Scoring a Studbook in the Duval Dressage Cup results in multiple increases in expectations

On Friday 16 and Saturday 17 September, KWPN Zeeland organized the fourth edition of the Duvals Zeeland Dressage Cup, a young horse competition for dressage horses aged three to six at De Kroo Ruitersport in Nieuw and St Joosland. New this year was the Horse Book Recording. This resulted in multiple increases in the genealogy book, as well as happy faces from KWPN Inspectors Petro Trommelen, Marcel Beukers, Margot Kostelijk and Wim Versteeg.

Last Friday, the Duval Cup Dressage Championships kicked off with the three-year-old dressage division. The jury, made up of Joyce van Roygen-Hewettenk, Karen Nigelt, and Marit Lauers, enjoyed the quality and presentation. “We saw very good horses today. There is a lot of quality, especially at the top!” As many as seven horses scored 80 points or more. The Secret son Duvals Ozosexy (from Basing Belle by Zorro, breeders Jan Cees and Nathalie van der Endt from Yerseke) with Amber Hage with an 88.6 points total to the championship title. Glock’s Kardam’s Whisper in the stunningly distinctive dark brown Osibisa (from Karlaya ster D-OC by Capri Sonne Jr, breeder Carla Telussa-Baas of Oostkapelle) produced a very impressive horse that was good to steer with its beautiful self-carrying and consistent performance. With 86.2 points, he became the reserve champion with Jenin Neuenhuis. In third place was Oreo (Glock’s Toto Jr. of Desire Elite IBOP-dres PROK of Citango, breeder/AJA van der Veeken of Oude-Tonge).

Three year old unbeatable

The horses were also of good quality on Saturday, but they did not match the performance of the three-year-olds the day before. For this reason, Duvals Ozosexy can be honored as “Best thoroughbred horse/horse” and “Best bred Zeeland horse”. Three-year-old Ohjay (Escamillo of FlipFLop by Floriscount, breeder Van der Oord of the Schoorl family) was named Best Mary overall. The horses were also judged on Saturday by Joyce van Roygen Heuetenk, Karen Nigelt and Marit Lowers. “On Friday we saw a lot of really good horses. Today the quality was on average a little lower, but in the leading group the quality was high.”

Persuading six-year-old winners

Leon Art de Hexagon (Ferdinand outside Beauty Vienna by Rubiquil, breeder K. Visser from Alteveer) was professionally submitted by Sergio Garcia Bermejo. With a total score of 84.2 points and 90 points from guest contestant Karen Nigelt, victory couldn’t have escaped him. Emma van den Hoeven carried a Lucky Star M (George Clooney of Elite Ennilinda IBOP-dres by Wynton, breeder CF van Mook of Alem). The duo became reserve champions for the six-year-old with 80.2 points. 3rd place went to Lamore (Dremboy outside Siwanda Elite Sports – Fleminge, Breeder: Giber. Dirks of Oblu). With Moniek van Dijk, the Gulf eunuch reached 79.8 points.

The gray mare champion at the age of five

Gray Hexagon’s Miss Dutch Utopia (Double Dutch of Vinegra Utopia ster sports from Negro, breeder Stal Hexagon of Schore) was skillfully introduced by Thamar Zweistra and became the champion with a total score of 80.4 points and 9.5 points for running. At the age of five. Macho N (Glock’s Toto Jr. from Hamara ster by Johnson, breeder M.M. van Gogh from Budel) became a reserve champion. In the end, it was third place for Dezirable in gray (Desperado by Diaz van Dimaggio), submitted by Janine Neuwenhuis.

Guest passenger is crucial for four-year-olds

For the four-year-olds, the guest rider was the deciding factor in the arrangement. Because of 9.5 runs, Marie Chestnut Naomyi de La Fazenda (Secruit from Inara keur sport-dres by De Niro, breeder JMM Rockx of Roosendaal) replaced the title for four. Wolfshoeve’s Nespresso KL (Donna Duti N Elite Sports by Johnson, Breeder: JAM van der Horst of huijbergen) was honored as a reserve champion by running him over. For a long time, Niana (Desperado from Zoriana Elite Prest IBOP-dres by Jazz, breeder: AJ van Os of Sprang-Capelle) was led by Tessa van Os. Unfortunately, the NMK mare scored only 7.5 when overtaking, as a result of which the duo dropped to third place.

Recording Studio

It was not in vain that KWPN inspectors came to Nieuw and St. Joostland this weekend to evaluate and register the participating horses book. On Friday, three star and one elite horses were announced. On Saturday, the jury was able to give an original raise to five more horses.

Odesse (Double Dutch out of Comtesse stb-ext by Daddy Cool)
Osibisa (Glock’s Kardam Whisper from Karlaya star D-OC by Capri Sonne Jr.)
La Pampa de la Fazenda (Gluck Tutu Junior Glock Dress by Jellygro Cure by Negro)
Nadèche (Secret from Utah DM stb sport-dress of Mister Concorde BJ)

Ohjay (Escamillo from FlipFLop by Floriscount)
Miss Dutch Utopia (Double Dutch out of Vinegra Utopia ster sport-dress by Negro)
Nennevanck PP (Jakarta outside J-Lovanck PP vb from Desperado)
Daytona (Don Juan de Hos)

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