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Our column “Evolution…” has been back for a while, and in the coming period we have a lot of horses that we want to take a closer look at their evolution. One of them is sixteen-year-old Quel Homme de Hus (Quidam de Revel x Candillo), who won the silver medal with Jerome Gehry at the World Championships in Herning.

Few horses give you as much fun as you see on the track as Quel Homme de Hus: the joy of a sixteen-year-old stallion radiates jumping. It is hard to tell that he is sixteen years old. Quel Homme de Hus, who has won a medal three times in the three tournaments he has competed in (EC Rotterdam 2019: Team gold, OS Tokyo 2021: team bronze, Herning World Championship 2022: individual silver) is still a possible six-year-old. Jerome Gehry thinks he can also move on for a while, at Belgium’s Herning said: “This is my horse for Tokyo.”

special method

Holsteiner has his own way of jumping, but has he always had that? That’s what we’re looking at in this episode of Evolution…

Quel Homme de Hus was bred by Dr. Andreas Kosicki of Berlin and purchased as a pony by Holsteiner Verband. Verband submitted the stallion at the age of 2.5 at the Holsteiner Examination (2008) and Quel Homme de Hus was rejected there. He entered the auction for the purchase of unauthorized stallions and Xavier Marie of Harras de Hus bought brown stallions for 30 thousand euros. Quel Homme de Hus was trained by stable rider Haras de Hus Giles Bouton.

Quel Homme de Hus is five and six years old:

over the head

Xavier Marie sold the stallion at the age of seven to Tal Milstein and Damien Hiltermann. Milstein, who in a previous interview with, said of the young Quidam: “He had all the aptitude and ability, but it was still hard to say how far he would go because he was still a bit flabby at the time. Plus, he didn’t It was easier than sitting outside, it opened so much back that at times you felt like it was going to roll over.”

In 2014, when Quel Homme was a Hus 8, he then moved on to Belgian Gaetan Decroix, who was looking for a potential Grand Prix horse for himself. Decroix buys Quel Homme first in half and then in full. Decroix notes how good the Quel Homme is when it’s soaring.

Until 2018, Decroix Quel Homme rode himself, after his wife Alice was in the saddle. Decroix said in an interview with that it was difficult for Decroix to get places in 4* and 5* competitions with all the good Belgian riders and driving 3* competitions like “driving a Formula 1 car in gokart competitions”.

Jerome Jerry

In January 2019, Decrox was told he had cancer (again) from his doctor, and the jockey and his wife decided to give a number of horses to good friend Jerome Gehry. Guery instantly makes a great combination with Quel Homme and wins a Global Champions Tour GP in no time. Half the world is after Quel Homme de Hus, but Decroix gives Guery the chance to become a half-owner. Guery buys the stallion for half and the rest is now history. In 2019, Quel Homme de Hus will help the Belgians take gold at the European Championships in Rotterdam, in 2021 there will be team bronze at the Olympics and this year an individual silver at the World Championships in Herning.

First competition of Guery and Quel Homme The Sunshine Tour in Vejer 2019:

A month later, winning the GCT GP Mexico:

GP CHIO Aachen 2019, 6th:

Herning 2022 Final

Evolution for…

At’s third day of horse breeding in Joop van Uytert, Prof. Dr. Ab Barneveld pointed out that educating yourself in identifying talent is not that complicated these days: Internet connectivity and subscriptions to and are just one of them. This way everyone can see what successful horses have shown at a younger age. Inspired by Barneveld, offers you help in the “Development…” section.

Evolution appears… on In De Paardenkrant you can read Spoor’s “sister section” … where the editors talk with participants about the path to the top of a particular horse.

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