How to improve your relationships with clients through better field service management

Good field service provides clients with personalized service and thinks with them proactively. For example about pipeline upgrade. Or about how companies use a solution to transition to a service model for their customers. To make this possible, field service personnel must be able to work efficiently and this is where the shoe is often pinched. The Field Service Management (FSM) platform can help better manage the field service.

33% more service appointments

Quooker is a good example of an organization that has seen its field services improve after the introduction of such a platform. The Dutch family business produces a faucet system for boiling water and sparklers. In the meantime, this solution has become an indispensable part of the Dutch kitchen scene, and Quooker is eager to conquer the rest of the world. To keep up with the rapid growth, a modern CRM solution was of course essential.

Quooker field staff can also use the platform to work more efficiently. In the past, only company service personnel could access the system, while technicians in the field still took paper notes. When they got back from the appointment, they put those notes on the service desk, after which each report had to be entered manually. Even scheduling appointments for technicians was still done by means of tape stuck to the wall.

Thanks to Salesforce Service Cloud, Quooker technicians and service personnel now work with a single solution. As a result, the entire organization has become more efficient. For example, since the system was introduced, technicians have been able to answer an average of 33% more service appointments per day. When the past two hours were immediately calculated for an appointment, the estimate of time now depends on the nature of a particular task. Plus, thanks to smarter route planning for appointments, technicians are less on the road. Quooker’s average travel time is down 10.5%.

Give your field service a strategic role

Of course, the solution consists of more than just technology. The following tips will help you better manage your field service as Quooker and give employees a more strategic role in customer service:

  • Teach field workers how to handle processes and tools
    The biggest challenge in implementing new technology is managing change. Especially if professionals have been working the same way for many years. To stay ahead of the competition, it is therefore important that field staff also understand the benefits of the FSM system. Salesforce customers can easily set up private training sessions for new and experienced employees via the myTrailhead online learning platform.
  • Breaking down barriers and increasing transparency around customers
    The FSM system is designed to keep track of various activities and services in a company. From inventory management and vehicle tracking to planning and managing customer portals. Everything happens via a single cloud-based platform that breaks through the silos of the enterprise and allows all parties around the customer to work together. Instead of taking notes on paper, field staff can share and access information from a mobile device while they are in the field. Not only will the operations be simpler, but the field service will be able to proactively support customers thanks to this access to customer data and often helps on first contact.

Stronger customer loyalty, greater turnover

So show your employees how they can provide added value to the company and the customer journey as a field service. After all, better and faster service will lead to greater customer satisfaction. With enhanced field service, your employees in the field will be able to assume the role of trusted advisor and thus actively contribute to customer loyalty and increased sales for the entire organization.

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