Short Care News: VR Trial IJsselland; DVZA KPN Health; Board changes, and more

In short, this week’s care news focuses on the virtual reality experience at IJsselland Hospital, the DVZA Medmij brand for KPN Health and the examination street for small lab animals at UMCG. Interest is also given to two new board members at KNOV and the outgoing Chairman of Martini Hospital.

Virtual Reality Test at The Wound Experience Center

A trial has begun at IJsselland’s Wound Expertise Center to distract patients during treatment using virtual reality. Some patients will receive virtual reality goggles during the treatment between September 12-30 as soothing videos are shown. It has already been proven in previous studies that using this technique ensures that patients experience less pain, anxiety and stress during treatment.

The experience at the Wound Expertise Center is part of the graduation assignment for Annemarie Nederveen, a nursing student at HBO. A working group was formed at the hospital for the trial. “With virtual reality glasses, we strive for greater comfort in wound healing during wound care. After treatment, as the patient can wear virtual reality glasses, we ask each patient to fill out a questionnaire,” says Anne-Marie.

DVZA Medmij Designation KPN Health

KPN Health recently received the Medmij label for DVZA (Provider in the Healthcare Provider Industry). This means that more health data will likely be made available to patients who use PBL. KPN Health qualification relates to Data Service 51; documents.

KPN DVZA is a service of KPN Health Exchange – a platform service of KPN Health. Healthcare information can be accessed via this platform. In addition, the platform facilitates a secure and standardized way of exchanging data between healthcare professionals and with patients.

Street survey of small lab animals

The UMCG Laboratory Animal Facility has a small animal survey facility, the Groningen Small Animal Imaging Facility (GronSAI). All possible imaging techniques for young animals are collected here. Due to the introduction of new technologies, fewer laboratory animals are needed for research. In addition, the welfare of these animals is also improved.

The new research facility makes it possible to image an animal in several ways during a single anaesthesia. “Whereas, for example, MRI can be used to study the anatomy and function of the brain, computed tomography primarily visualizes abnormalities in tissues and positron emission tomography can be used to study tissue function,” according to GronSAI.

New Board Members KNOV

This week (September 12), Job Paulus kicks off as acting director and Roseanne van der Steer as acting chief obstetrician at KNOV. They succeed Bokje Clason and Franka Cady, who have held these positions for the past nine months.

Concurrent with the commencement of the two new board members, the new board of directors also commenced. “Together they will turn their ideas and ambitions for the coming period into priorities and actions,” according to KNOV.

Martini’s CEO resigns

From December 1, the Chairman of the Board of the Martini Hospital, Andre Postema, will be transferred from the Groningen Hospital to the Zuid University of Applied Sciences in Limburg. Postema made this decision because he would like to go back to education and live with his family in Maastricht again.

“The hospital and all the colleagues and relationships associated with it have inspired, challenged and supported me every day. I had previously called Martini Hospital the most people-oriented hospital in the Netherlands. And then also sober, honest, hardworking, everything to the patient and their loved ones. In recent years, I have seen the drive and resilience of #teammartini Above all else, the craftsmanship and quality of care is excellent,” said the outgoing Chairman.

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