A book on Ukraine, sexism, colonialism and inequality of opportunity at ILFU Exploring Stories

Exploring Stories is the main festival day of the International Literature Festival Utrecht (ILFU), with over thirty international writers and thinkers on current and pressing topics of our time. Exploring stories shows that literature is at the center of social debate. Literature begins where the news ends. Those who want to understand the world better cannot do without the imagination of writers who, with their novels and stories, understand, supplement, correct or turn our worldview upside down.

This year, fiction writers and poets will engage in conversation with journalists, philosophers, and scientists on topics such as climate, inequality, old and new colonialism, feminism, and the war in Ukraine. Guests include British poet Lynton Kwesi Johnson, Tash O (Malaysia/UK), Dorian ni Griova (Ireland), Andre Senar Magnason (Iceland), Ayelet Gondar Goshen (Israel), Oksana Zabojko (Ukraine), and Sharon Dudwa Otto (Germany). ) / UK) and Olivia Laing (UK).
Amsterdam city councilor Marjoleen Moormann, who made a deep impression in last year’s documentary series Classen, discusses education inequality with poet Ruth Lusters, who quit earlier this month as Antwerp city poet after dissatisfied with a poem he wrote with vocational students .

Date: Saturday. October 1, 2022
Time: 13:00 – 19:00
Location: Tivolfriedenburg, Utrecht
Price: €25 / €17.50 (ILFU members, CJP, youth (under 25), U-pas)
Language: Dutch and English
Tickets: via www.ilfu.com

All books and topics

Fixdit: Fixing Sexism in Literature,

September 25, The Optimistic Fury: Reforming Sexism in Literature, The Fixdit Book Collective Manifesto will be published. Eleven women writers are teaming up to improve the standing of women in literature. A conversation with Fixdit members Manon Above, Shanti Singh and Fleur Speight.

Unlocked Voices: Giving Words to Colonial History

Sharon Duduwa Otto and Delilah Hermans are both authors denouncing racism in their work. Dudu Otto in her novel Adasblak and Hermans in her columns and plays. They discuss this with each other.

Some immigrants are more equal than others: immigration and class

Tash or in an interview about his novel We the Survivors, in which he examines the impact of being an immigrant on the value of human life. He talks about it with Suleiman Al-Adonia and Sinan Jankaya.

A Manifestation of the Female Text: New Definitions of Composition

Dorian ne Griova, nominated for a European Literature Prize, explores the tension between authorship and motherhood with Esther Naomi Birkin.

Where the wolf lurks: having to fight for a home (land)

Israelis Ayelet Gondar Joshan and Inge Shelperward discuss what it means to not feel at home where you live.

Liberating the Body: An Inquiry into Freedom

Writer and cultural critic Olivia Laing, author of Every Body: On Resistance, Desire, and Freedom, you will explore with Marian Donner, author of Self-Destruct, what it means to have a body and explore the range of possibilities for body liberation. body.

Uncovering Feminine Myths: Recreating the Novel as a Feminist Weapon

Madeline Miller (online) and Natalie Hines discuss how their retelling of ancient myths can disprove traditional beliefs about women’s role in the world.

Secret history of Ukraine

The current war in Ukraine has a long history, which writers Oksana Zabojko and Sasha Marianna Salzman examine with painful and personal precision in their work. They were interviewed by Franka Hummels.

Inequality of opportunity in education

PvdA politician and alderman from Amsterdam, Marjolin Moormann, also known from the documentary series Classen, will speak about education inequality with poet Ruth Lusters, who recently resigned as Antwerp city poet due to a poem about education, and Anushka Nzumi, author of Hello white People.

Climate change

Icelandic writer Andre Snir Magnason, aka The Passage of Time and Water, will discuss the relationship between storytelling and climate change with Elaine de Bruyne. The conversation will take place under the supervision of Jaap Telbeck.

Revelation: Unmask America

AM Homes (online) will talk to Niña Weijers about the consequences of draconian power politics regarding corpses and countries.

The concluding chapter of Exploring Stories is British poet Lynton Kwesi Johnson with a performance and interview.

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