Therapulse magnetic field blanket: treatment and wellness in one

We ask a lot of our horses physically and no matter how hard we try, discomfort or injury is always lurking. With a magnetic field therapy blanket, you can support your (athlete) horse on your own during times of stress, acidification and injury, or preventively. Five questions and answers about this type of therapy and wellness for your athlete.

What can I use magnetic field cap for treatment?

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The magnetic field blanket for treatment uses pulsed magnetic fields. The list of problems and conditions in which pulsed magnetic field therapy provides relief and recovery is long. The treatment is often used for muscle problems, injuries, and even bone fractures. Pulsed magnetic field therapy has proven useful in acute infections, such as tendon injury, and chronic pain, for example, in kissing the spine.
The treatment’s magnetic field cap gives way to the signals on the horse’s torso. Back injuries, for example. But it does not have to be any injury. Magnetic field therapy also has a positive effect on warm horses that find it difficult to relax during training, horses that start slowly, or horses that recover with difficulty after training. You can use it as daily (preventive) maintenance for your athlete horse, or to enhance recovery from injuries. Many veterinarians, physical therapists, and occupational stables use magnetic field therapy as part of treatment or maintenance. Magnetic field therapy is also available for private horse owners.

But how does pulsed magnetic field therapy work?

It has nothing to do with magnets, but rather with magnetic fields. This is how it works: There are copper coils in the magnetic field cover for the treatment. Controlled by a control box – the controller – and a battery (current), electromagnetic fields are generated around these coils. By regularly interrupting this current, we get pulses in this field. The impulses penetrate deeply into tissues, where they affect the metabolism in cells. Think of metabolism to exchange nutrients, oxygen, and waste. It also improves blood circulation. The effect on the body depends on the frequency of the impulses.

What is the frequency of the treatment magnetic field cap I am using for what?

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The magnetic field treatment blanket works with three frequencies. All of these have a different effect on the body and are therefore used in different phases.

The lower frequency (2 Hz) has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on injuries or injuries in the acute stage. Heat and swelling disappear from the affected area. After the acute phase, or in the case of old (chronic) injury, you can improve the blood flow and metabolism of the cells of the body with a higher frequency of 15 Hz and then 30 Hz. This gives the cells more oxygen and nutrients. Waste, in turn, is disposed of more quickly.

If you use the blanket for daily maintenance, the lowest frequency is sufficient for most horses. You can do this before training to relax faster, or after training to prevent muscle acidification.

How often do I use this blanket, and when and for how long?

For the maintenance of your (athlete) horse, you can use the magnetic field therapy blanket daily. Treatment always lasts thirty minutes. Whether it is the best moment before or after training/trial varies for each horse. Horses that find it difficult to relax have an interest in low-frequency therapy prior to training. Horses that spoil after training already benefit from post-exertion therapy. This way, the droppings are removed faster and your horse suffers less muscle pain. The effect of the magnetic fields lasts about six to eight hours after treatment.

In acute infection, start with two to three treatments per day at a low frequency. After 1-2 weeks, you can reduce this treatment to one treatment per day. When the affected part of the body does not feel warm, the frequency can be increased and treated once daily for as long as necessary. You alternate between higher frequencies (improving blood flow before movement) and lower frequencies (relaxation after movement). Accumulation and alternation of frequencies accelerate and improve the healing process.

How do I know if it works?

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You can’t see the pulsating magnetic fields, but you can feel them. Certainly not with your bare hand. By turning on the device and holding the magnet next to it, you will feel the vibrations in the magnet. These are the impulses that act on the body.

The best guide is your horse’s signals. Horses don’t pretend. During treatment, the brain produces endorphins. The relaxation that occurs as a result becomes visible after about twenty minutes; The horse begins to yawn, chew, fatten… This relaxation continues after the treatment. If you ride after that, you’ll notice that you’ll be riding really faster.

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Pulsed magnetic field therapy is a complementary treatment. Always consult your vet or physiotherapist in case of injury.

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