Sweet Temptations Festival: “Everything is fun! The environment is beautiful! Next year again!”

De Schildhoeve Garden in Fluitenberg will be the setting for the ninth edition of the Sweet Temptations Festival this weekend for the first time. Lovers of cake baking and everything related to it can indulge in more than 80 suites with a variety of food and non-food items, activities, demonstrations, workshops and performances.

The balconies in the large garden are filled with pleasure, and the terraces guarantee, among other things, cakes, baking supplies, crockery, table linen, aprons, cosmetics, brocante, cookbooks, jams, honey, coffee, and teas that guarantee much attention Sometimes the waiting lists are short. Raindrops and sunshine alternate. Fortunately, there are shelters here and there.

During a rain shower, Lily Cakes participants are nice and dry. It’s the go-and-go of the people who signed up for the cupcake decorating workshop. “It’s so cute and soothing,” Lily exclaims. „Boys and girls are just excited and very creative with all the colored fondant. You can sign up in advance so I know how many cakes I have to bake. That’s over 230. Once the participants decorate their cake, we wrap it in a beautiful box and they can take it home.”

Sisters Liz, 10, and Zoe, 7, from Vassen, came to the festival with their mother and a friend. Girls are busy with fondant and molds. The family receives a tip-off from an acquaintance from Drenthe to come to the festival. “I bake a lot at home, too,” Liz says. Cake, cupcakes and biscuits. We’ll take the cupcake with us to eat tonight with a glass of chocolate milk.”

Thick thumb!

In the main hall there is a cake baking contest where participants have registered in advance. The expert judges, Rutger van den Broek and Sarena Solari, both known as Heel Holland Bakt and Tessa Couperus of PaTESSerie, examined the cakes for taste and composition. After that, all slices of the pies are sold to the charity Stichting Jarige Job.

Laura and Zoë of Wageningen, who call themselves Baking biologists on Instagram, made a vegan cake with almonds and oranges. “It’s a vegan cake with a biscuit layer. Instead of eggs, we used a mixture of soy yogurt, amaretto, and apple juice. The orange slices are caramelized and used as a lid. We don’t know if we had a chance, because there were a lot of nice and good entries. Sharing is really fun, because we We gained inspiration, too.”

Enzo Pérès-Labourdette, winner of the latest Heel Holland Bakt, enjoys Laura and Zo’s cake with a big approving smile. “It tastes so good. How they prepared the orange slices, so it doesn’t taste bitter, I think it was well prepared and the cake is vegan, which is a plus anyway. They got a big thumbs up from me. Well done!”


Nadine Kuipers, who once won a cake baking contest at the festival, started the program at Baktheater. With helpful tips and tricks, she takes interested parties with her during the pastry show. A little further out in the old caravan where coffee is served, cell phones soar into the air to take pictures. On the right and left, people come up and quietly wait for their turn. “These people are becoming known from the Heel Holland Bakt,” the employee shouts at the coffee stand. “One called Hidde, Google it! Lovely, all these people. We love it so much everyone is happy and cheerful.”

These are also Bibi (59) and Nilanthe (28) from Ulst Weggy in Overijssel. Smiling ladies come with gorgeous pink bags from the festival. “We both love baking, so we had a great time! We also bought everything, including a bag of bread baking. It’s also fun to do, because we never bake bread. We often bake cookies, cakes and pies. Very diverse from simple apple pie to Cake layer.Then we take a picture and put it in the neighborhood group app.If you are interested in a piece,come and get it or we will deliver it.Lovely right!The strawberry biscuit roll is one of the favorites.We think the festival is great.It’s all fun!And what a lovely place And beautiful surroundings! We will definitely come back again next year. We will make this a tradition. This festival is definitely recommended!”

The Sweet Temptations Festival can also be visited on Sundays from 10am to 6pm.

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