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FlamertingiPlattelandsTv has been searching for De Strafste Boerin van Vlaanderen since September 11th. Of the six nominees, Lies Sampers (40) from Vlameringe is the only Flemish West. The mother of three definitely qualifies for the title, because her schedule is always full. “Although things are going a little better than before, I can hardly say no.”

Rural TV is a free digital television channel dedicated to agriculture, gardening, horses, gardening, hunting and fishing. Since September 11, the channel has been searching for De Strafste Boerin van Vlaanderen for 10 weeks. Of the 6 women, only one is from West Flemish: 40-year-old Lise Sampers from Vlamertinge. Lies and her husband, Wim Derycke, 48, run the Torenhof farm along the Brielenstraat in Vlamertinge. Torenhof is a mixed farm with dairy cows, but it is mainly engaged in raising cows and arable farming.

Noor, Lotte and Tom

“When I saw the call from PlattelandsTv, it seemed like something I’m involved with,” Lies says. “People who know me have definitely commented on that, because I’m always busy with everything.” It seems obvious to Lies, but when she starts to list what she’s doing, we’re impressed. As a farmer’s wife, she helps her husband’s farm for many hours. In addition, she works part-time as a gypsum teacher in the orthopedic department of Jan Liebermann Hospital and is the mother of Noor (12 years old), Lotte (10 years old) and Tom (5 years old). She is also a member of the Parents’ Committee at De Vlam School, a board member of the Flemish Farmers’ Network in Agra and a member of the Flemish women’s organization Ferm Vlamertinge, Elverdinge and Ypres. Finally, Lies is the Vice President of the Agricultural Council of Ypres, and as a member of the CD&V, she is also part of the CPAS Council of Ypres.

“I often say I am a full-time farmer, full-time mother and part-time nurse, and fill in the gaps with the rest. So good planning is the message. Fortunately, I have a good employer in the hospital where there is a lot of potential. For example, I usually don’t take time off during The big vacation.I take my vacation in spring and autumn, not to rest on laurels, but to work on the farm.After all, he is very busy during those periods.During weekends, I do something with the children regularly, so now I go to Plopsaland with them.Plus Besides, I can often count on my parents and my mother-in-law.”


Agriculture has more than once been in the news negatively and with its participation in De Strafste Boerin, Lies wants to change that. It appears to be “mostly out of ignorance”. “It’s a great job, but it’s not easy. We don’t live in luxury and frugal.” Traveling is less straightforward for the family. 10 years ago they went to London for 3 days. “I really liked it and have good memories to cherish. It was the last time we went on a trip together. This year my daughter and I went to France alone, while Wim stayed on the farm. Then he went to Disneyland with the two girls, while I stayed home to do work.” And taking care of our youngest children. We don’t go together because we can’t leave the farm. Cows have to be milked daily. What we both did this year is Tomorrowland.”

to vote

“I think it’s important for kids to know what a farmer does. That’s why we receive groups and classes here. One of the kids once asked me if we have penguins here? Or someone who doesn’t know that potatoes are in the ground. When you hear something like that, You fall off your chair anyway. With my participation in De Strafste Boerin, I want to show people how you really work on a farm.”

Country TV can be watched via Telenet (Channel 22) and Proximus (Channel 95). You can vote for lies by scrolling to the destrafsteboerin.be page.

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