Simon Halink joins Summiteers

Summiteers has acquired another consultant. In June, Simone Halink joined Utrecht, a consultancy, where she can combine her “passion for digital issues” with strategy implementation. We spoke to Simone about her background, her transition, and early months.

With fifteen years of work experience, Simone Halink can look back at a diverse career. She got her start at the law firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, which she joined in 2007 after receiving her Master of Laws degree from New York University School of Law.

In 2012, she switched to Bits of Freedom, a digital civil rights champion. Two years later, she picked up a new challenge by serving as an electronic policy advisor at the State Department.

In 2017, she entered consultancy at De Argumentenfabriek, where she grew up to be a Digitaal Chef. Four and a half years later, the agency was invited this summer to start at Summiteers.

Hello Simon! The Argument Factory, what a beautiful name. Can you explain what you were doing there?

“The Argumentenfabriek preaches clear thinking as a philosophy of life. As a Digital Chef, I have been responsible for acquiring and directing thought processes in the field of digitization.”

These types of projects involved strategic policy questions with significant social impact. This includes developing a company story for one of the largest digital service providers in the Netherlands and helping to develop a national cybersecurity strategy.”

“I have learned the power of structure and concrete language when thinking about complex issues. Although these are the core principles of consultants, we at De Argumentenfabrieken have applied them to thought processes with large groups of people. In this way, we have achieved rich results in a relatively short time, with the support of Wide “.

“What really surprised me is the way colleagues are constantly thinking about the situation, themselves and the other in conversations.”

“I also gained a lot of experience overseeing thought processes with large groups of people. What steps do you take, what questions do you ask, what is the starting point for a good conversation, and how do you maintain group energy until you get to ground zero? Thinking things through Being complex with others gives me a lot of energy.”

“I will take the experience I gained in this at De Argumentenfabriek and especially the pleasure I found in it for the rest of my life.”

interesting. So why did you decide to switch?

“I want to do more for my clients than just give sharp and substantive advice. I also want to increase their personal effectiveness and ensure they have all the tools they need to turn words into action. Summiteers offers clients this complete package, in part due to its own expertise in implementing Strategy. We ensure that our clients can immediately start using our advice – before the end of the business.”

“I’ve also been drawn to the way Summiteers engage with clients. We don’t travel to and from the client to give advice. Together with the client, we build a strong and cohesive team in which we bring together knowledge and experience and implement plans. This creates a flywheel impact on content and process and relationship.”

“Moreover, Summiteers have a vibrant team of adventurous people who like to grow and have unprecedented energy to try and achieve new fun things. I felt right at home from day one.”

I’ve now been on the road for two months. How do you like it?

“What really amazed me is the way colleagues constantly think about the situation, themselves and the other in conversations. From personal conversations to thinking about learning objectives and constantly assessing tasks. These conversations quickly lead to trusting relationships that form a fertile ground for building knowledge, personal development and delivering the highest quality.”

“The Summiteers take time to set up. There is a good training program to help you find your way, but the focus in the first term is on conversations with colleagues about each other and about work.”

“I also immediately had a challenging subject project ready for me, although the basic principle is that you don’t have to run for it right away and you can first focus on getting a good grasp and laying the foundation for the project. The foundation is solid now, so I can move forward with full force. I Enthusiastic!”

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