That KNWU is short on cash? You know that’s A year it would have cost a lot of money, other years less. Then try to find a balance. This is the World Cup.”

Van der Poel just before the start of the World Cup – Photo: Kur Vos

Adri on the other end of the line speaks with resignation in his voice, without anger or resentment or anything. “I don’t think there is any reason for that,” he says calmly. “I know the coach of the national team, Kos Morinhout, I know Rod Zigelmans who is in charge of his duties. They didn’t tell us beforehand, except that everything looked good with Mathieu. Not a single negative note, not even about the hotel. The atmosphere was really good and for me no There is reason to doubt Koos and Ruud’s words. I suppose they will handle this well with Christoph Ruudhoft and bring him home as soon as possible.”

This may take some time. Standard procedures in Australia – known as a strict country in this area – require him to lose his passport for six weeks. Then Van der Poel will only be able to return home at the end of October. He must appear in court on Tuesday and there he will hear whether or not he will get his passport back and what further follow-up is in his case. “The biggest task starts when he gets home,” Adrie says. “Patchwork. This is again for us, the team and the people around him. If you see Mathieu before the Tour de France or now, they are two completely different people.”

“Mathew was cheerful again, and he was really looking forward to this World Cup,” Adrie says. “It’s annoying to us, but to him it’s a little disaster. Especially when you see how the course went. It doesn’t detract from winner Remco Evenepoel’s performance. But you don’t know otherwise. It will eventually show how this accident could have happened and how it all ended. But I Sticking to the words Matthew said earlier. I have no reason to doubt that he was any different.”

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