Registered dental hygienist Corinna and Johnny Joker makes brushing more fun for kids

Corinna Dolen (38 years old) is a registered dental hygienist and has her own oral care clinic in Kernim. It treats not only sediment, tartar and plaque. Mondzorg C. Dollen also offers preventative, curative and curative treatments.

Corina is originally from Friesland, but love brought her to Eddie ten years ago. “I graduated two years before I came to Eddie and got a good job. Unfortunately, due to my husband not having a job in Friesland, I had to give up my job to move to Eddie. Fortunately, I found work here fairly quickly.”

Heavy Barrow Treatment

After Corina started working as an employee, she began working as a freelancer. “With both I found I couldn’t do what I really wanted. I got to specialize in pediatric dentistry, but never had any kids in the chair. I basically did the standard treatments done by a dental hygienist, which is why I missed the variety. I almost got On ‘heavy barrow’ just as we call it in our profession. These are really huge gum treatments. I’d sometimes do these treatments all day long. That’s a heavy and chore. I’m really starting to miss the challenge and versatility.”

Because her interests were broader than just Barrow Heavy, Corinna decided to open her own clinic. “We lived in Het Carré, a stone’s throw from what is now Kernim Medical Centre. I knew at the time this was going to be built and I watched it closely. But I wasn’t the only one. I heard from several people that a dentist was coming and he was looking for a dental hygienist. I called him because I wanted to rent a room within his clinic for my private practice. In the end, the dentist in question pulled out, but he asked me if I wanted to get his lease on. That was my chance and I grabbed it with both hands!”

Oral care C. Dollen

Mondzorg C. Dollen, Corina’s practice, has been a reality for nearly five years now. “At first it was so hard, I really had to manage my patients myself. There were weeks until I only had one patient in a chair. But in the end, it really worked through the fliers, being active on Instagram, going to primary school, and giving Brushing lessons at neighborhood meetings, but privately through word of mouth. My clinic is open three days a week. But I’m so busy that I’m considering opening the practice 4 days a week.”

Referral is not necessary

What many people don’t know is that you do not need a referral to go to a dental hygienist. “Many dental clinics have a dental hygienist within the clinic, but certainly not all. The latter refer their patients, but this is not always or sometimes not in a timely manner. Orthodontists, dieticians or general practitioners also refer People to Me. Anyone can contact me without a referral. This is possible from the first tooth to the prosthesis(s) on implants. If someone wants preventive treatment, gets orthodontics, wants a brushing lesson for a child, or wants a mouthful A healthy new… can only make an appointment.”

Johnny Joker makes brushing teeth more fun for kids. Photo: Corinna Dolan

Johnny’s Baby Cleaning Salon

For kids up to the age of ten, Corinna works with Johnny Joker’s cleaning salon. “For most kids, brushing their teeth isn’t exactly a party. They just do it because they have to. The dentist often correctly states what’s wrong with their teeth: “You have plaque, a small cavity, my mom still has to brush their teeth again.” ..” With this program, I show what is perfectly fine. “Well, a lot of your teeth don’t have plaque!” Johnny’s Cleaning Salon is a program where I can teach a child to take good care of their teeth in a fun way. Each child receives a brochure with funny pictures that takes care of In it the monkey with his teeth and what happens to his teeth when he brushes his teeth with chocolate spread for example.There is a lot to color in the brochure and the kids can play a game of drinking water with their families.The winner will receive a medal.Johnny’s Cleaning Salon is very stimulating and motivating, ensuring that children are not afraid or afraid to visit dentist “.

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