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September brings the release of pregnant & co on digital platforms. A beautiful romantic comedy to watch at home on the couch now that the days are getting shorter again. Moreover, a horror movie will appear Twin – Which you might like to watch during the day – and Brett Decker’s second horse movie silver star. If you are in the mood to watch happy movies, you can enjoy this month Moroccan wedding on DVD and Blu-ray. Classic also appear Star Trek: Lower Decks S2.

digital versions

pregnant & co

As a midwife, Meryl knows she can’t wait indefinitely with her desire to have children, only the perfect man is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, her family is growing rapidly. Annette and Theo, in their 40s, try to have another baby, but then it turns out that daughter Eva suddenly became pregnant. Despite his age, Pete throws himself into his father’s day and tries to make up for what he missed before with his second foot. Meryl decides to go for solo motherhood, but only when the test gives an extra edge and hormones rush through her body, charming Luke turns everything upside down.

spit Lake Van Lexmond, Waldemar Torenstra, Bo Merten, Manuel Brockmann, Matthew van der Green, Mike Martins, Tom Hoffmann, Carolina Dijquizen, Bebe Melisin
direction Johan Nijenhuis
Type romantic comedy
09-29-2022 On sale at Pathé Thuis, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon
2022-10-13 For rent at Pathé Thuis, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, KPN, Ziggo


still twin

After one of their six-year-old twin sons dies in a fatal accident, Rachel and Anthony move to the Scandinavian countryside in hopes of finding peace. Once there, their son Elliot begins to act increasingly strange, thinking he is his deceased brother. Rachel begins to suspect that he is a pawn in a sinister plot by the villagers to bring Satan back to Earth. Little by little the horrific truth is revealed.

spit Theresa Palmer, Stephen Curry, Tristan Ruggeri, Barbara Martin
Type horror
27-09-2022 On sale at Pathé Thuis, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon
10-10-2022 For rent at Pathé Thuis, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, KPN, Ziggo

silver star

Silver star still

After several years of winning with white starMegan (Brett Decker) runs her own riding school. When Whitstar’s son, the young horse Silverstar, runs through the woods in a stable fire, he is found by 16-year-old Esme. The two have a special flick. After the fire, Megan is offered help from horse dealer Karina, but can she be trusted? Esmee discovers strange things are happening, but no one wants to listen to her. To save Silverstar, she sees no choice but to flee with the horse. Esmee and Silverstar must live together in nature.

spit Brett Decker, Jovat Westendorp, Bo Merten, Wendy Roigfrock, Elha Altina, Annick Block, Bart Cleaver
direction Died in ‘t Veld
Type family movie
09-29-2022 On sale at Pathé Thuis, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon
10-12-2022 For rent at Pathé Thuis, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, KPN, Ziggo

hot seat

Still hot seat

Former criminal hacker Orlando (Kevin Dillon) is forced to digitally break into a number of major banks. If he doesn’t, the pressure-sensitive bomb under the chair he’s sitting on will explode and destroy half of the city. While Orlando is being tested, bomb expert Wallace (Mel Gibson) and his team attempt to storm the building. They must navigate a maze of bombs to get Orlando out of his “hot seat”.

spit Mel Gibson, Kevin Dillon, Shannen Doherty, Lydia Hall
direction James Colin Brisack
Type make a movie
20-09-2022 On sale at Pathé Thuis, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon
27-09-2022 For rent at Pathé Thuis, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, KPN, Ziggo

Home Entertainment Editions

Moroccan wedding

Moroccan wedding still

Jasmine has only one dream: to become a successful lawyer. She works hard for it, but her environment is worried about her individual situation. You are more likely to catch a man with a cookbook than a law book. Encouraged by her friends, Jasmine forces herself to open up about love and suddenly finds not one but two nice men on her way. With one wedding celebration after another in her neighbourhood, Jasmine’s suspicions grow. As the successful doctor becomes more and more on her nerves, the tough mechanic suddenly becomes her client in court. How can she make sure she is making the right decision?

spit Somaya Ahwawi, Walid Benbarek, Noura El-Kosour, Babe Bielence, Nabil Awlad Ayyad, Lisa Sibes, Numidia Al-Mrabet
direction Johan Nijenhuis
Type romantic comedy
16-09-2022 For sale on DVD and Blu-ray


still survivor

survivor Based on the true story of Auschwitz survivor Harry Heft (Ben Foster). An SS officer Heft, a good boxer, is forced to fight fiercely against fellow prisoners, sometimes to death. His only way to survive is to participate in these boxing matches. When Heft manages to escape and build a new life in New York, his memories and guilt are destroyed. He begins to fight against boxing legends, such as Rocky Marciano in the hope that his name will be noticed and he will find his great love once again.

spit Danny DeVito, Ben Foster, Billy Magnussen, Peter Sarsgaard, Vicki Krebs, John Leguizamo
direction Barry Levinson
Type war drama
16-09-2022 For sale on DVD and Blu-ray


Star Trek: S2 basements still

“Directors Cut” where Star Trek Fans have been looking forward to over 20 years!

in Star Trek – Motion Picture An unknown alien spinner destroys three powerful Klingon cruisers. Captain James T. Kirk boldly returns to command the newly converted USS Enterprise to take command. This daring adventure kicked off the launch of one of the longest-running movie series ever, featuring the original cast. Star TrekSeries, including William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, and James Doohan.

This new, high-resolution version of director Robert Wise’s carefully cut pieces has been carefully restored and remastered in 4K Ultra HDR-10, Dolby Vision for perfect visuals, and Dolby Atmos for immersive sound. This version contains improved special effects and sometimes completely renewed. This essential release includes a bonus tweak with hours of new and old specials, including behind-the-scenes footage and deleted scenes.

spit William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Majel Barrett, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols
Type Fiction
direction Robert Wise
16-09-2022 for sale on blu ray

Star Trek: Lower Decks S2

The second season of the Emmy-nominated animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks Bigger, funnier and more Star Trek More than ever! In this comic Star Trek The adult sub-actions follow the adventures of the lower-ranking crew aboard the less important Starfleet spaceship, USS Cerritus. Between their adventures and sci-fi missions, they also try to build a normal social life.

This 2-disc Blu-ray disc features all the fun episodes from Season 2 plus bonus features, animations, commentary, and more. It was created by Emmy Award-winning Mike McMahan (Rick and Morty, Solar Obsessives) and with the voices (guest), among others, Jonathan Frakes (William T. Star Trek: The Next Generationand Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris in Star Trek: Voyager).

Type Ski fi
direction Mike McMahan
16-09-2022 for sale on blu ray

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