“There is no piglet in sight”, the hunting season is still in its infancy

Pig on the Veluwe River. Photo: Omrup Gelderland

APELDOORN – Hunting season is approaching, and Gelderland’s animal management unit aims to release 2,577 wild boars in Veluwe. This is much lower than in 2021-2022. Then the hunters shot about nine thousand more pigs. That sounds like good news, but Harry Foss of the Wildlife Conservation doesn’t think it’s enough.

It would have been better if the search ended yesterday than today. Also in the Kroondomein Forests of Apeldoorn, where USDA, Nature and Food Quality rules apply. There is a plan to shoot fifty pigs. In the previous year, there were still 785 pigs. Voss: “I’m glad there will be far fewer pigs being released in the near future, but I still find it odd that 50 pigs still have to be shot. This year I haven’t seen a single pig yet. And I’ve been there at least four times in the week. ”

Find out why Harry Foss wanted to let the boar hunt the wolf.

Give the wolf a chance

The stock of pigs has also deteriorated sharply here. This is also evident from the numbers. In 2021-2022, 1260 pigs were counted, and now, according to the latest census, there are only 325 feral pigs. “Why is he still shooting? Especially now that the wolf has appeared as well. Then give that wolf a chance. He does this by instinct, he is a natural regulator!” Voss says.

He is really angry at the fact that feeding is again taking place in the forests of the crondomines. Voss: “This is to lure animals for hunting. It’s very clear that supplemental feeding is not allowed in nature. Look at Section 37 of the Nature Conservation Act. But it’s always the same song. The police have been reported against the Crown property.” Much of this area will be closed to the general public from Thursday 15 September to 25 December due to royal hunting.

a little walnut

The reason for shooting far fewer pigs this year is due to the natural sharp decline in the number of animals. Erik Koffeman of Gelderland’s Animal Management Unit explains: “Due to the poor mast last year, there was a huge shortage of food. There were far fewer walnuts and pecans. This ensured that the pig population shrank dramatically in the spring. Nature took care of itself. And organized in this connection.”

In previous years, the number of wild boars in Veloy has increased significantly, because with a lot of food, pigs give birth to many young. Thus, a year with less food automatically leads to less growth. This raises the question of whether hunting is still really necessary, also because a new natural enemy has been around for a few years now: the wolf.

Is fishing still necessary?

Edgar van der Grift, an ecologist at Wageningen University, laughs at the question of whether hunting is still necessary: ​​“This is still a serious question. We know very little about the long-term impact of the wolf. What is important is that the wolf is taken into account when calculating slaughter the animals rocket science To think you have little to shoot, if there are wolves.”

The Royal Fishermen’s Association is convinced that fishing is and will continue to be necessary. A spokeswoman for Elsemieke Ruifrok explains in writing: “We do not specify how many animals are shot per year. The numbers are determined by the county, which makes a plan for animal management based on previously taken censuses and shooting numbers. This shows exactly how many animals can be taken. Shooting in every area. Become.”

We all want to have the best possible balance for animals in nature

The Hunter’s Association is convinced that nature cannot regulate it by itself. Roefrock: “This is not practically feasible. We all want to have the best possible balance for animals in nature, in order to also reduce the risk to public health and damage to nature. With bad mast years, a portion actually falls off but not enough to maintain balance.”

“The wolf takes what he can: male, female, young, sick and healthy, and does not discriminate. This distinction is important to prevent disease, which is also in the interest of public health in the case of pigs, and unhealthy populations. Management and to prevent damage to nature. Years are taken Bad mast, wolves and other factors affecting numbers to take into account when implementing management.”

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