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Written by the editors on September 17, 2022

NEEDE – The Pasruiters went into effect last weekend in their 64th edition of their Bollert Bros. Many passerders have won awards.

Multiple successes
Rosalyn Rawlink and her pony Alex won second prize in Category B, Category B/C. Class B horses have had several successes. Second prize for Wouter Hermelink with his legendary horse. Brett Rethorst took home third prize with her horse Lexus. Elke te Lintelo won the fourth prize with her horse Mondiaal, just as Nicole Boswinkel with her horse Cherro Z.

Johnny Fogd completes the list with fifth prize with his horse Lisa Perina F. Yvet Nijhof and he has succeeded in the L class with her horse Kalinka van ‘t Nachtegalehof. The group managed to achieve the fourth prize. Finally, Harm Rexwinkel managed to claim an impressive third prize in the M class with his horse’s floor. As an additional prize, the best Passport and Horse Passport rider will be awarded. This year it was Rosalynn Rawlink and Wouter Hermelink, respectively.

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