They scroll right: “You’ve been on Tinder for a day, you’re not making it up, are you?”

‘I knew: I should see this man often’

One day on Tinder, she met Renate Memelink (51) eight years ago with Richard (53), whom she had still known since her childhood.

“One of my girlfriends had heard good stories about Tinder so she wanted to try it out for herself. It didn’t sound like anything to me; I had been single for six weeks after my relationship suddenly ended and I wasn’t ready for anything new. But when my boyfriend couldn’t create a profile, I showed it to her I deleted the app the same day, but in the meantime, an old friend at school already discovered my profile.

Message me via Messenger if I’d like to come over and have a cup of tea with him. After years of traveling, he returned to the Netherlands. I thought catching up with someone from the past was cool. Apparently I asked what kind of date he was, to which he would have answered that he thought I was a very nice woman. He said he was very clear about it. But I’ve never read that.”

“I went on that first ‘date’ with no strings attached. After that I thought that was very good, because if you were too nervous you would act differently. Now I was just me. We had a very nice conversation, we clicked, and it turned out that they both had the same Interests. It hadn’t even occurred to me yet that it could be more than a nice meeting. I remember at one point he came to sit very close to me and I thought: What do you want for me? Now we can laugh about it.”

It’s almost magical

When I got home a few hours later, I asked if I could give him a hug. This hug changed everything. During this short hug, I became warm inside. Wow, what is that, I thought. I also made it clear. He also felt that something special was happening. It was almost magical. I knew: I should see this guy more often.”

“A week later, we met again and we’ve been together ever since. He moved in with me three years ago. He had said from the start that he never wanted to live together again, so I had already quit that it wasn’t possible” but suddenly he announced He’s going to put up his apartment for sale and come live with me.

My mother used to say that you should keep working on the relationship. Richard taught me that this is not necessarily the case. Of course we sometimes have struggles, and that doesn’t happen automatically, but we can communicate so well that it never becomes difficult.”

Not by chance, intention

“Richard is the love of my life. I’ve always looked for a man who made me feel this way. It took me a little patience, but it paid off. When we look back on our lives, we both say it’s like this we had to walk. We weren’t ready for each other before. We knew each other Some are in high school, but we had very little contact.There had to be a time between living our lives and finally finding each other in time.

If he didn’t see me on Tinder that day, he’d never know I was single and never get close to me. I don’t believe in chance. This was definitely the intention. One day on Tinder, you’re not making it up, are you? “

24 hours later I knew she was the woman of my life.

Harald Kaur (46) and Inge Kaur Baker (41) met four years ago through Tinder. Neither of them were looking for love, but after that wild first night, they both exploded so far away that they couldn’t help but notice.

Harald: I come from a relationship that gave me two daughters (7 and 9). I certainly wasn’t looking for a new relationship. Uncomplicated fun, that’s why I was on Tinder. This is what I also found. Until I got in touch with Angie.

Engy: “And it was the same for me. I’ve been alone for nearly ten years and really liked it. Right before I met Harald, I was planning to become a single mother with a sperm donor. Then I met Harald on Tinder…”

Harald: “We were immediately very open about our intentions: We agreed to ‘have fun’, that’s it. After a week of texting back and forth, we met up.

Engy: He came late at night from Woerden to my house in Zwolle, where I was still living at the time. That night was very special. Harald stayed the night and hadn’t been out of the bedroom for 24 hours. We couldn’t stop talking.

Harald: It turns out we have a lot of similarities. It was like coming home.

Engy: ‘Yeah, that, instantly, is so cute and safe. I liked a lot that night, but that click got me off. When he left, we were upset. That wasn’t the intention. I felt like what happened was so special. It was almost too good to be true.’

Harald: “We both didn’t want a relationship, but we also felt that this connection between us was so special and could not be ignored. We were a hotel guest. I remember very well that the next morning I wanted to tell her I loved her. I said, ‘I feel something, but I really can’t say,'” Because it makes no sense. I tried to deny it to myself. But in fact, after those twenty-four hours, it was already clear to me that this was the woman of my life, with such madness.

Engy: I had the same thing. I have seen many men before, some more serious than others, but this has never happened to me before. I felt fundamentally different from anything I had ever felt before. I was totally blown away.’

Engy: From that moment on, we called each other every day and were texting all day. Although we found it exciting, we were totally gone. We couldn’t see each other again until two weeks later, because in the meantime Harald had his daughters.

Harald: “To me they were the most important thing in all of this. I stood like a lion in front of my cubs. I wouldn’t let these girls meet just anyone, that must be really good for that. In the end, it took almost a year before they met Angie. We gradually introduced her Extremely.

Engy: “Yes, we followed her pace at it. We also needed time to get used to it. She dedicated to Zwolle, Harald for his life and freedom.

Harald: We only took the next step when two years ago the girls asked themselves why Angie didn’t come to live with us. They asked her themselves.

Engy: We both found it very exciting. But we also said that to each other, and we took the time for it. Six months later she moved in with Harald.

Harald: I’ve always said I never wanted to get married, but with Inge it suddenly felt like a logical move. I asked her with my daughters.

Engy: “Our wedding last year was nothing but love. Single friends regularly tell me ‘I want what you have so badly.’ It also feels very special. What we have is unique, but I hope many couples feel that way. This is love, you wish for this. Right for everyone.

Harald: “I also said it at the wedding: I wish everyone Angie, but fortunately I have only Angie Baker.”

Engy: “You see, don’t give up on Tinder. Once you’re lucky.

Soon we want to get married in Naples

Anne-Marie Fredericks (54) met the Italian man of her dreams, Salvatore (57) nine years ago through Tinder.

“A guy close to me said: Tinder, you should try it. He’s already taken a lot of women out of there. I didn’t know if I was waiting for it, but it made me curious. In most matches I stayed during a nice chat conversation, one of them crashed.

At first I fell in love with Salvatore’s eyes. Very dark brown, with a somewhat shy look. In this dating app, you mainly depend on appearance; You don’t have much more. We matched up and he spoke to me in English. He texted that he’s Italian and just wanted to have a nice chat. Well, he’s come to the right place for that. I couldn’t go on a date easily at the time because I was home taking care of my dad who had just had surgery. So at first it was just a chat. We had full conversations, and our interest in each other never waned.”

“We didn’t meet for the first time until six weeks later. It was a short coffee date at Starbucks. I wasn’t nervous, it was. When I saw him approaching, I immediately thought: This could be something. Nice guy, nice nose, good looking. I had to go home an hour later, otherwise I would have been there all afternoon. It was a good feeling.”

teenager in love

“Shortly afterwards he invited me to a fancy lunch. After that lunch I knew: This is it. He thought the same. Right after that we both deleted our Tinder profiles. I felt like a teen in love again, so many butterflies in my stomach. It was We have many great dates and got to know each other better and better. At one point he also met my son, who is now 25.”

“Things went easily and comfortably. The only thing we sometimes encounter is small cultural differences. Until recently I did not know, for example, that Italians only burn candles when someone dies. And it turns out I gave his sister a beautiful candle as a gift. Not an idea Good.And never change anything about an Italian recipe!We can often only laugh at those little things.Salvatore speaks fluent Dutch, only texting and emailing which we still do in English for some reason.

I have been living with him since 2016. We want to get married soon in his hometown of Naples. I would like to experience an Italian wedding like this. Long tables, eternal food, a wandering house. I am so grateful for Tinder. I never expected something so beautiful to come from a dating app. Certainly not in our time. I got lucky. All is well. I’ve never been so happy before.”

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