Bos, Van Doremalen, Gijsen and Kikkert – Van der Linde won the KNHS-Anemone Horse Trucks Cup

Sissy Jessen with New Star. Photo: Nicole Driessen.

The KNHS Anemone Horse Trucks Cup Final in Exloo was an exciting battle this weekend. And after the Nations Cup on Saturday, the second part, Sunday, resulted in shifts in the final classification for some divisions. But there were also groups who won because of force majeure. The final winners are Brandi Boss among the young jockeys, Mirth van Dormalen among the young ones, Sissy Jessen among the young horses and Brett Kickert-van der Linde among the children.

young riders

Brandy Boss rode her Florett W (by Jazz) to win the Nations Cup. In the freestyle, the duo finished second but in the end the overall score was good for victory. Fantastic performance by a jockey who wasn’t fit for herself. “At the Nations Cup, Florette was a bit boring, but I was sick all week. But don’t let the end pass you by. I noticed it in the country test and I wasn’t driving a hundred percent. We could have used a little more, but Floret thinks freestyle Great. Then he pumps himself up and climbs. The free ride with Floret is really a party,” laughs 21-year-old Brandi, who is now in her last competition with the Young Riders. “It’s really magical to be able to end our period with young riders like this. U25 is the plan now and we’ve added those drills after the European Championships. Hook and run is a bit of a puzzle, but I can’t help but say that Floret handles it fantastically. I’m looking forward I really love her and I really love this horse.” After finishing third in the singles category, Sharina Mandemakers took her revenge on the freestyle. The rider won her horse Guns N’ Roses. They took second place in the final standings. With second and third place, Manon van Gils and Gino put in consistent performances. They eventually came in third place.


Merthe van Dormalen was the convincing winner in the junior class. With I Am Special (by Charmeur) she won the Nations Cup and the Freestyle Games. “The first day went very well, but after that, I Am Special was allowed to stay a little higher. She worked in freestyle. Really nice,” says 18-year-old Merthy, who says goodbye to her time with the juniors in style with this victory . “That was a nice ending. We are busy training the young jockeys and we’ve come a long way. We still need to pinpoint the i a little bit and hopefully we can start the indoor season with the young jockeys. This is a much higher level, but it’s a nice new challenge.” After finishing fourth at the Nations Cup, Jimmy van Eigdom climbed to second in the freestyle with Dancing Soulmate (by Jazz) and became second in the final standings. After two thirds with Dibert L (by Vivaldi), Yasmin Westerink was allowed to climb the third class of the podium.


Sissi Gijsen was the clear winner in the ponies. With her new star she won the Nations Cup and the Heat. “I rode very well both days and the New Star looked great in it. I was able to ride just as I wanted,” says Sissy excitedly, who rode her new freestyle for the second time at Exloo. “It was my first time last week at CDI Waregem and this freestyle was also very well received by the jury members. Now I had a new personal best performance, really super fun. During our freestyle it rained quite a bit but it was very appropriate and it kind of made an impact. The private “. The 14-year-old jockey still has two years to go with the ponies. “So I still have time to get better. We are now in Frame B and soon we will be able to continue with management training. I am really looking forward to it, it will be a great season.” Dominic van Dalsen led Zaki to second place in the Nations Cup and third place in the freestyle. With that, Dominic was on the second step of the podium. After taking seventh place in the state test, Kira Hengstmann did not immediately appear as a candidate for the podium. But after her strong freestyle with Goldwyn, which did well for second place, the group finished third in the final standings.

Winners of the final dowry prize for the Anemone contest. Photo: Petra van Dalsen.


In the children’s competition, Brett Kickert van der Linde won the Nations Cup with the Dark Knight Texel. In the individual test, the duo came second but their total score was enough to win. “It went well, only today I made a mistake in the easy change of the snake circuit in the trot, but I resolved it quickly. I was disappointed, but the rest went well,” says the 12-year-old rider who will only play with the kids in June was not expecting to win the final. “No, not at all, but he is very cool. The Dark Knight is very nice and light to ride and really loves to work. And in the ring he goes even further.” Robin Decker took second and third prizes. With Helena she placed third in the country test and won the individual test, which means second place in the overall score. Robin also placed third in the top three in both categories with Happy Feet: second in the country category and third in the individuals category. That was fine for third place in the final standings.

KNHS-Anemone Horse Trucks Cup Final Results

young knights:
1 Brandy Boss (Narden), Fluorite W (from Jazz) 68.088% + 73.650% = 70.869%
2 Sharena Mandemakers (Giessen), Guns N’ Roses (by voice) 65.343% + 73.683% = 69.513%
3 Manon Van Giles (Thirst), Gino (Oscar) 67.010% + 68.783% = 67.897%

1 Mirthe van Doremalen (Dreumel), I Am Special (by Charmeur) 67.273% + 75.400 = 71.337%
2 Jamie van Egdom (Kranenburg), Dancing Soulmate (by Jazz) 65.00% + 72.158% = 68.579%
3 Jasmine Westernick (Drontin), Debert L (by Vivaldi) 65.455% + 70.608% = 68.032%

1 Sissi Gijsen (Moergestel), New Star 8 (by Speyksbosch Nelson) 69.762% + 76.800% = 73.281%
2 Dominic van Dalesen (Linchoten), Zaki (by Zodiac Boy of the Future) 69.714% + 73.908 = 71.811%
3 Kira Hengstman (Westerburk), Goldwyn (by Golden Rock) 65.714% + 76.067% = 70.891%

1 Brett Kickert – Van der Linde (de Coxdorp), Dark Knight Texel (by Winton) 77.725 + 76.045% =
3 Robin Decker (Harskamp), Helena (by Don Tango Bee) 75,675 + 77.741% = 76.708%
2 Robin Decker (Harskamp), Happy Feet (by Tuschinski) 76,525 + 71,519% = 74,022%

The main objective of the KNHS-Anemone Horse Truck Cup is to stimulate the development of young Dutch riders, juniors, ponies and children and is an important competition for dressage framing and broadcasting.

Source: KNHS

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