If I had to choose between beer and horses? Phew, have a beer, then Kortebaan van Heemskerk offers it all: beer, acquaintances, great competition and even a runaway horse

Gambling is part of it.© Photo jjfoto / Vincent de Vries

You might be wondering what’s the most important thing on a Thursday afternoon when you sit down with Arnold Staines in his 30s. He leans on a wheelie box filled with shavings of snow and nearly three hundred cans of beer. He laughs, ‘We eventually see the bottom of that box every year, you know.’ If he had to choose between beer and horses? , then have some beer, which also works without the horses, haha.

Dense lines of audience along the Marquettelaan.© Photo jjfoto / Vincent de Vries

Ilse Hamers (36) is based on the same wheelie box, which also contains some wine. She doesn’t want to do it without the horses anyway. “That’s just part of it. That’s why we’re here. I’m also guessing a bit, I know something about her.” ‘She also watches the race. Then the guys check me in every now and then to check if their horse is still in the race.’

Pikeur Krista Timmer won her debut in 2002 at the Heemskerk. “There is also luck.”© Photo jjfoto / Vincent de Vries


This time there are also two “donkeys” on horses. Krista Timmer and Rick Wester are both riding the race at home today. Krista won her first entry in 2002. I remember being pulled inside and then yelling something like: What a turn, but I’m going to do it! ”You won, and would like to do it again.” “But it always remains to be seen. There is also luck.”

Should you win? ‘Okay, I’ll celebrate. Where? I have no idea where I’m going to end up, haha.’ ‘Do you sometimes walk in Marquettelaan on other days of the year and then fantasize about jogging across it on horseback? Not that. That road evokes a certain feeling. Inside me. That was definitely the case after I won here.”

Pikeur Krista Timmer with Jocke Cane.© Photo jjfoto / Vincent de Vries

Lisa Decker (29) rides in Krista’s stable. I’m here to encourage her. ”For Lisa, horses obviously come first. “Then get a drink.”


Does the horse also throw a party after the winning race? Then maybe he’ll get an extra carrot,” Lisa laughs. Who then explains that the horse is also affected by the click. If it radiates peace and confidence, the horse raises it. If the penis is agitated, the horse will often become tense as well. “What do you actually scream when they are cheering along the track?” Horse’s name.

Seize the opportunity before the short path begins.© Photo jjfoto / Vincent de Vries

Krista says she is glad to be able to drive in her village. See and hear knowledge everywhere along the path. I love that. Only, if I lose, I’ll keep hearing that for a while. He laughs: “People always come to me and say: Great job! I bet you, can I get my money back? “

There are concerns also about the stables this afternoon. The horse Ferran Convital has escaped and is now walking somewhere in the Rijksstraatweg. Lisa: Terrible. This horse does not know the environment and will panic. If that ends well. It’s a very crowded place out there.”


Soon the story also goes that picker Rick Wester, who was driving himself with a Candy Blue Chip, was going to be hit by Ferran Convital. A little later, fortunately Rick looks fine. That other horse wanted to pass through the doorway, but didn’t realize that there was a sulky attached to it. When he passed me we bumped into. I got stuck between the fence and the sulky horse and the other horse panicked and ran away. “But Rick himself is fine. “Yes, some bruising. But luckily it all ended well. Also with this horse.” Then he set off on his way to his race.

When Ferran Convital returns safely, the nose just wants to start. But the other participants don’t want that. The horse has already had to take a lot of pressure. The message is clear, if Ferran Convital had jogged, no one else would ride. Thus one of the sixteen horses withdraws before the start. The same also applies to the Candy Blue Chip, where the horse was injured.

What could be better than taking your own flick with you during the short path?© Photo jjfoto / Vincent de Vries

for the first time

Anna Ten Wold (26 years old) poses along the track with her five-week-old baby Jet. Both made their harness racing debut at Heemskerk. “We lived here a few years ago. But at first we were too busy renovating and couldn’t come and take a look. Then the aura came. So we’re both there for the first time. And I think it’s really cool.”

The short track is also a reunion.© Photo jjfoto / Vincent de Vries

She took a sip of her first beer after she got pregnant. And Jet? Does she have beer in her bottle, too? Anna, laughs: Yes, but it just finished. So it’s already on the second bottle. “

Krista Timmer didn’t win this afternoon either. Victory goes to Hero Baldwin with Manon Pools on board. It’s still a regional winner.

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