BV 24/7. Natalia bathes with her kids and Sarah Putmans shares new holiday photos | showbiz

BVshow must go onBecause the world of showbiz never stands still. Find out what your favorite BV has been up to in the last 24 hours here in our news feed.

Julie Vermeer Enjoy a vacation in the south of France.

Flo Wendy Let her followers know that she will be heard again at Studio Brussel.

influential Sarah Putemans Share like never before in holiday snaps.

Natalia Bathing with her two children, Bobby Loa and Apollo.

comedian William Boiva He posted this photo in response to the fuss about his open letter.

thirties actress Kim Van Onsen Enjoy in Paris.

“Extraordinary” singer Pommelien Thijs Not averse to a little green paint.

“Homeland” actress Teen Prime She is a nature girl.

“Bazart” singer Matthew Teren Water cycle projects.

Laura Tesoro Share some pictures of “Ten to Watch”.

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