Weekly Overview: Week 37 news summary

What happened in Alvin an den Rhein last week? From closing the snack bar to the back to me Eddie and a bike are in a tree until the opening of National Sports Week and the Internet is in trouble. You can read this and more in the weekly overview at

last weekend used to be Did de Groot in the US final Opening up strongly to the Japanese Yui Kamiji. The wheelchair tennis player from Nieuwe Sloot wrote history with this win. You have completed the “Slams on the Calendar” for the second time.

Made earlier this week Snack bar Back to Eddie’swhich is located outside the De Aarhof shopping center, announced that the company will be closing its doors for good.

On Tuesday afternoon, a bicycle was parked in a very private place. A tree in the Bospark served as a parking lot. The mystery of how that bike arrived so quickly has been solved.

News from the emergency services

We’ll be in the Basspark for a while. Because it was there two Young people entered the busbar. This is because there has been a regular nuisance in the park lately and law enforcement has indicated that it is best to enforce this. Soft drugs were found in the two young men.

last monday evening Ambulances and firefighters at work To save a swan cub. The cygnet became tangled in fishing line.

On Wednesday, he had two accidents. In the afternoon, a passenger car collided with a motorcycle on Emmalaan. In the evening, two motorcyclists had an accidentecho N11 direction Leiden. N11 is temporarily closed due to the accident.

Alvin events

The ‘Alphense Dagen’, as the period around the Alphense Jaarmarkt is also called, kicked off this weekend. On Monday morning, the builders started Building the annual exhibition In the parking lot of the ARC. exhibition It started on Friday. In addition, we can on Saturday Enjoy Oldtimer Day and then Tattoo in Mayor Visserpark.

Talk about events. It was also Friday morning National Sports Week kicks off. This happened at Burgemeester Visserpark. Dozens of kids were in sneakers and ready to work out and get moving with Juvat Westendorp.

Alvinarin on TV

On Saturday, four young men from Alvin were seen on television. Iris, Jean, Lytton, Mathis, and all members of Roeiverniging Alphen (RVA), Participate in the NPO3 program Zappsport battle.

Exciting opportunity for 50 residents of Alfen aan den Rhein from ZIP Code 2402. In studio Miljoenenjacht postal lottery They have a chance to win prizes of up to five million euros on Sunday evening.

Traffic and transportation

This week it suffered another blow. this time Regional transport stopAs a result, there were far fewer buses. This may not be a strike, but train passengers should take it into account in October No trains for two weeks Between Alvin ann den Rhein and Judah because of the course of action.

To stay on the topic of “traffic and transport” for a while: the new carrier of Known Regiotaxi. From January 1, 2023, passenger services will provide Regiotaxi tours in the Holland Rijnland region, including the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn.

Other news

This week was the first Handing children stamps work package For students of the seventh group at Alvin Primary School de Meridien. The school was chosen because they have actively participated in the children’s stamp campaign for 26 years.

The 24-year-old driver from Boskoop who drove Alphense Kaylee (20) on July 8. killed in a traffic accident, It’s still stuck at the moment. During the preliminary criminal case, it turned out that this was not the first time he had driven so fast.

distance Retail units in the station yard It’s been vacant for years, and now it’s finally sold out. Alderman Gerard van As is pleased to sell the last two vacant retail units on Stationsplein.

Alvin a den Rhein city council will receive a Suggestion for an off-leash area for dogs A new site is being built on Goudse Rijpad. Half will be announced. A tenant is being sought for the other, closed, half. The owner of the Alphense dog has a clear position on this: he accepts the results of the survey, but Don’t get involved in the new interpretation of the dog park.

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