Cute – good! On Safari in Zoetermeer: ​​Here Your Adventure Begins

Museum De Voorde’s latest exhibition is about to premiere. ‘Wild in the city!’ The Zoetermeer’ safari can be visited from 15 October. The title says it all: As a visitor you will discover all sorts of facts about Sweet Lake City’s flora and fauna at the Musée De Voorde.

Many live, grow and bloom in the Zoetermeer. Biodiversity is wonderful. “But a lot of people don’t realize it,” says Margone Cope, curator of the De Voorde Museum. “During the exhibition you will discover that the Zoetermeer has a lot of special flora and fauna. You see how nature has adapted to the city and vice versa. At the same time, we try to make people aware of how beautiful and vulnerable our nature is. So we also give tips on how to do your duty to preserve this nature.”

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Photo: De Voorde Museum

Animals: From American Red Lobster to Peregrine Falcon

“What lives and blooms in the Zoetermeer then?” We hear your opinion. You probably did not know that the following animals live in the Zoetermeer.

For example, did you know that the American red lobster is an exotic resident of the city? Margoun: “You can see this lobster roaming the River Vorwig, for example. A good example of an animal that did not occur naturally here, but has managed to settle here over the years.” Another beautiful example is the peregrine falcon. “The fastest animal in the world lives in our area! This hawk can reach a speed of 398 kilometers per hour while diving. ” In the gallery you see a real Zoetermeer stuffed peregrine falcon.

Flora: the iconic water lily

And in terms of plants, there is also a lot to discover about the Zoetermeer. “We have always had an important connection to water in the Zoetermeer. This is why the white water lily has been incorporated into our city’s coat of arms. During the exhibition, we also display beautiful old objects on which water lilies are engraved. Think, for example, of the buckle of the city clock captain.”

There’s of course a lot more to discover at the Zoetermeer, but to keep the exhibit a little clearer, the focus is on nine animals and nine plants. You can do and discover all kinds of things about these animals and plants.

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hedgehog | Photo: Adri de Groot

give tips

The exhibition is not only informative and entertaining. The goal is also to energize people to make their environment more environmentally friendly. You will receive all kinds of advice about this during the fair. Margon: “What you can easily do yourself, for example, is to hang an insect hotel in your garden, which is fun for bees and pollination, among other things. You will also see a worm hotel during the fair. Earthworms are in abundance and they are very important for soil fertility.”

Election preview

To give you more influence on the city, you can participate in “WILD in the city – The Election” until September 30, a preview of the exhibition.

The Zoetermeer’s coat of arms depicts three lake flowers. This is the old name for the white water lily. Zoetermeer has been associated with water since its inception. Water lilies are also present on the city’s flag and emblem. Since 2010, the water lily has been officially appointed as an ambassador for the Zoetermeer. But if it was an animal? What is the most suitable animal for the city?

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Vote for your ambassador

While previewing the exhibition, 9 heroes introduce themselves and tell you why you should vote for them. Peregrine falcon, earthworm, hedgehog, lobster, house sparrow, duckweed, bat, dragonfly and wild bee are all animals you can find in Zoetermeer. Read their story and choose your favorite animal icon. Now go to the polling booth with your ballot, fill it out and put it in the ballot box! Extra fun: If you have a file vote makes you get Free Exhibition ticket.

Come too!

You can watch the WILD in the city gallery! Visit Safari in Zoetermeer from Saturday 15th October. Tickets are available at the museum itself. Are you coming too!?

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