News from Friesland from 17 and 18 September | Yellow symbol due to showers with strong winds and next year a fixed seat in Formula 1 by Nick de Vries

In the north of the country, KNMI announces a yellow code for Sunday afternoon and evening. The Meteorological Institute expects that rain will be accompanied by strong winds that may reach about 85 kilometers per hour. This and more in our overview of the news of the past 48 hours.

According to The largest winds are expected to blow in the Wadden region , where the force of wind 8 can originate in the eastern part. Code yellow applies from 2pm to 10pm in Wadden, Groningen and in Friesland.

A permanent seat next year in the AlphaTauri for Nick de Vries in Formula 1

Uitwellingerga’s Nyck de Vries’ Formula 1 adventure is not limited to a single race on Williams’ behalf. Dutch Driver (27) He will get a permanent seat in the royal class next year Motorsports at AlphaTauri.

On Friday, De Vries met Helmut Marko, Red Bull Racing’s boss and brother Team Alpha Tauri. Various sources have reported to De Telegraaf that the two sides are close to reaching an agreement. The contract has yet to be signed, but it seems that this is only a matter of time. De Vries then becomes Yuki Tsunoda’s teammate.

SC Heerenveen surprises FC Twente and can call themselves excellent

SC Heerenveen settled into the sub-division of the Eredivisie with a 2-1 victory over Twente. The club ranked sixth after the first competition block .

A great win for sure thanks to the necessary luck in the first half. But also thanks to a lot of suffering and a very strong second half. Heerenveen also missed no fewer than four players to duel with Twente. Tibor Halilovic, Tom Hay and Mats Kollert, and Al Qaeda and First Alt forces Alex Timusi are usually absent.

Henk de Jong calls the referee a ‘weak dick’ for the Kambur Drama Night

Coach Henk de Jong Saturday after the loss to RKC Walwick did not ignore it: he thought the red cards were “stupid and right”, including his own. She called the referee a “weak fool”. Because I thought so.” Cambuur led 0-1 in Waalwijk, but then lost the ball completely. With nine men, the team maintained a 1-1 score on the board for a long time, until The resistance in the final stage was completely broken: 5-1.

Camiel van Ulden of Appelscha accompanies the King in Prinsjesdag

with saber drawing Camiel van Ulden drives his way through downtown The Hague at Prinsjesdag . The owner of the riding school from Appelscha belongs to the accompanying honorary knights, which was established “for the benefit of the great state festivities”.

,,Tense? No, I’ll call it a more healthy tension. We will be ready to the last detail. Camille van Olden (53 years old) of Appelscha prepares for an annual, but special assignment. As an equestrian centre, he rides a horse almost every day, at Prinsjesdag doing so for King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. In ceremonial dress as presented by King Willem III in 1867 for a corps Knights with a sword “decree” on the shoulder.

Damwâld’s Kickboxer Martin Terpstra hits just in time and gets a vacant world title

Dumold’s Martin Terpstra Kickboxer She captured the vacant global title in the Enfusion . class After a knockout blow to his Belgian rival, Nidal Bashiri.

Terpstra won the world title in the Infusion class, first division of kickboxing, by defeating Bashiri. Hopefully, now he can go to the highest class, which is the glory class. That is our goal,” said Terpstra coach Stefan Birkenbass.

“I don’t need these guys at my doorstep.” Experts say the residents of Wolfegg should have made a massive statement against the intimidation of the “gangster brothers”

The Wolvegasters did well Making a fist against three brothers That has plagued the village for years, experts say. Now the “threat” was missing from the indictment and the men had to respond “only” to drug cases.

“Please don’t put my name in the widget?” “No, I don’t want to do anything with this.” “You don’t really write my name?” “Yes, that’s right. But I won’t say anything else about her. I don’t need these guys at my doorstep.”

And more news:

* On Saturday evening, shortly before midnight, one car accident Event. One of your donkeys was injured.

* Serious accident on Blauwhuisterweg in Harkema : A man from Harkima was seriously injured.

*Due to a technical failure, no one flew on Saturday F-35 from Leeuwarden To the exhibition of the Air Force of the Czech Republic, as planned, but only one.

Editor’s tip:

* in Christmas Philidor from Leeuwarden They know why chess is now more useful than ever: “You can also take advantage of it off the board.”

* Bee Enitor Primo at the outpost Han Schustra does not moan, the energy crisis is opening up new markets.

On Tuesday, the King will again deliver the Throne Speech, which includes the Cabinet’s plans for the coming year. No doubt it will be showered with words of encouragement and comfort. But just how solid is the burgeoning BV Nederland? Annoying day report.

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