Soof: “I don’t want to show myself to my boyfriend anymore and I don’t care”

Sometimes it sneaks inside without you even realizing it. Black thorns on your legs, gray fruit on your head. “This was different five years ago when I just got to know Joost. I’ve always looked over the top, but I’m letting it slip now. Even though my boyfriend doesn’t say anything about it, I know he doesn’t like it. To be honest, I don’t care. “.

She recalls the turbulent single life Soof lived before she met Joost. “I came out of a long and stressful relationship and when my boyfriend and I decided to break up, I broke up. As if another Soof appeared, version 2.0 so to speak. I was with the beautician every four weeks and sitting in the barber’s chair every five weeks. Every day I brushed my body with a razor and always I wouldn’t rub myself with a nice body lotion after a shower. Nails painted and good at makeup.” So it’s no surprise that Soof had quite a few dates on those days. She thought it was a great time, and she looks at it fondly.

We are not a materialistic relationship

Living free after that stifling relationship felt like a huge relief. “I’ve done things I’m not proud of, but how I enjoy. I felt so free and liberated and met so many nice people. I decided I never wanted a committed relationship again. But then Ghost came into my life. A wonderful man who was just like me: he didn’t need into a lasting relationship as well. After his wife cheated on him, he became somewhat hesitant. At first we were friends and we told each other constantly that we weren’t loyal to the relationship. We knew very little.” The spark jumps and burns the fire of love. “Even though I had intended not to fall in love with Ghost, it did. A confusing period ended when Ghost told me he had the same feeling. We’ve been in business ever since.”

Have a good time

The two quickly move in together and love each other. They are viewed with suspicion by family and friends. “Then we learned that friends were betting on how long our relationship would last. They thought we were going too fast and moving in together too soon. I felt like everything was fine and Yost believed in him too. So what are we waiting for? Jost sold his house And he came to live with me. We bought new furniture and renovated my house to really belong to us. My friends totally accepted Joost and I ended up in a warm bath with his friends. We have a very nice social life and go out regularly with others. Everything is fine.”

The look is no longer so festive

What Sophe noticed was that she no longer did such a party with her looks. Before Joost knew, she stood in the shower for hours and had her own spa in her bathroom, and now she’s letting it go. “I walked for days in heels, a tight skirt and good makeup. Now I notice that I’m increasingly choosing comfort. I’d rather wear my sneakers and my jeans than my stockings and nets.” Visits to the beautician and hairdresser have also been cut in half. “Before I knew Joost, I hated it when the first millimeters of gray hair was visible. I made a quick appointment with the hairdresser. I always treated myself to a beautician. It wasn’t really necessary, because my skin is naturally good, but I thought it was a great treatment” .

Black cane on the legs

When Soof adds up how much she should be spending on personal hygiene each month, she is shocked. Money you could better spend on a nice vacation. Moreover, Jost thinks that she is beautiful, even without makeup or frills. During the relationship, Soof spends less and less time on her looks and becomes addicted. She painted her nails on her feet and hands every two weeks, and now she often walks with exfoliating varnish on her nails. She no longer paints her nails. She has also started shaving less fanatically and it happens regularly that she has a light black beard on her legs. “It seems like I can’t stand it anymore, I don’t feel like taking care of myself as intensely. Although Jost says he doesn’t mind, I am disappointed. When he met me I was perfect.”

I can’t do that anymore

Joost still takes good care of himself and doesn’t let himself down. Shave regularly in all areas and go to the hairdresser every four weeks. He also wears perfect clothes. “I’m fine with that, but I often can’t quite make myself look. And I don’t care either, everyone has to take me as I am, including Joost. I still doubt if Joost really cares. He loves That’s when I look good and other men look at me. Then he can quickly put his arm around me to show that I belong to him. But then I think this is still possible despite having a slight crust on my leg. If I’m wearing pants, no one will notice. But? “


Do you recognize yourself in a wool story about abandonment? Have you worn a lot before? Or do you make sure that you are still attractive and remain the same? Share your opinion in the comments below this article.

Photo by Andrea Biacudio from Pexels

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steal things

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