Ship Abandonment: Leaving your sinking ship with the children

The uproarious story of the outcasts of Swederwent We describe them extensively in Zeilen 10-2022 Monthly Overview. During the storm in Corsica (August 18), where winds of up to 225 kilometers per hour were measured, Dick Zoiderhoek (72), Karleen Quint (41), and her children Bram and Lotte had to leave their drowned oysters 68. Ship on the rocks, a child at sea and a life jacket It didn’t explode… Here’s Bram’s perspective (12) and the lessons the family learned from the traumatic events.



“I remember waking up. It was about a quarter past eight. Then I went to watch a movie on my cell phone. It started raining heavily and I tried to close the window but I couldn’t reach it. Then the boat started shaking a lot. Lotte (14) woke up too. Then I stood in front of a closet from Wine glasses and looted in front of the new freezer, to keep it closed so everything wouldn’t fall out. I asked Lotte if we were going to die but I held her hand and said ‘No lute, we won’t die.’ We put on a life jacket and my mom went to rest on the VHF. I could see the rocks through the windows and heard A loud bang. I said, Mom, there’s water coming out of Lotte’s bath.”

“The boat was leaning perfectly on the rocks when we got to the cockpit. Dick was tying me in a lap. Then a wave came and lifted the bow and shook the stern all over, causing me to fall into the water. About ten seconds later, Dick pulled me in. Lotte thinks it took a minute But it was ten seconds. The life jacket didn’t work. I stuck to the gear and Dick said “swimming.” I swam to the beach and climbed the rocks. After a moment Lotte got out of the water. I was wearing my orange shorts and Lotte had just woken up so she was still wearing her pajamas. It was very cold. I was very surprised by the fear.”

“We went up the cliff side to a small beach. I found a watermelon and a thermal sock and slippers. They were next to each other. Then we had to go up and my mom wanted to climb a sloping path. Not possible. Then we went up another very steep place as well. Dick was the first to climb …the stones came over me. Halfway we were in a part where we could switch, and I asked if I could climb for Dick because I could go a little faster. We would sometimes raise each other’s feet or lift each other a little bit.”

Shipwreck rescue
Storage room, in the background the slope the family climbed barefoot.

“Then I came to a stone where you would fall three meters if you stood on it. Dick didn’t see it and wanted to stand on it but I said ‘don’t do it’ because you fall right away. Finally we got to the top on a dirt road and we waited. A man came with a car and I heard the helicopter that was going to rescue People from the other boat in the bay. Later in the institute where we were looked after, there were Belgian kids who could speak a bit of Dutch, so that was nice.”

Dick, Lotte, Carlin, and Bram.

Bram is now back in Holland and starting in first grade. “I told some friends at school. Some thought it was a joke. But I said, ‘No, it’s my stepfather’s 21m boat and they got it.'”

Salvation – 31 days later

The family is not there yet. They talk a lot about events and have mentally difficult moments. In summarizing, Dick said he yelled “jump” to Bram when he had to swim ashore. Bram was quite annoyed, because Dick said “swim” and not “jump”. Carlin: “You see that everyone stores it differently and has to be treated differently. We note that this experience brought us very close to each other. We all helped each other: and that gives us confidence. Lotte also really recovered and helped, even during the shipwreck.”

Lotte and Bram had a chat with one of the young workers. Lotte will also conduct an EMDR session. For Dick and Carlin, saving the boat was an important moment of achievement. Carlin: “As long as the boat was not rescued, something would continue to do in the background. The rescue was necessary to be able to continue.”

wrecked ship
remaining crossbar. Purchased by the family in December 2021, this ship was completely renovated, had a week of sails and a five-hundred-hour engine. Now everything is cancelled.
boat in truck
On the way in Corsica, Dick and Carlene came across their ship, in the container on the truck.


Because Swederwent On September 18 Finally saved: a complete loss. Gone are the hopes of finding the Water Maker, Dick’s Swim Trunks or Carlin’s aquamarine ring. Dick from Corsica wrote: “It looks worse than we expected and is really something to swallow. The port side is completely gone and we can no longer find anything.” Now the boat, a proud lady of 68 feet a month ago, is being disposed of. Karlin: “So sad to see him. All life flowed out of the boat. This will be our home during a round-the-world trip.”

What did the family learn? Karlijn says, “Everyone needs to practice how to put on a life jacket so you can help each other too. Lifeline You should be on deck – even during calm weather.” It is important to know exactly where the important documents are. “Which – which grab bag Vital ”, emphasizes Dick. He also acts on his will, so that although Carlin and Dick are not married, he is well arranged for both.

Karlijn from Al Jazeera writes: “The recovery companies found the nameplate that we received from Dick’s son. Very emotional and at the same time we are glad that we recovered this. All that remains, but it is a beautiful symbol for us.”

Navigation skill

At first, Dick repeatedly wondered if he could stop it. He likes the insurance expert saying there’s nothing he can do about it. He was doomed to hit rocks and other actions didn’t affect him. Dick: The expert said: Sail when four of you disembark. I will just stick to it. I don’t have anything else anyway.”

Calm now prevails after the storm, as it was two hours after the disaster began on August 18. They are secretly looking for a new ship, although they have incurred huge losses despite the insurance. Dick: “We can never buy a boat like this again.” Karlijn first wants to sail on a charter boat again. She is curious what she thinks if the ship will tilt. And Bram wants to sail again, but not during a storm.

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Photo: (c) Dick Zwerdhoek and Karleen Quint

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