These are the children of Queen Camilla’s previous marriage

There is a lot that needs to change for the royal family in the near future. Some titles have already been moved, but the associated missions will be fixed in the coming period. Will King Charles’s stepchildren play a role, too? They keep themselves somewhat aloof from court life, but perhaps that will change now that their mother is queen?


You would almost think that as the king’s step-son, you are a well-known figure within royal circles. But nothing could be further from the truth: The children Camilla had before her marriage to Charles remain largely out of the spotlight.

Before we give you the step-Brothers William and Harry, Brief Summary. After all, what about Camilla, Charles, and the long time they’ve been apart?

Camilla Shand and Andrew Parker Bowles

In the early ’70s, Charles and Camilla were already Upside down To each other, every observer of kings could see. But as we now know, their story turned out quite differently. According to palace sources, the British court was not satisfied with Camilla as a match for the future king. Moreover, Prince Bindingsangst did not want to marry before he turned thirty, but Camilla would rather marry now than marry later.

Andrew Parker Bowles in 2006 (Photo: BRONOPRES)

In addition, there was the handsome officer Andrew Parker Bowles. A good friend of Charles and former Princess Anne (yes, that person), who has been around ever since the sixties He was in a frequent relationship with Camilla. The marriage between Andrew and Camilla also appears to have gotten a big boost from their parents. Parents Derek Parker-Bowles and Bruce Shand have secretly posted an announcement about their participation in timesAccording to historian Sally Biddle Smith. So Andrew had to suggest.

So, with Andrew, Camilla gave birth to two children. In December 1974, Tom was born as the first of two aristocrats. His sister Laura followed in January 1978. Both children are now far from the spotlight, so they are not well known to the general public. Let us introduce them to you!

Tom Parker Bowles

First of all there is Tom. Among Charles’s stepchildren, he is the one who highlights the most. Tom is very active in the culinary world as a writer and critic. He also makes needed appearances on British cooking shows in this role. This is how he has the program for years Market Kitchen Presented, and appears regularly as a jury member for a BBC programme chef.

Occasionally we see Tom side by side with his mother. In July 2022, for example, he appeared alongside his mother and politician/historian/know-it-all Giles Brandreth at a celebratory lunch in honor of Camilla’s 75th birthday.

Camila's kids
Tom, Camilla and Giles Brandreth in July 2022 (Photo: BRONOPRES)

Anyway, Tom was positive about his stepfather. In an interview with Express In 2015, he said, “Anything you want [als het op ouders aankomt]is that they are happy. My mother is very happy at this moment. I have always loved my stepfather. He was always a good, good and beautiful man. A man of warmth, intelligence and humanity. If that happens, he’ll be a wonderful king.” By the way, Charles is more than just a stepfather to Tom. He’s also his godfather!

Laura Lopez

Sister Laura is several years younger than Tom, and lives her life out of the spotlight. Laura is active in the art world, and she is married to a model turned Businessman Harry Lopez. Cute Details: Her wedding dress was designed by Anna Valentine, who also designed her mother’s wedding dress for her big day with Charles.

Camila Laura's children
Seal of love: Harry and Laura on their wedding day in 2006 (Image: BRONOPRES)

Laura and Harry have three children: Elisa from 2008, twin brothers Joss and Louis were born in December 2009. In April 2011, little Eliza played a special role. She was one of the bridesmaids at the royal wedding of Wills and Kate.

Laura also seems to be a big fan of blue. Again well copied from her dear mother?

Camila Kids Tom Laura
Brother and sister Parker Bowles in June 2022 (Photo: Pronopress)

While Tom had nothing but praise for his stepfather, royal expert Katie Nicholl claimed Laura couldn’t stand it before: “William and Laura had huge fights over who to blame for their broken families. William blamed Camilla for everything she did to his mother Laura didn’t want to know. She took a hard line and shot William that “his father ruined her life,” Nicole wrote in the book. Harry and William. “She had no interest in being the Prince of Wales, she blamed him for her parents’ divorce and was not afraid to explain it to William.” aiii.

Fortunately, time healed many of those wounds, and the stepchildren can now pass through the same door together again. Who knows, maybe we’ll see them attend more official events in the near future!

Source: Beau Monde Archive, Town & Country Magazine | Photo: BRONOPRES

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