Preview of the 2022 World Junior Experimental Championship | Brit in both girls and boys with a huge favourite

On Monday it was up to promises, Tuesday it was the turn of the little ones. Both men and women will compete on the course in Wollongong, Australia. In the leader’s shirt He tries to analyze when the warriors will symbolize the new generation.

If you take a look at the list of honors for these competitions, you will see that some notable names have a cross behind their names. There’s of course Remco Evenepoel, who drove everything in a pile in 2018. In the two years leading up to that, Tom Bidcock and Brandon McNulty had won.

The last two winners of the women’s competition no longer know, because they are of Russian origin. On behalf of the Netherlands, Rosemarijn Amerlan (2018) and Karleen Swinkels (2016) have recently won, while Chloe Dygert is the biggest name of the past 10 years.

Practical information for the World Junior Championships at the time of trial 2022

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The latest winners of the Junior World Pilot Championship

2021 Gustav Wang / Alina Ivanchenko
2020 not working
2019 Antonio Tiberi / Igul Gariva
2018 Remco Evenepoel / Rozemarijn Ammerlaan
2017 Tom Bidcock / Elena Peroni
2016 Brandon McNulty / Carlin Swinkels
2015 Leo Abelt / Chloe Dygert
2014 Leonard Kamna / Maisie Stewart
2013 Igor Dekren / Severin Erod
2012 Oscar Svendsen / Elinor Parker

World Junior Championships 2022: Cycle, weather and times

The same round is set for young women and men, although the ladies will complete it once and the boys twice.

The start is on Market Street, after which we enter the circle after two hundred meters. After a few turns, the drivers slowly leave the city centre, heading across the suburbs towards the only hill on the track: Mount Usley. This slope after 6.5 kilometers has a length of about 700 meters with an average of 6.7 percent. Here the riders turn right earlier than they would in next week’s road race. The kids then set out a route from North Wollongong towards the end on Marine Drive.

Mount Usley.

In total, there are three intermediate points: at the top of both times there is a mount Usley (for men) and in the first end pass there is a measurement of time.

Weather conditions in Wollongong will also remain unchanged on Tuesday. About 18 ° C with strong westerly winds: This is it!

Junior Girls start: 01.30am (Netherlands time)
Junior Girls Finish: 03.05 hours (Netherlands time)
Men’s junior start: 05:20 (Netherlands time)
Junior men’s finish: 09:00 (Netherlands time)

Young Women’s World Time Favorites 2022

Favorite number one anyway Zoe BaxtedtThe versatile super talent that dominates the junior women’s cycling ranks. She showed her talent once again at the recent Women’s Watersley Challenge: she’s driven more than one minute of competition over twelve kilometres, so losing in Wollongong wouldn’t be an option for her.

At the European Junior Championships in Sangallos, Portugal, the pedigree was quite clear: the German Justina Casabla It strayed a bit from the competition on the 22-kilometer track. Belong, with the Belgian ladies Xaydee Van Sineay And Phoebe Juris is among the main medal candidates.

Preview of the 2022 World Junior Experimental Championship |  Brit in both girls and boys with a huge favourite
Zoe Baxtedt

Easy Sharp Baxted’s native should also be able to interfere in that battle. This also applies to the Dutch champion ninky fink and fourth last year, Anna van der Maiden. We also call the French Eglantin Rayer, the Italian Federica Ventorelli and the Finn Wilma Entella.

It’s also always interesting in these kinds of competitions what foreign ladies can do. Isabella Karnr in his country, for example, or the American Catherine Sarkisov. Amelia Sykes from New Zealand is also a good cyclist.

Favorite World Junior Championships Trial Time Men 2022

Beginner classes are the hardest to predict, and this year is no different: yet we can claim the right to top favorites. Joshua Tarling Lost. The rider from Great Britain already had a three-year contract with INEOS Grenadiers when he was 18 years old. With a height of 1.94 meters and 88 kilograms, he already has an impressive appearance, which this season has proven enough to win in all the trials in which he participated. Last year he finished second in the World Cup.

Preview of the 2022 World Junior Experimental Championship |  Brit in both girls and boys with a huge favourite
Joshua Tarling (left)

Matthew Cuckleman, which is a Luxembourger, and has also won a few. He was the best in the prestigious Peace Race and won the European Time Championship in Portugal in July. With these results, the man from the Grand Duchy can be placed among the candidates for medals.

Emil Herzog (Germany) has close to Koekelmann’s time in both the European Championships and the Peace Race, so he’s also a Medal of Honor candidate. The same goes for the Belgian Verbroge sex2nd place in Portugal. Duarte Marivoet, also from Belgium, finished fourth there.

Hamish McKenzie He will also want to show himself in his country, but this certainly also applies to Alex Justin (USA), Jean-Christine (Switzerland), Jürgen Nordhagen (Norway), Romit Bajor (Estonia), Thibod Groel (France) and the Dutch Sjors Lugthart Miss Flute.

World Junior Television Championship 2022

Real night owls can visit on Tuesday Eurosport And the sporza. These channels are broadcast live with the ladies time trial from 01:20 and 02:00 respectively, while the boys are broadcast from 5:10 and 07:00. In the leader’s shirt Comes with a report on both races.

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