After exhaustion, Ryan – singer Nawana – cheers people up

She was very tight and had a lot of pressure in her entire being. During her exhaustion, Rianne van Dam (39), aka singer Noanna, revealed how she was able to find the freedom she’s been searching for for so long. “What I’m doing now I don’t feel like I’m doing, I feel like I’m doing. That’s what God thought when he created me.”

As a child, Ryan was an unrestrained and creative girl. At the age of six she sang already on the podium in the church: “I have a place for Jesus.” This place came under increasing pressure in the following years, starting with puberty. “My perfection was motivated by the church movement I moved into, where sometimes there was no room for critical questions. It wasn’t always good enough and I wasn’t doing enough. I always needed confirmation from God, or pastors from the church or from around me.

As an adult, Ryan also struggles with motherhood. I had a tremendous sense of guilt and shame towards my family. On the outside I was the cheerful girl who was ready for advice, which was spontaneous, but I became more and more in the background. In 2017, I got exhausted. My body was completely tight. I felt really stuck in everything.

Ryan is married to Simon (40), Umm Jephthah (13), Yehuda (11), and Rosemary (8). During the interview, the daughter of Rosemarine, in which she gets acquainted with her creativity, approaches a fan decorated with feathers, twigs and leaves. She thanks Rianne for the gift and then discovers to her surprise that the artwork is made from a page from Eva Magazine.


In 2018 in New Zealand, I encountered a very clear vision (click here for illustration, editor) of what God’s plan is for it. “I experienced that Jesus took me to God the Father. I found the meeting very exciting. The Father took me with his big hand and threw me into the air as if to say: “Get rid of her!” I was very frightened and upset, but because God threw me in the air and caught me again, as if I was jumping on the trampoline, there was so much lightness and fun. As if he wanted to say, “Relax, girl, it will be fine, go play.” I finally understood why God showed me this; for I did not understand what love is, His love. This event is the basis of my song trampoline. “

God can’t love you a little

Then Jesus showed me the stars. He had a big smile on his face and asked, “Ryan, how many stars do you see?” I felt Abraham from the Bible. Without his or my answer, I knew: How many stars, I love you so much. He can’t God loves you a little. And I can’t change or add to my behavior. That is the definition of His love. Every cell of my being trembled. It is engraved in my heart. I understood and knew: This is God’s love and it is mine!”


Then Jesus showed me the globe and said, “Ryan, my love to all. I understood through a vision that I could play a part in this with my music. Only, to exhaustion, I did not dare to sing for long. Until I experienced through that vision that God said, “Go and do what you meant to do. I can finally relax. I’ve learned that by doing less, I do more. I don’t have to work hard, it’s enough of what I do.”

Noana is Ryan’s stage name. This name is derived from Nonna Manis what or what A nice girl You know; A favorite word in Moluccan. “I’m a half Molokan. This was also a quest. I’ve fallen back on my own so much more the roots: freedom, life in nature. It shows my stage name.” She accompanies herself on the harp. “It’s a little instrument and I feel like a little boy with five loaves and fishes from the story in the Bible; With little things, you can make God happy. “

spontaneous singing

Ryan began spontaneously singing to people without preparation. Prophetic singing. “I thought this was exciting at first. You approach people. Sometimes I wonder if you’re on the right track. We humans see a lot of bears, annoyed by thresholds and frames. God throws them one by one. I don’t mind, I’ve accomplished all of them,” he says. something.” For me this is also freedom.

I notice that people are liberated from things through my songs. I sing for you to learn to love yourself and follow your heart, about love and healing, without making it explicitly Christian. The people I sing to experience something from God without even realizing it. “

Love without ulterior motive

“I do not mention the name of God so that people are so curious that they ask for it themselves. I Jesus is a secret lover. I don’t aim to make others believe. this is not fair. I find it more honest to love them without ulterior motives. To love them as they are. This is what God teaches me. It is not the only way and it is not better than others. It suits me. I would say to everyone: find out what works for you, even if it is drinking a cup of tea with someone. ”

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