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DENEKAMP – The House of Animals has filed a complaint against the Denekamp horse and pony market. At the beginning of this month, the dowry was withdrawn as a prize for a child. “Irresponsible and prohibited by law,” says Animal Welfare. The horse market itself is not aware of any damage.

The report was published Friday, says House of Animals founder Karen Sweeters. The Animal Care Club objects to the withdrawal of a foal at the Denekamp horse market, on the second weekend of September.

Cyril Negues (right) from the Horse and Pony Market. © Robin Hellebrink

Room questions about the price of the dowry

The market is a traditional part of the Denekamp fair. A lottery was held at the pony track – where children could ride the animal’s back. “Every child who has made a trip on the pony track is automatically entered into the lottery. The pony was given to a little girl,” the Animal Welfare Club said.


Buying an animal is something you should think about, not a lottery thing

Karen Sweeters from Pet House

House of Animals has filed a complaint for a “Pony Award” violation of Section 2.13. of animal law. “Buying an animal is something you have to think about very carefully, and you have to take care of it for its life. “The lottery does not fit that at all, and it is also prohibited by law,” says Soeters. Animal Party Member of Parliament Frank Wassenberg announced that he will ask parliamentary questions .

“I do not know”

In the horse market itself, they are not aware of any harm. Cyril Negues, Chairman of the Board since 2017, confirms that the withdrawal has taken place. “But what we didn’t know at all was that such drawings of a pony were not allowed at all. We were not aware of this,” says Nijhes.

Ponies in Denekamp.
Ponies in Denekamp. © Debbie Cook Coyhurst

De Tukker is surprised by all the hype around the traditional animal market. “Look: If these people have problems, I think: be an adult and tell us what we’re doing wrong. But we haven’t heard anything. We’re trying really hard to take good care of the animals, we’ve got a vet’s hour, we’ve had plenty of water and hay, and since this year, We have our own cage for horses so you don’t have to stay on a rope.”

“cross card”

The pony raffle was created by a “secret team” from House of Animals, who were present at the pony market in Denekamp. Soeters says the staff of this team also made photos and audio recordings. She confirms that she did not contact the organization itself.

Chairman Nijhuis says he finds this unfortunate and says the withdrawal is also a “slightly fraudulent card”. “He knows us in such a village. And we suppose the winning person doesn’t have land near his house, don’t worry. Then the kid gets fair money and we keep the dowry.”

‘Outdated concept’

The Animal Club House of Animals has been staunchly opposed to horse markets at all and has been advocating a national ban for years. According to the organization, the market is an “old concept”. Horse markets are still held in about 50 villages in the Netherlands, often as part of a village festival.

House of Animals has the biggest objection to the “unnecessary animal suffering” that takes place there. Animals often spend hours in a noisy exhibition and get stressed. “It’s not like that at that time anymore. I was also really surprised when I heard a little horse being pulled in Denekamp,” says Soeters.

Nijhuis notes that he still sees a certain future in Denekamp’s “nostalgic horse market.” The dowry lottery will not take place next year, and there will be a line through it. “As an organization, it’s about making it a fun annual fair, not getting into trouble with raffles.”


Ad against Denekamp horse market after the dowry as a prize in the lottery

  • Truly, the animal as a prize is no longer from this time (15%)

  • Overrated, who says a pony won’t get a good home? (75%)

  • We need to stop using these types of markets altogether (11%)

Horses and Pony Market Denekamp
Horses and Pony Market Denekamp © Denekamp Horse and Pony Market

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