Yvonne never wanted to use her money again: ‘I’ve never seen €9,000 again’

“A wolf in sheep’s clothing, that’s how I describe my ex. We’ve been together for eight months. At first he was attentive. Later I began to wonder if it was part of the game he played to get what he wanted, my money. Because of him I had financial problems. I had to Depriving myself a lot during that time.For example, I hardly drive to save fuel.Fortunately I had stock in the freezer and downstairs and had to do minimal shopping I couldn’t go out to dinner, have a drink or go to the theater.

I was actually supposed to take a trip through Morocco with a friend for the sake of our 25 year friendship, but that didn’t happen. His choice not to repay me has affected not only me but also the people around me, and I think this is the worst of all.”

“Over eight years ago I met a guy at a party. He was understandable and charming and we started dating. He told me that he had lived with a friend for a long time and that he was now looking for a place to live. I believe in him. Empathy and Sharing Having a place of your own is important to every person, and from There you can build further.

I loaned him money to get his life back on track. This allowed him to move to a separate old farm with an attic where he was renovating and selling old furniture. We have reached clear verbal and written agreements regarding the €9,000 loan. I trust people until proven otherwise. It is up to others how they deal with it. Unfortunately, my ex-boyfriend showed me ingratitude and rudeness. ”

“Shortly after I loaned him the money and moved into his new house, our relationship changed. The loot was in his favour. He was very jealous and kept checking where I was. Now I see how he was trying to manipulate me.

In my living room is an earthenware dresser, an heirloom for my mother. When my ex had his own living space, he said that closet would look better in his house. I did not understand his intention and did not respond. Later I realized he would have an ace up his sleeve with that. He was looking for something to hit me with if I ended the relationship with him. very sensitive “.

hepatitis B

“One morning I woke up very sick. I was yellow from head to toe. The doctor sent me to an internist. To my great surprise, I found I had hepatitis B. My liver was very swollen. Life I was very sick. Of course I confronted my friend about it, but he said with a face Straight he doesn’t know anything. Then he started acting even more weird. He became verbally aggressive towards me and the attitude became unacceptable.”

“Once we got into an argument in the car about a little thing. Once in the house he tried to scare me by standing near me. He shouted that he used me and that I was dirty. Hand me, I told him, ‘One hit and you get ten.’” I’m not afraid of the devil yet and don’t let anyone persecute me.”

We saw each other again after that day. He acted aloof. After that it was not accessible at all. He did not respond to calls or texts and seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth. I decided to end it, it wouldn’t work out between us. I sent him an email explaining my decision and reminding him of our agreement to return the borrowed money to me by the end of that year at the latest.”

Deadline for New Year’s Eve

“I badly needed a portion of that money, because I knew a huge five thousand euro dental bill was coming and my car needed a new three hundred euro timing belt. He was also aware of this. He’d get in trouble, but he didn’t care, he dealt With my kindness brutally.

Because he never paid me, not even a cent. On New Years Eve – Deadline Day – he called me saying he couldn’t return the money because he “also had to live”. He casually added that he would celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends. It was freezing cold. For someone to be so selfish and insensitive has affected me in the depths of my being.”

“In the garage I played open cards that I don’t have money to replace the timing belt and that I can only do it when I get my vacation pay. The mechanic explained that I would face higher costs if the belt broke right away and that I would be able to pay the bill later. It still got me moving when I’m thinking about it.”

More cautious and less open

“I feel hugely used and misled by this narcissist. I would never want to experience something like this again. Thankfully, this experience didn’t define my view of a human being. It made me more anxious and less open. I don’t particularly understand that someone else is doing this. Sometimes I’ve had to borrow money from someone I’ve never betrayed that trust Paying off was my number one priority Vacation and tax refund payments went directly to that person It’s not clear that someone else would have done something like this for you, so be grateful for the opportunity that someone gives you.

I am definitely in a new relationship. Although I wouldn’t be quick to start something with someone whose life isn’t on the right track. I’ll search further into the woods and check if someone is in balance with what they say and do. This prevents a lot of trouble.”

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