Tahnee Visser and Uwkje C ZZ-Licht have the right to start: ‘This horse has a strange attitude’

When Tahnee Visser received the offer in 2020 to release the 1.58-meter-tall, inexperienced 14-year-old Fries Uwkje C (by Beart 411 x Wicher 334), she wasn’t immediately convinced by the idea. Despite this, she immediately fell in love with the Persians and were so impressed with her that they flew to the ZZ-Licht. Not only does Visser now ride the mare of this line, he has many offspring under the saddle that follow in their mothers’ footsteps.

little mare

I was contacted in October 2020 by Yvette Ben van Stahl ‘Fan’ e Lytse Generael with a message that she has a young mare, she has nine foals, and that she was looking for someone to want to introduce that mare into the sport, the amazon smiles. “My first thoughts were that this picture wasn’t really of a full sporting horse, but I knew Yvette always raised a good Friesian and had a fine line.”

saddle again

Visser decided to make a visit without obligation. She showed me Uwkje C, who broke his saddle at the age of three but was never released. Yvette bought it later in her life and broke her saddle again when she was thirteen. From the moment I stepped on her, I fell in love with her and that feeling never went away, she was so cute right away.

fighting spirit

Soon the group began training with Yorick Smit. Within a year she had her sports manifesto and now that she’s sixteen we’re going to start a ZZ-licht. Finding out that Uwkje has a lot of fighting spirit and that she always wants to do well, this horse has a strange attitude. She is always at the front of the meadow fence and when I am competing with another horse she is really offended. She’s my best friend and this road is a dream come true.” The rider hopes to go away with the mare.” She’s already sixteen, so I have no idea where the ship hangs, but we’re kicking the gas hard because she’s a little older. Plus, I only ride it three times a week because I want to keep it full.

Yersie C – Margoun Hon

Yersi C’s mother

Uwkje C is Yersie C. Dam (Hessel 480 x Beart 411), which this year was the only one to achieve AAA grades in three IBOP majors. Sister Pippa C (by Norbert 444) and brother Hardy ‘Fan’ e Lytse Generael (by Jehannes 484) also look like their mother, according to Visser. “They all look the same, they are all huge workers and will walk through the fire for you. Plus, they have a very good hind leg and they are very sharp and eager to work. I don’t think even the stallion you breed would matter, would make a good sporting horse.

Hardy FLG – Photography: Karen Sivink


As Uwkje shows herself well in sports, they bore her offspring this year via a surrogate mare. “This year we chose the Foeke 520 and the pony was named after me,” the rider continues proudly. Next year, we expect to have two more foals via replacement mare, one by Toto JR. We really want a good sporting horse, which doesn’t mean we should stay in the Friesian breed, so we took a ride.


The group “small, fat and gritty” was cheerfully called by coach Yurik. Uwkje still has a brooding belly, but she is super athletic. It’s a good thing that these breeders really appreciate sport horses and don’t just continue with chain horses. The performance of the Friesian horse is of course better and better, so it is a good idea to have the breeders join this world.

Visser also had 4-year-old Hardy ‘Fan’ e Lytse Generael under the saddle for a week and a half. “With him I will try to be selected for the Overijssel and Pavo Phryso Bokaal Championships, where many competitions for young horses with their offspring are planned.”

fire in her eyes

The group will be quietly trained during the coming period. We’ll see how far we’ve come, everything we do is a gift to me and I didn’t expect we’d get that far. Fun is the most important thing, I really click with her and really love that she wants to do so much for me. They are my little princes, “Queen Uw” is indeed the queen of the stable. Her owners sometimes say that she looks younger, has fire in her eyes and is very beautiful. Meanwhile, she’s a Ster and Achievement and also has the Sports kickstand, so if all goes well, we’ll take her for inspection this year so she can become the Crown Prince. This will really be the icing on the cake,” Visser concludes.

Source: Hoefslag Photos: Ingrid Truijens / Karin Sevink / Yersie C

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